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1 MCU Theory: Captain America Returns To Fight Kang In Avengers 5
2 Chris Evans Calls Captain America Return "News to Me"
3 Chris Evans clarifies reports of Captain Americas return to MCU, says its news to me
4 Captain America: The First Avenger & 9 Other Movies Turning 10 In 2021
5 All The Marvel Actors Returning For Disney+'s What If?
6 Avengers: Captain America Delivers an Iconic MCU Line
7 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Created A Bucky Barnes Age Plot Hole
8 10 Major Hollywood Actors Who Played Multiple Comic Book Characters, Including Ben Affleck and Chris Evans
9 Captain America Brings His MCU Motto Into The Comics
10 Why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best of the Captain America trilogy
11 Captain America creator's son calls out Capitol rioters for their 'disgusting' use of superhero's symbol
12 Chris Evans Shouldn't Have Been Able to Pull Off Playing Captain America As Well As He Did
13 Is the MCU's Captain America Still a Virgin? | CBR
14 Wonder Woman 1984: Steve Trevor Is A LOT Like Captain America
15 WandaVision welcomes a new line of Earth’s first defense in the MCU
16 Captain America's Partner Nomad Is Even More Tragic Than the Winter Soldier
17 Everything We Know About MCU’s Upcoming ‘What If...?’ Series
18 WandaVision: How the comic book story Avengers: Standoff could explain Westview
19 The 7 Best Superhero Movie Romances | CBR
20 Avengers: Each Main Character's First & Last Line In The Movies
21 Captain America: The First Avenger gave the MCU a genuinely great war movie
22 `WandaVision`: Recap of Scarlet Witch and Vision`s Marvel adventures before the series
23 Chris Evans unseen photos shared by The Newcomers co-star Kate Bosworth | See
24 Captain America: 5 Things The First Avenger Got Right (& 5 It Got Wrong)
25 Every sports reference in Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger
26 Venom: When Did Captain America FIRST Bond With a Symbiote? | CBR
27 Captain America: The First Avenger Retro Review
28 Fact check: No, 2011 'Captain America' film did not predict the coronavirus pandemic
29 Marvel Reveals The First Avenger Was Not Captain America
30 The Throwback Charms of “Captain America: The First Avenger”
31 10 Ways MCU's Captain America Changed Between The First Avenger & Endgame
32 ‘Binge Mode’ Dives Deep Into ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’
33 Kate Winslet and Marc Maron describe James Cameron's 'Avatar' set: 'What the f--- is happening here'
34 Endgame's Big Captain America Twist Is Set Up by a First Avenger Easter Egg
35 Captain America: Why Steve Rogers Crashed The Plane In The First Avenger
36 Marvelous Reading: Captain America
37 Captain America's Best Moments In The MCU, Ranked
38 Captain America: Is Steve Rogers Really A Captain? | Screen Rant
39 Fact check: Captain America did not predict the current coronavirus pandemic
40 10 Most Memorable Quotes From Captain America: The First Avenger
41 Is Agent Peggy Carter the Winner of ‘Captain America: First Avenger’?
42 Captain America: How Chris Evans Became Skinny Steve In The First Avenger
43 MCU: 35 Things You Missed In Captain America: The First Avenger
44 Avengers: Endgame's Captain America twist was foreshadowed in The First Avenger
45 Captain America Poster Gets A Classic Comics Makeover In New Fan Art
46 Funko MCU
47 Did Captain America predict the coronavirus in 2011? Screengrab from Marvel movie goes viral as internet sleuths investigate
48 COVID 19 Theory: Did Chris Evans starrer Captain America: The First Avenger PREDICT coronavirus in 2011?
49 11 things you didn't know about Captain America
50 The Captain America Trilogy's 5 Most Disappointing (& 5 Most Satisfying) Moments
51 Captain America Fan Art Gives First Avenger Poster A Vintage Look, And I Can’t Look Away
52 Captain America's Movie Title Is An Insult To Iron Man
53 Looking Back on the Captain America Grenade Scene –
54 A super American: Captain America turns 80
55 Captain America Still Deserves A Howling Commandos MCU Movie
56 Captain America's MCU Costumes, Ranked
57 12 behind-the-scenes secrets from the Captain America movies
58 A Guide on Every Captain America Uniform in the MCU
59 Early Captain America Concept Art Gives the First Avenger a Different Costume
60 Captain America: The First Avenger theory suggests Nick Fury made this mistake on purpose
61 Captain America: What Happened To Every Howling Commando After Cap's Death
62 Captain America: Steve Rogers Was Chosen For His Defiance (Not His Heroism)
63 Captain America and Hitler: 80 years of the very first Avenger
64 Who each Avenger would endorse for mayor
65 How to watch all of the Marvel films in chronological order for the ultimate movie marathon
66 Captain America: Early Red Skull Concept Changes the Villain's Origin Story
67 Captain America: How Long Steve Rogers Was Frozen For (& How He Survived)
68 Captain America Is Marvel's Best MCU Movie Trilogy | Screen Rant
69 How Captain America: The First Avenger Was Made
70 MCU Marathon Live Blog: "Captain America: The First Avenger"
71 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Stands Out in a Glut of Comic Book Films
72 Chris Evans reveals he almost turned down 'Captain America' over anxiety
73 MCU: Ranking The 10 Best Major Performances In The Captain America Trilogy
74 Fortnite Captain America outfit lets you be the First Avenger
75 Every Captain America Movie Climax, Ranked From Worst To Best
76 Captain America: The REAL Reason Red Skull's Super-Soldier Experiment Failed
77 Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
78 MCU: 10 Actors You Forgot Were In The Captain America Trilogy
79 Theory: Falcon & Winter Soldier's Secret Character Is From Captain America 1
80 The Marvel Movies Debrief: Captain America: The First Avenger Recap, Legacy, and MCU Connections
81 Avengers Endgame originally mocked Captain America plot hole
82 John Krasinski is Captain America in convincing deepfake video
83 Why Captain America Didn’t Save Himself In The First Avenger
84 How Powerful Captain America Really Is In Each MCU Movie
85 'Captain America' actress charged with killing her mother in Kansas will represent herself
86 ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ trends and Marvel fans wonder if it's a better origin film than Iron Man
87 MCU Theory: Red Skull Knew About The Infinity Stones (Not Just The Tesseract)
88 Agents of SHIELD Reveals Important Connection to Captain America: The First Avenger
89 USO Shield from Captain America: The First Avenger is Up for Auction
90 Captain America: How Much Back Pay The Army Owes Steve Rogers
91 From Hamilton to Captain America, here are three films to watch on Fourth of July
92 MCU: 5 Times Captain America Was The Best Avenger (& 5 Times He Was The Worst)
93 Captain America First Avenger Retro Review | What's On Disney Plus Club
94 MCU: Future Vs. Past Captain America, Who Would Win? | ScreenRant
95 Chris Evans Admits Stanley Tucci Got Them Boozy On Set Of Captain America Movie
96 Captain America Art Shows Differences Between Classic Costume In Movies
97 'Avengers 5' release date may deliver a twisted Captain America return
98 Marvel Explains How Captain America's Super-Soldier Serum Works
99 Avengers: Endgame — How Powerful Is Old Captain America At The End?
100 Chris Evans: I already miss playing Captain America