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Result Content Idea Research
1 Astronomers report first detection of ultrabright radio flashes in our own galaxy
2 Astronomers detect regular rhythm of radio waves, with origins unknown
3 A strange rhythm in space
4 Astronomers detect another form of mysterious, repeating radio burst — it's probably not aliens
5 Revolutionary radio telescope detects bevy of fast radio bursts
6 Ultrabright Radio Flashes Detected Coming From Inside Our Own Galaxy
7 Mysterious radio signal from space traced to ‘zombie’ in our galaxy
8 Astronomers closer to explaining mysterious radio pulses from outer space
9 Mystery space signal ‘repeating every 16 days’ for nearly two years leaves scientists baffled...
10 Physics
11 Where do fast radio bursts come from?
12 A mysterious space signal has been going for over 500 days — and no one knows why
13 MIT researchers help discover first pattern of fast radio bursts in outer space
14 Origins unknown: First rhythmic radio signals detected from 500 million light years away
15 Mysterious energy bursts provide new way to chart the cosmos in 3-D – Astronomy Now
16 Leverage electron properties to predict phonon properties via transfer learning for semiconductors
17 HR MacMillan Space Centre Is Hosting a 19+ Science Party This Fall
18 New way proposed to help map 3D cosmos
19 Fast radio bursts quickly create confusion
21 Star Blazers 2199