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1 GSC unanimously votes to fully restore Cantonese program
2 Stanford cut its only Cantonese lectureship. Now, organizers are campaigning to secure its future
3 Undergraduate senators pass resolution to reinstate Cantonese course offerings
4 Are these Hong Kong chefs the new kings of Cantonese cuisine?
5 China Tang Brings High-End Cantonese Dining to WF Central
6 Elevated Cantonese cuisine at Michelin-starred Man Ho
7 Hotline for Mandarin, Cantonese speakers to simplify hate crime reporting
8 Forum: Classic Cantonese menu with a touch of subtle innovation
9 'My Heart Dropped': CCSF Students Rally to Protest Cuts That Threaten to Transform College
10 Recipe: Classic Cantonese steamed cod with ginger and scallions sits on a bed of zucchini
11 Experience Time-Honoured Cantonese Cuisine At Man Wah
12 Cantonese cuisine a recipe for prosperity
13 Cantonese-Hindi film 'My Indian Boyfriend' criticized for racial insensitivity over Chinese movie title
14 Cuisine Cuisine, The Mira Hong Kong: Bird’s nest and abalone among the top draws
15 Region 1 Office of Public Health announces COVID-19 vaccine clinics for week of April 26-May
16 California DMV to eliminate 25 language options from drivers license tests, memo says
17 CULTURAL POTOURRI | Savoring Cantonese Cuisine at Luk Foo Palace
18 Sportsnet, Molson Canadian to present HNIC in seven additional languages
19 Cantonese classics at 50th anniversary of Shangri-La Hotel's Shang Palace
20 Canto-Hindi film 'My Indian Boyfriend' changes Chinese title amid criticism over apparent racial slur
21 These 12 restaurants capture the spirit and resilience of Chinatown
22 John Woo wuxia film that paved the way for A Better Tomorrow and more
23 'Get Vaccinated' – Good Advice in Every Language
24 Keeping the boundary-breaking story of Portland’s Hazel Ying Lee alive
25 How Animal Crossing became a place of protest in China and Hong Kong
26 What’s next for Olivia Yan, the theatrical all-rounder and veteran actress
27 Petition calls on Stanford to reverse cuts to Cantonese language program
28 Attack on 2 Asian Women in San Francisco Increases Fears
29 Singapore noodles are not actually from Singapore
30 Stanford must strengthen, not cut, its Cantonese courses
31 Feeding My Nostalgia with a Bowl of Sesame Noodles
32 Nearly 1500 Sign Petition to Save Stanford's Cantonese Course
33 Stanford cuts only Cantonese lecturing spot, putting future of program in doubt
34 Opinion | Save Cantonese at Stanford: A language, not a dialect
35 Best Chinese takeaways in Winsford, Middlewich and Northwich
36 Thousands petition Stanford to 'save' Cantonese program, renew sole lecturer's contract
37 Launched during the Cold War, Chinatown's pageants were about much more than beauty
38 Miss Hong Kong Lisa Marie Tse hires private Cantonese tutor to improve her Chinese
39 California DMV reverses decision to eliminate most foreign language options for driver tests
40 A Cantonese Lunar New Year feast we could all use right now
41 Why 'Save Cantonese at Stanford' matters: A testimonial from an anthropology Ph.D. candidate
42 Chinese interpreter, 36, denies vicious rumors that she split up Bill and Melinda Gates
43 Heavy metal afterlives: A sideways appreciation of the NZ Chinese Growers Monthly typeface
44 25 new restaurant and bar openings around the greater Seattle area
45 These Expandable Tongs Let Me Steam Dim Sum the Way My Grandparents Used To
46 Hong Kong Is Home To Many Cuisines, But Traditional Cantonese Is Above And Beyond
47 SJECCD celebrates Asian Pacific Heritage Month
48 Veteran Cantonese opera singer and actress Lee Heung-kam dies at age 88
49 Why some classic Cantonese dishes no longer appear on menus
50 Importance of teaching Cantonese at US universities
51 East Idaho Eats: Mandarin House offers rare, authentic Cantonese dining experience
52 Chefs keeping traditional Cantonese cuisine alive – the hard way
53 Donghua: What to Know & Where to Watch | CBR
54 A Love of Cantonese Opera and Preserving Chinese Culture
55 Las Vegas restaurants welcome new rush of customers with 80% capacity
56 Mother's Day 2021: Toronto restaurants doing brunch and dinner specials
57 Laughed off for years as gaffes, Prince Philip's outbursts complicate his legacy
58 Chef Chen elevates Cantonese cuisine at Red 8
59 #IAmHongKonger campaign aims to make its mark in 2021 Canadian census
60 Learning Cantonese: how to use 'je' in everyday conversations
61 Some weird but useful workplace Cantonese slang terms you can learn to break down barriers
62 Celebrate Chinese New Year with these traditional Hunan, Cantonese dishes in Chicago's Chinatown, Hyde Park
63 Best Cantonese Movies to Watch on Netflix for Chinese New Year
64 Watch: How to Say “Will You Shut Up Man?” in Cantonese
65 Zhe Shelly Wang: 10 Things To Know About Bill Gates’ Chinese Interpreter
66 Kosher meets Cantonese at Boca Park sister spots
67 Cantonese phrases you don't want to get wrong
68 Tones are key in Cantonese: learn this language skill to avoid some awkward situations
69 Stick-wielding elderly woman speaking mainland-accented Cantonese beats up attacker in San Francisco
70 Free Cantonese Community Language Classes
71 Learn Cantonese Slang: Celebrate Chinese New Year with ox- related lingo
72 No focus, unfit and anxious: the toll online learning has taken on students
73 Dynasty: Cantonese ‘tycoon’s canteen’ continues to dazzle
74 The 8 Restaurant: Outstanding Cantonese and Huiyang cuisine by Chef Joseph Tse
76 Music 5 Cantonese Christmas songs to get you in the holiday spirit Paid content
77 Cantonese opera classic 'The Cosmic Mirror' to bring together five generations of artists on stage
78 Home Care Workers’ Battle for Pay Boost Embroils Lower Manhattan Council Campaigns
79 Global Cuisine Cooking Lessons: Pearl River Deli Cantonese
80 Study of Cantonese lexical tone shows language evolution possibly linked to genes
81 Five by FIVE: The top restaurants to try
82 Cantonese opera star Yam Kim-fai, known for her male roles
83 Meet Hong Kong's Coffee Lam: the first Cantonese-language YouTuber with 1 million subscribers
84 How Pak Suet-sin and Yam Kim-fai brought gender-bending to Chinese cinema
85 Mayor to address anti-Asian racism
86 Heart and Soul: My mother had the makings of a wonderful nurse
87 Praise heaped on ACT MP James McDowall for swearing allegiance in Cantonese
88 Liaison office goes on charm offensive, spring reception to stream online
89 Tips to help you avoid embarrassing tonal traps while speaking Cantonese
90 Learn Cantonese Slang: The many faces of Hongkongers
91 Delight Your Palate with Dynasty's Cantonese Delicacies
92 'Your name sounds like the noise you make when you go on the toilet'
93 Restaurants The best Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong Paid content
94 Sook Mei Faan (Cantonese Creamed Corn With Tofu and Rice) Recipe
95 Learn Cantonese Slang: On the job
96 Above & Beyond: Innovative Cantonese cuisine in Kowloon
97 Learn Cantonese phrases that sound like English words for colourful, vibrant effects
98 Cantonese v Mandarin: When Hong Kong languages get political
99 Celebrate Chinese New Year with a traditional Cantonese dish | Watch News Videos Online
100 A guide to Hong Kong's Cantonese protest slang