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1 Science, politics and trolls: How Carl Bergstrom became a voice of clarity on the coronavirus
2 Data, Disinformation, and the Art of Skepticism
3 Calling Bullsh*t By Carl Bergstrom & Jevin West — Review
4 Biologist Carl Bergstrom on coronavirus, misinformation and why we weren't prepared
5 True lies, false truths
6 COVID-19 at college: Shaming and blaming students can make it worse, experts say
7 UW expert: CDC ‘hopelessly compromised’ by White House in virus response
8 Understanding how researchers are predicting spread of coronavirus
9 Theodocia 'Teddy' Bergstrom, mother and humble volunteer, dies at 91
10 University of Illinois had a great coronavirus plan, but students partied on
11 In looking for federal guidance, colleges encountered a compromised CDC
12 College coronavirus testing varies by system, campus
13 What Coronavirus Herd Immunity Really Means
14 The CDC Is Wrong
15 What Have We Learned About Coronavirus Immunity?
16 Welcome to college. Now get tested for the coronavirus — again and again.
17 These Colleges Are Winning the Fight Against Covid-19 — at Least for Now
18 UW professor warns against reopening Washington state too soon amid coronavirus pandemic
19 Coronavirus: Frequent testing at California colleges is critical, but many campuses aren’t close to meeting the standard
20 How to Evaluate COVID-19 News without Freaking Out
21 University of Washington, Other Area Colleges Suspend On-Site Classes in Response to Coronavirus
22 Chinese Researchers Warn of New Virus in Pigs With Human Pandemic Risk
23 All Eyes on Seattle
24 What the Fall and Winter of the Pandemic Will Look Like
25 Fully Open Up Society Now? Really?
26 Minimizing Coronavirus' impact is a race against time
27 COVID-19 could kill 2,400 in NC and strain available hospital beds, projection model says
28 Coronavirus Death Toll Projections Revised Sharply Downward
29 UW expert: Achieving herd immunity for coronavirus a ‘disastrous strategy’
30 'Incompetence': Biology professor expertly debunks right-wing Silicon Valley guy's bogus article claiming coronavirus spread is being exaggerated
31 The Fine Art of Sniffing Out Crappy Science
32 Coronavirus missteps from CDC and FDA worry health experts
33 Statistical dark arts endanger democracy — and life
34 Fact-check: Does a New Study Give Evidence that the Coronavirus Was Made In a Lab?
35 Steve Bannon Is Behind Bogus Study That China Created COVID
36 University Quarantines 2700, Avoids COVID Outbreaks
37 Science as Politics — An Evolutionist's Admission
38 Why we can't trust numbers: science's communication crisis
39 FACT CHECK: COVID-19 Whistleblower Li-Meng Yan Releases Paper With Other Scientists 'Suggesting Sophistic
40 The Lockdown Skeptic They Couldn’t Silence
41 How Medium became the best and worst place for coronavirus news
42 Don't Let COVID-19 Go the Way of Climate Change
43 COVID: No, Coronavirus Wasn't Created in a Laboratory. Genetics Shows Why.
44 How Irritated Should We Be with IHME Right Now?
45 From swabs to antibodies: How to understand your coronavirus test results
46 Troll Watch: Misinformation Around The Coronavirus
47 Public health experts explain the science behind social distancing
48 Want to reduce your COVID-19 risk? You need to sleep more.
49 Episode 1: Flattening the Curve
50 Summer reading: Three of the best books out now
51 Platform deletes controversial article arguing the media has incited a coronavirus 'hysteria'
52 How self-quarantine can ‘flatten the epidemic curve’ as coronavirus cases rise
53 UW expert: CDC advisory against COVID testing for all students is ‘irresponsible’
54 Universities can’t use privacy laws to withhold data on coronavirus outbreaks, experts say
55 David Hare's fiery account of COVID-19
56 How a hockey analyst is helping experts in the fight against COVID-19
57 Speech in a Time of War | Cato @ Liberty
58 35% of coronavirus patients show no symptoms: CDC
59 “Let hope be the antidote to fear” – Today’s WHO briefing and other key Coronavirus updates, tips and tools
60 From Pro Publica: America doesn't have a coherent strategy for asymptomatic Covid-19 testing. It needs one.
61 On some college campuses, a new fall rite: Coronavirus testing
62 The Risk That Students Could Arrive at School With the Coronavirus
63 Opinion | Shawn Vestal: Sturgis research called for greater skepticism
64 Covid-19: What if ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Closer Than Scientists Thought?
65 UNC is sending some students back home without testing them for COVID-19
66 UW research center to tackle the problem of fake news
67 By staying apart, we are working together as a community
68 In the Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine, We Must Go Big. Really, Really Big.
69 Pac-12 Hotline: Presidents’ vote today on the football restart is easy, if they follow the science
70 Social Distancing Is A Must To Slow Spread Of Coronavirus
71 Professors: We Are Begging You to Stop Injecting Yourselves With Homebrewed COVID Vaccines
72 America Doesn't Have a Coherent Strategy for Asymptomatic Testing. It Needs One.
73 The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. So is misinformation about it.
74 Everyone loves the coronapocalypse
75 America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral
76 Aiming for herd immunity without Covid vaccine is a disastrous response
77 Cue the debunking: Two Bakersfield doctors go viral with dubious COVID test conclusions
78 Chapel Hill and Notre Dame Are Just the Beginning
79 KNKX boots weather guru Mass over his comparison of Seattle protests to Nazi Germany
80 How economic theory and the Netflix Prize could make research funding more efficient
81 We Still Don’t Know All the Long-Term Consequences of ‘Mild’ COVID-19
82 Flattening the Curve — A Nice Way to Say that Many Will Die
83 Coronavirus mitigation could kill thousands. Suppress the virus, don’t just “flatten the curve.”
84 The Great Reopening Debate
85 Infectious disease expert warns people are treating coronavirus models 'too seriously'
86 Should You Get That Coronavirus Test?
87 Review: ‘Calling Bulls—’ abounds in drive-by debunkings of received wisdom
88 The coronavirus infodemic
89 Could we really have another pandemic at the same time as COVID?
90 Coronavirus screening has led to concerning crowds at US airports
91 Readers Write: Scientific literacy, virus responses, the pandemic economy, food supply
92 We crashed UW's class on calling BS. Here's what we learned about sleuthing 'big data.'
93 Coronavirus Surge Models Paint a Grim Picture in Virginia
94 Fact-check: Is the coronavirus as deadly as predicted?
95 Social Distancing Means Skipping The Pub, But It Will Save Lives
96 Trump attempting to block billions in funding for Covid-19 testing in new relief bill
97 Scared That Covid-19 Immunity Won’t Last? Don’t Be
98 What we can (and can't) take away from New York's antibody testing results
99 Tucker Carlson says coronavirus isn't as deadly as we thought. Experts disagree
100 PolitiFact: Tucker Carlson says the coronavirus isn’t as deadly as we thought. Experts disagree