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1 Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio is leading an organized effort to bring awareness to the importance of Prop 13
2 Reform California outlines campaign against changes to commercial property tax rate increase
3 Alliance San Diego says you should vote 'Yes on Prop 15' to increase property taxes
4 Reform California to outlines campaign to protect changes to Prop 13 and stop property tax increases
5 Down Goes the Last Republican City Council District (By Registration)
6 Carl DeMaio Concedes To Darrell Issa In 50th Congressional Race
7 Carl DeMaio Discusses Running For 50th Congressional District
8 Carl DeMaio, candidate for the 50th Congressional District
9 MarketInk: Defeated Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio Returns to Talk Radio
10 Carl DeMaio explains his "Fix Congress First" plan
11 Carl DeMaio's campaign for the 50th Congressional District
12 Carl DeMaio Announces Bid For Duncan Hunter's Congressional Seat
13 Carl DeMaio is one of four candidates running for the 50th Congressional District
14 50th Congressional District Candidate Carl DeMaio promises to increase border security if elected
15 Carl DeMaio's campaign for the 50th Congressional District Seat
16 New Darrell Issa ad calls attention to Carl DeMaio's sexuality, gets pushback from Republicans
17 50th Congressional District Candidate Carl DeMaio's priorities for office
18 50th Congressional District Candidate Carl DeMaio launches border initiative
19 Carl DeMaio warns Californians to brace for massive tax hikes in response to the coronavirus pandemic
20 Carl DeMaio Campaign Reports Raising Over $900,000 in 25 Days
21 Congressional Candidate Carl Demaio outlines Clean Streets Initiative
22 Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio Returns to Radio with Paid Messages and Podcast
23 Politics Report: Refunding the Police
24 Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio on homelessness
25 Carl DeMaio and Darrell Issa get key endorsements in Congressional race to replace Duncan Hunter
26 Can Carl DeMaio save the California GOP? | TheHill
27 Carl DeMaio Plans ‘Major Announcement’ on Bid for Hunter Congress Seat
28 Issa Unloads on ‘Lying’ Rival DeMaio as Campa-Najjar Clarifies Trump Stance
29 Carl DeMaio is the reform candidate for the 50th District: "We need a fighter!"
30 Carl DeMaio explains his decision to announce his candidacy for the 50th Congressional District
31 Carl DeMaio: 50th Congressional District
32 Carl DeMaio reaction to Duncan Hunter guilty plea
33 Carl DeMaio introduces his 'Freedomcare' plan to replace Obamacare
34 Carl DeMaio's border security plan
35 Mayor Faulconer and Carl Demaio hold dueling news conferences over Measure C
36 MarketInk: Election Consultant Replaces Carl DeMaio as Radio Talk-Show Host
37 Rep. Hunter, Sen. Brian Jones, Darrell Issa and Carl DeMaio Take Stage for District 50 Forum
38 Key Democratic Group Rips DeMaio as Anti-Corruption Hypocrite
39 Local Politicians, Advocates Praise SCOTUS' DACA Decision As Temporary Victory
40 Carl DeMaio is running for Congress as a candidate for the 50th district
41 Village News talks to Carl DeMaio
42 Carl DeMaio Running for Rep. Duncan Hunter's Seat in 2020
43 Carl DeMaio running for 50th District Congressional seat
44 Politics Report: Vacation Rentals? It's Just Like Old Times!
45 Hunter, Issa, DeMaio in civil war for California's 50th Congressional District
46 Bottom feeding DeMaio carpet bags the 50th
47 Issa's lead over DeMaio grows slightly; he'll likely take on Campa-Najjar in November
48 DeMaio, Issa lead 50th district race in 4Q fundraising, each has million-dollar war chest
49 Poll: Campa-Najjar, Issa emerge as frontrunners in 50th Congressional District
50 New Poll Shows Campa-Najjar Leading in 50th District, Top Republicans Tied
51 Republicans battle for primary spot in contentious 50th district race
52 DeMaio vs. Issa in 50th CD GOP slugfest
53 Issa, DeMaio Troll Each Other With Dueling Press Conferences
54 President Trump should endorse Carl DeMaio, who would be the only openly gay Republican in Congress
55 DeMaio campaign visits Temecula
56 Issa, DeMaio Scrape Bottom of Barrel in Congressional Race for 50th District
57 Stage-Crasher José Cortés Doesn’t Get CA50 Debate Promised by Carl DeMaio
58 50th District candidates debate housing, job growth, taxes
59 Former City Councilmember Carl DeMaio Abandons Potential Congress Run
60 4 Republicans Drop Out of 50th District Race as Darrell Issa Confirms Candidacy
61 Rep. Duncan Hunter Will Quit Congress Jan. 13; DeMaio Calls for Special Election
62 Vote50 Forum gets into the weeds with congressional candidates
63 Bry closes in on Sherman for mayor's race, DeMaio concedes in 50th District race
64 Millions of dollars raised and spent in the race for the 50th
65 DeMaio rose above troubled upbringing
66 Valley Center Vows ‘Fair but Tough Questions’ at Debate to Replace Duncan Hunter
67 Editorial: Darrell Issa's shameful gay-baiting attack ads
68 Issa and DeMaio jostle for Hunter seat
69 DeMaio Proposes National Concealed-Carry Program to Stop Mass Shootings
70 Ex-Rep. Darrell Issa is not Duncan Hunter's only problem in California primary
71 Openly gay San Diego politico Carl DeMaio joins in same-sex marriage with Johnathan Hale
72 Vote50 Forum lets Valley Center, candidates, shine
73 Column: Candidate fundraising appeals based on 'poll' raising primary shutout fears
74 Nobody Knows Where the 50th District Is
75 Issa's Congressional Comeback Comes Down to Trump Loyalty Test
76 San Diego Area House Seat a Toss-Up After Duncan Hunter Resignation
77 50th Congressional District Race
78 DeMaio Claims Victory in Killing Ban on Advanced Rat Poison, But Bill Isn’t Dead
79 Campa-Najjar, DeMaio lead race for 50th Congressional District, poll shows
80 California Primary Election Results: 50th House District
81 Campa-Najjar, DeMaio, Issa confirm for 50th District forum
82 2020 Q1 Campaign Finance: What 50th Congressional District Candidates Raised and Spent
83 Scott Peters and Carl DeMaio on the issues
84 Hueso breaks silence on DeMaio
85 Carl DeMaio Mulls Recalls with Drive to Repeal Gas Tax Losing by 10 Points
86 Meet the Bumper Crop of Candidates Who Can't Vote for Themselves
87 Reform California poll shows voters oppose Governor Newsom's coronavirus policies
88 Campa-Najjar (D) and Issa (R) advance to general in California's 50th Congressional District
89 Entering 2020, Rep. Duncan Hunter quiet on resignation date
90 San Diego politico Carl DeMaio takes gas tax repeal effort on the road
91 Rep. Duncan Hunter Silent On When He Will Resign
92 Desperate in Southern California: Darrell Issa's 'back to the future' primary campaign misfires | TheHill
93 Carl DeMaio: California's gay GOP kingmaker
94 Carl DeMaio and the California Gas Tax Repeal Campaign seek federal inquiry
95 The Race to Replace Convicted Congressman Duncan Hunter
96 Carl DeMaio Accused of Lewd Acts by Ex-Staffer
97 Roundtable: Candidates, Issues In 50th, 52nd & 53rd Congressional Districts
98 California congressman's vacated seat unleashes GOP slugfest
99 Darrell Issa Inches Closer to Challenging Duncan Hunter in 50th District
100 New Poll Shows Campa-Najjar Leading 50th District Congressional Race