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1 Symbiotic Bacteria Tell Ant Embryos How to Develop
2 A touch of light: the tireless energy of ants
3 Exactly How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants for Good, According to Experts
4 How to get rid of, prevent ants
5 Sugar ants' preference for urine may reduce greenhouse gas emissions
6 Swim Lessons: How Two Land-Dwelling Ant Species Paddle Through Water
7 Ask the Expert: Help customers help you in tough ant accounts
8 Epigenetic (re)programming of caste-specific behavior in the ant Camponotus floridanus
9 Some ants disinfect food by drinking the acid they spray at enemies
10 Compound eye and ocellar structure for walking and flying modes of locomotion in the Australian ant, Camponotus consobrinus
11 Sugar ants found to feast on urine
12 An ant's kiss may hide a sneaky form of communication
13 Treating Subnests & Satellite Nests
14 Step aside bees, the ants are pollinating
15 The Outsidah: You want my mask? Over my dead body
16 Genomic Comparison of the Ants Camponotus floridanus and Harpegnathos saltator
17 Social reprogramming in ants induces longevity-associated glia remodeling
18 And now, some small carpenter ants...
19 After This Fungus Turns Ants Into Zombies, Their Bodies Explode
20 Researchers nearly double the size of worker ants
21 Pee-eating ants may be the climate heroes we need right now
22 Bipolar drug turns foraging ants into scouts
23 Ants maintain essential interactions despite environmental flux
24 Ants can make tiny but rewarding pets
25 Editors' Choice
26 Zoologger: The ant that dives into digestive juices
27 Meddling in the Mutualism: Fly Larva Uses Nectar to Lure Ants for Lunch
28 It's 'nature's sports drink': Ants live off urine on dry Australian island
29 How ants get angry: Precise 'lock and key' process regulates aggression, acceptance
30 Ants Can Distinguish Nestmates from Non-Nestmates with Smell | Biology
31 During Quarantine, an Entomologist Takes a Closer Look at a New Invasive Ant Species
32 Ants 'talk' by swapping spit
33 For Ants, a Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss…It's Communication
34 Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation awards fellowships to 15 young scientists
35 Kamikaze ants protect the colony
36 Into It: The Secret Life Of Suicide-Bombing Insects
37 Camponotini ant species have their own distinct microbiomes
38 New species of 'exploding ant' discovered in Borneo
39 Follower ants in a tandem pair are not always naïve
40 Behind the image: Ant being attacked by a fly
41 How invading fungus forces zombie ant's death grip
42 Kiss and Tell: How Ants Communicate Mouth-to-Mouth
43 The Original Suicide Bombers? Borneo's Exploding Ants Commit Suicide to Protect Colony
44 Invasion of Zombie Ants in Florida – Fungal Infection Takes Over the Ants’ Brains
45 Meet the beetle that lives and eats in ant nests
46 Summer 2018 is an active year for carpenter ants
47 Lonely ants may have sad, shrunken brains
48 It's a bug's life
49 We've got apps and radars – but can ants predict rain?
50 How ants get angry: Precise “lock and key” process regulates aggression, acceptance
51 These Beetles Are Ant-Sucking Vampires | NOVA | PBS | NOVA
52 Can ants predict rain?
53 Zombie Fungus Enslaves Only Its Favorite Ant Brains
54 HDAC and HAT Inhibitors Reprogram Social Behavior in Carpenter Ants
55 Spiders that pretend to be ants keep their spiderly proportions to attract mates
56 Ant communication: Secrets of the antennae
57 Real-life zombie ants are not a tall Halloween tale
58 Fungus turns ‘zombie ants’ into booby traps
59 "Zombie" Ants Bite at High Noon, Then Die
60 Friend or Foe? Specific Mechanism Discovered for Unlocking Aggression in Ants [Video]
61 Flipping a molecular switch can turn warrior ants into foragers
62 Ants and carnivorous plants conspire for mutualistic feeding
63 Velvety Tree Ants
64 Fungus makes zombie ants administer 'death bite' at noon | EcoTone: News and Views on Ecological Science
65 Attack of the ancient 'zombie' ants
66 Mice, Ants and Amazing Pictures: Chromatin and Epigenetics EMBO Conference 2017
67 'Ant Man' becomes Northern Territory's first fellow elected to Australian Academy of Science
68 E.O. Wilson shares amazing anecdotes in ‘Tales From the Ant World’
69 Bucks, Montgomery County students recognized for academic achievements
70 Slideshow: Photo contest captures stunning interplay between plants and animals
71 For Understudied Ant Genus, Researchers Choose "Bird Guide" ID Tool
72 Nature's greatest con-artists: the parasitic beetles that trick ants into barfing into their mouths
73 Spiders Risk Exposure for Love
74 These are a few of my favorite stings…
75 10,000 Photos of the Wild Life in Homes (and Counting) | Applied Ecology
76 Deadly Fungus Forces Ant Zombie 'Death Grip' By Taking Over The Muscles
77 Ten sinister parasites that control their hosts' minds
78 How Jumping Spiders Avoid Becoming A Tasty Snack
79 How Ants Keep Clean and Safe
80 Where, how and what do an ant and a pitcher plant exchange?
81 Zombie ants controlled by fungus manipulating brains
82 Ants have exceptionally 'hi-def' sense of smell
83 Making 'mulch' ado of ant hills: Ant hill mulch improves soil moisture
84 Honey makers
85 Brain Vs. Brawn In Carpenter Ants: A Chromatin Epigenetic Tale
86 Outside Story: Carpenter ants play many roles
87 Tracking whole colonies shows ants make career moves
88 Carnivorous Plants Employ Bodyguard Ants
89 Zombie fungus enslaves ants based on climate
90 DNA Methylation Influences Continuous Variation in Ant Worker Size
91 Small wonders: Asia's first ant museum in Singapore
92 Carpenter ants: When social instructions may be dangerous
93 Ant Farms for Grownups
94 Social behavior in carpenter ants reprogrammed using epigenetic drugs: Discovery of malleable epigenetic processes in ant brains has implications for the study of human behavior and disease
95 Research Reveals How Ants Get Angry
96 Lonely ants die young and hungry › News in Science
97 10.27.2008
98 Even among ants, size matters more than shape
99 Watch this ant colony vs. carnivorous pitcher plants
100 Is This How Ant-Man Controls His Ants?