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1 Tax Tip
2 Liberals' throne speech announces plan to create a million jobs
3 A bold Conservative platform would include universal basic income
4 Banks help criminals and terrorists move money | National Union of Public and General Employees
5 As CERB winds down, calls for universal basic income intensify
6 Canada's Stricken Budget Stirs Talk of Digital, Wealth Taxes
7 CANADA: Ottawa's plan to rein in tech giants missing key pieces, say experts
8 TAXATION: What can the next Canadian government do to address inequality through tax fairness?
9 Fingas: Corporations acquire annual tax freedom sooner than individuals
10 How to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes: Canadians for Tax Fairness
11 Corporate Canada already earned enough in revenues in 2020 to equal income taxes for year: report
12 Federal deficit will require progressive taxes to help pay for COVID-19 costs
13 Trudeau Liberals play coy on support for corporations that abuse offshore tax havens
14 In Canada, the concept of 'tax fairness' is meaningless: Neil Macdonald
15 Remarks by President Trump on the America First Healthcare Plan
16 Enforcement Notification
17 Richard Stursberg: Canadian culture is in jeopardy. Why won't the Liberals act?
18 Dennis Howlett brings lessons in tax fairness to Peterborough
19 Ottawa's plan to rein in tech giants missing key pieces, say experts
20 Loblaw wins appeal of $368 million Tax Court of Canada case
21 Canada failing to fight tax cheats, watchdog warns
22 CRA claiming $4.4B from Canadian companies and individuals suspected of tax evasion
23 It’s time for some straight talk about the fairness of the tax system
24 How a wealth tax could help Canadians
25 Where the Parties Stand on Tax Reform — and What's Needed
26 The $40-billion reason Canada needs real corporate tax reform
27 Losing offshore tax case against Loblaw has put more than $1 billion in revenue at risk, Ottawa says
28 Green Party platform aims to transition economy, protect consumers, promote tax fairness
29 Canadian companies avoided up to C$11 billion in taxes in 2014, report finds
30 Canadian corporations kept $40 billion more in offshore tax havens last year: tax group
31 NDP calls for wealth tax bill 'immediately,' PBO pegs revenue at $5.6-billion
32 Liberal throne speech emphasizes tax cut
33 Which campaign promises will make it into the federal budget?
34 Canadians for Tax Fairness calls for an end to "snow washing"
35 Canada must expose hidden company owners to end 'snow washing,' inquiry hears
36 Liberals heed some NDP advice, but still fund tax haven abusers
37 Tax Tip
38 Canada's Tax System Is Rigged To Help The Rich, 9 In 10 CRA Professionals Say
39 We deserve tax fairness from the Canadian Revenue Agency
40 Scheer says Paradise Papers show Liberal hypocrisy on tax fairness
41 Trudeau urged not to 'prop up rich corporations' in upcoming federal budget
42 PressProgress
43 Is Andrew Scheer really promising a tax cut of $50K for millionaires?
44 New bill could lessen tax woes for Canadian residents with U.S. citizenship
45 The Top 3 Tax Changes To Look For With The
46 Canada Wants Streamers to Start Paying More Taxes
47 Wealthy Canadians hiding up to $240B abroad, CRA says
48 Another politician found using tax havens
49 Canada’s Corporations Have Already Earned Enough To Pay Their Income Taxes For The Year
50 Federal NDP's proposed 'super-wealth tax' could raise $70B over 10 years, budget watchdog finds
51 The NDP's Wealth Tax: What the Experts Say
52 Mauritius leaks latest reminder of how much we lose to tax havens
53 Tax Loopholes and Credits Cost Billions. Voters Need to Understand Them
54 Progressive corporate tax reform? It’s not as crazy as it sounds.
55 Correcting Your Taxes Errors Or Omissions & The Voluntary Disclosures Program
56 Government subsidizing food processors to buy PPE for workers raises questions over Canada’s COVID-19 support for billionaire tax avoiders
57 Posthaste: Canada's 3 million richest families have $8.7 trillion in assets — but half is tied in real estate
58 Trudeau pledges to push through tax fairness agenda and defends own family's use of tax rules
59 Canada can help fix broken international corporate tax system
60 CRA signs secret settlement with wealthy KPMG clients involved in offshore tax scheme
61 TaxCOOP
62 Canada: New report from the Basic Income Canada Network shows how to improve income security for everyone | BIEN
63 Canada spurred to action after billions lost in corporate tax revenue
64 Possible tax relief looming for U.S. citizens living in Canada
65 How Canada's tax system subsidizes the very rich
66 How Trudeau's fairness agenda became an attack on doctors, farmers and entrepreneurs
67 Throne speech charts promising path: CPA Canada
68 Toby Sanger
69 When will federal relief programs end?
70 The NDP's new tax-the-rich plan is terrible, even by their standards
71 Canada's Corporations pay less tax than you think | Toronto Star
72 Double-edged ruling for offshore banks
73 Feds announce $350M for charities, non-profits; wage subsidy portal ready on Monday
74 Unpacking a 'comprehensive review' of the tax system
75 How the Tories’ ‘universal tax cut’ compares to the Liberals’ ‘middle-class tax cut’
76 Three policy goals for recovering Canada's lost tax revenues
77 It's About Time Canada Revenue Agency Just Did Our Taxes For Us
78 Cameco ruling shows need to outlaw tax haven use
79 Trudeau says businesses, non-profits, charities all eligible for wage subsidy
80 The myth of the 'stolen country'
81 Liberal tax reform, fairness and doctors
82 Opportunity knocks with Finance Canada's upcoming tax expenditure review
83 Did this company engineer the largest tax dodge in Canadian history?
84 The Rebel to Rabble Review: Making sense of the 'acronym soup' of COVID-19 emergency aid benefits
85 Throne speech promises tax cut, climate action and gun control
86 The government is favouring global tech over home grown media — and it’s silencing Canadian voices
87 Enforcement Notification
88 It's Time To Talk Tax Fairness For Canada's Working Poor
89 Conservatives court small business, pledging to end red tape 'rat's nest'
90 Secret settlement for wealthy family using tax avoidance scheme
91 Trudeau’s tax reforms: Here’s how the loopholes work
92 EDITORIAL: Tax fairness is all we ask
93 OPINION: Make the rich pay? They already do
94 Canadians understand the proposed new tax rules—that’s why they’re mad
95 The Rebel to Rabble Review: Reading the fine print of the Throne Speech
96 President Trump on the America First Healthcare Plan
97 The Rebel to Rabble Review: Climate issues under the spotlight
98 Trudeau is right: 40% of Canadians don’t pay income taxes, which means someone else is picking up the bill
99 Canada's Largest Corporations Have 1,000+ Subsidiaries In Offshore Tax Havens: Report
100 Enforcement Notification