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1 Two top Oxford academics accuse Facebook of 'censorship' over article warning
2 This is not a rational basis on which to act
3 We need scientists to quiz Covid consensus, not act as agents of disinformation
4 Data used to justify England's second national lockdown is 'proven' to be false, Prof Carl Heneghan claims
5 Masks DON'T stop the spread of Covid: Top experts criticise 'troubling lack of evidence'
6 Coronavirus cases 'flatlined' weeks ago raising hopes of 'normal' Christmas, expert says
7 Second Covid lockdown is NOT the answer – independent expert blasts Sage
8 Boris Johnson given coronavirus-beating plan by Oxford experts
9 Death forecast used to justify national lockdown 'old and four times too high'
10 Covid: Are we heading back into a full lockdown?
11 Are NC's coronavirus case numbers inflated? Some scientists say so
12 Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance defend their '4,000 deaths a day' dossier
13 UK Covid cases rise just 0.06% in a week to 21,363 as coronavirus spread slows
14 Covid: The things we’re not being told as lockdown looms
15 ‘What occurred to tutorial freedom?’: Scientist fumes as Fb flags Covid-19 research questioning masks effectiveness as ‘false'
16 Coronavirus R rate ‘almost 3 in London – and above 2 across the South’
17 Boris Johnson handed blueprint plans 'to beat Covid-19 and lift England out of lockdown'
18 Number of Covid patients in hospital is still rising but ICU admissions are FALLING
19 Terrifying death graphs used to justify new lockdown quietly CHANGED as Government admits 1,500-a-day
20 The long winter – why Covid restrictions could last until April | The Edition
21 Coronavirus England: Is the NHS QUIETER than usual?
22 Boris Johnson urged not to put UK into second lockdown by MPs, business chiefs & medics despite death toll
23 Death forecast used to justify national lockdown is based on old stats and may be four times too high,
24 Major new study on face masks finds little evidence they cut risk of infection for those who wear them
25 We must resist the future being planned for us
26 October 29 coronavirus news
27 Then what is the point?! Study says 'Rule of Six' and 10pm curfew is NOT working
28 Scientists have too much influence on Government and Covid policies, warns professor
29 Coronavirus UK: New case numbers flat at 24,141 but lockdown resumes
30 Why are we going into a second lockdown?
31 Why the UK’s second wave is likely to cause less economic pain than the first
32 'Authoritarian' fact-checkers misleading public on Covid studies, warns journalist
33 Coronavirus R rate in UK 'has fallen to 1'
34 MP: Facebook is 'suppressing' debate and must be regulated NOW
35 Coronavirus: Christmas socialising poses 'substantial risks'
36 Was what I said on Facebook really 'hate speech'?
37 Department of Health in climbdown after online swipe at The Mail's analysis of Covid-19 facts
38 Major coronavirus developments on Friday 13 November
39 Forget about Christmas — brace yourselves for a miserable, jobless & bankrupt New Year
40 Boris handed blueprint to beat coronavirus without lockdown
41 Covid-19 deaths aren't rising as fast in Europe and US, despite soaring new infections. That doesn't mean the virus is less deadly
42 Coronavirus R rate ‘drops to 1’ raising questions over second lockdown
43 Give all our youngsters a chance to study again, writes Professor CARL HENEGHAN
44 US FDA Accepts Ortho's Emergency Use Notification for VITROS® SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test--Capable of Accurate Mass-Scale Testing
45 'Rush to pub' before second lockdown may have fuelled record rise in Covid cases
46 Coronavirus: dangerous to suggest that we should bin the rule of six
47 Testing a whole city for Covid-19 – but how will it work?
48 Why scientists fear the “toxic” Covid-19 debate
49 Seely: ‘Anyone who thinks we are coming out of lockdown on 2nd Dec is living in a parallel universe’
50 Thousands of Covid cases were assigned to wrong place in major Track and Trace blunder
51 SAGE experts relied on Wikipedia to model impact of Covid crisis
52 Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson
53 Lockdown is part of the grand, green, global design
54 Britain has succumbed to panic – again
55 "Lives are on hold": Isle of Wight MP renews calls for more Covid data
56 Matt Hancock squirms as BBC host dismantles plans to lift tier system across England
57 Researchers withdraw study showing efficacy of mask mandates after increased virus cases in areas observed
58 UK coronavirus deaths rise by 598 in biggest daily jump in six months as Covid cases hit 1.4million
59 Carl Heneghan and Jeffrey Aronson: Interpreting lung cancer screening studies
60 Covid-19: Ex-medical tsar Dame Sally Davies says UK was ill-prepared
61 An Oxford expert thinks it would be better to wait til Christmas to lock down
62 Coronavirus: Tests 'could be picking up dead virus'
63 Covid-19: the problems with case counting
64 MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: This is far too grave a decision for four men to make in private
65 Carl Heneghan: Assessing ovarian cancer risk with talc—use all the evidence
66 The real Covid-19 threat
67 Oxford University virologist urges symptomatic people to isolate even if they test negative for Covid
68 for free markets and free thinking
69 Covid-19: Experts divide into two camps of action—shielding versus blanket policies
70 Oxford scientists: the only 'circuit break' we need is from this cycle of bad data and bad science
71 Less haste, more safety, certainly, but we could do with an end to the vaccine rescue narrative as well
72 Local lockdowns based on arbitrary figures are punishing England's poorest
73 September's normal increase in coughs and colds causing 'utter chaos' in post-lockdown Britain
74 Coronavirus UK: Did crisis peak BEFORE lockdown?
75 Covid: What is the risk of the NHS being overwhelmed?
76 Why COVID-19 Tests Are Inaccurate and the Role Dead Viral Cells Play
77 Carl Heneghan: Australian judge finds mesh manufacturer negligent: here's why
78 Primark queue stretches over 1000ft and thousands of bargain hunters descend on Cardiff
79 Offline: Science and the breakdown of trust
80 Is the government suffering from Munchausen Syndome by Proxy?
81 Inappropriate for Executive to consider a return to lockdown: expert
82 Could mass testing for Covid-19 do more harm than good?
83 Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science
84 Coronavirus cases are mounting but deaths remain stable. Why?
85 Coronavirus: Top academic says Scotland 'may be overcounting' number of Covid patients compared to England
86 Hospital intensive care no busier than normal for most trusts, leaked documents show
87 Fightback against rise in Covid cases thrashed out at No 10 summit
88 This is when the UK's coronavirus death toll could drop to zero, according to an Oxford University scientist
89 Boris Johnson needs to bin the rule of six
90 Is Covid really rising in Spain? A look at the data
91 Mainstreaming Fringe Science on COVID-19 Puts Lives At Risk
92 National circuit-breaker lockdown isn’t needed to protect the NHS, data shows
93 Scamademics? Right-Wing Lobbying Groups Reviving 'Herd Immunity' in the UK
94 Covid UK: scientists at loggerheads over approach to new restrictions
95 Boris Johnson's self-isolation shows rules need to change, scientists and MPs say
96 How much do face masks actually help?
97 Britain 'on track to zero coronavirus deaths' despite second wave warnings
98 What does the Covid data really tell us?
99 Coronavirus is NOT an epidemic, experts claim – as nearly 140,000 in England infected
100 First wave of coronavirus is OVER as deaths fall below normal for first time since start of pandemic, expert