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1 British name enormous carrier strike group heading for the Indo-Pacific The maiden deployment of a
2 UK Carrier Strike Group Begins Deployment | Defense News
3 U.S. Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group Begins Exercise Northern Edge 2021
4 Ford Carrier Strike Group Maximizes New CVN's Gear, Design In Final Test Event Before Shock Trials
5 Ford Carrier Strike Group Accelerates Integrated Training At-Sea
6 HMS Queen Elizabeth Sails in Preparation for Asia-Pacific Deployment
7 Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth to lead strike group to Indo-Pacific
8 First F-35C Air Wing Ready to Bring 5th-Gen Fighters to Carrier Strike Group
9 EDITORIAL | Visit of UK Carrier Strike Group Should Help Keep the Oceans Free
10 NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Bahrain Provides Logistics Support to Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group
11 Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Could Extend Stay in Middle East to Cover Afghanistan Withdrawal
12 UK to send largest Carrier Strike Group since Falklands/Malvinas war to South China Sea
13 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group gets vaccinated | Commander, US Pacific Fleet
14 CNO Gilday: Pentagon Weighing Reducing Middle East Aircraft Carrier Presence After Afghan Withdrawal
15 French, US Carrier Strike Groups’ Ballet For Persian Gulf Stability
16 Ford crew’s efforts set to shorten time until the carrier is ready to deploy, strike group CO says
17 British Navy Crowsnest-equipped Merlins deploy on first carrier voyage
18 USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group visits Guam
19 Rear Adm. ‘V8’ Verissimo Leaving Carrier Strike Group 9 Command for Washington
20 Victory Day parade, Asia-Pacific round-up and UK Carrier Strike Group (Podcast)
21 Blended US Marine, UK Royal Air Force Air Wing Aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth Will be Largest F-35 Deployment to Date
22 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: May 3, 2021
23 Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth converges on Indo-Pacific amid China tensions
24 USS The Sullivans Deploys To Join UK Carrier Strike Group
25 Royal Navy 'back on the global stage' as Carrier Strike Group prepares to sail from Portsmouth
26 Allons-y! Eisenhower strike group operates with France’s flagship around the Gulf
27 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: April 26, 2021
28 South Korea's Busan awaits British aircraft carrier strike group
29 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: April 19, 2021
30 Aircraft carrier strike group makes Guam stop to resupply
31 US Marine Corps F-35s flew over 5,000 miles for a deployment aboard UK aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth
32 Royal Navy's world-class strike group sets sail to challenge Putin's Black Sea dominance
33 USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) Deploys in Support of British Carrier Task Group 21
34 Royal Navy begins vaccinating sailors joining HMS Queen Elizabeth's carrier strike group
35 US and UK Special Relationship Strengthened by CSG-21 Deployment
36 USS The Sullivans Deploys in Support of British Carrier Task Group 21
37 Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group conducts second training at Sea
38 It's Her Shot!
39 Theodore Roosevelt CSG begins exercise Northern Edge 2021 | Commander, US Pacific Fleet
40 Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group joint drills with Japan
41 When Ford’s strike group sails, communication and coordination are the focus
42 Ike completing dual carrier operations with French carrier Charles de Gaulle
43 USN Arleigh Burke-class destroyer tails Liaoning strike group near eastern Taiwan
44 USS Harry S. Truman Out of Maintenance After 10 Months; Material Challenges Caused 3-Month Delay
45 The Marines and Naval Integration: The F-35 and the New UK Carrier Force
46 Ike to remain in Middle East 'for a period of time,' as U.S. leaves Afghanistan
47 Austin Praises Nimitz Carrier Strike Group for Record-Breaking Deployment
48 Big Military Training Exercise to Focus on 'Realistic Warfighting' In Air, At Sea, On Land
49 UK's new aircraft carrier intercepted by Russian spy ships just hours after setting sail
50 Marines and sailors take part in largest joint exercise of 2021
51 USS Harry S. Truman departs Norfolk Naval Shipyard
52 Nimitz Carrier Group Sails Into Indo-Pacific Command
53 UK Has a Deployable Carrier Strike Group for the First Time in Decades
54 Does Britannia Rule The Waves Again? U.K. Carrier Strike Group Declared Operational
55 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group Conducts Bilateral Exercise with Royal Malaysian A
56 US Carrier Strike Group, Amphibious Warships Massed in South China Sea as Regional Tensions Simmer
57 U.S., French Carrier Strike Groups Conduct Dual Carrier Operations in 5th Fleet
58 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group Begins Second 2020 Deployment
59 Ike Carrier Strike Group launches flight operations against ISIS
60 What Joint US-UK Carrier Strike Group Will Look Like
61 Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group Now Operating in South China Sea
62 VIDEO: HMS Queen Elizabeth Strike Group Assembles
63 Ike Carrier Strike Group comprises first US warships to transit cleared Suez Canal
64 Theodore Roosevelt, Nimitz Carrier Strike Groups conduct dual carrier operations
65 Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Begins Second Deployment in a Year
66 French Carrier Strike Group Begins 2021 Deployment
67 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group returns to South China Sea
68 Royal Navy Ready to Deploy a Carrier Strike Group for First Time in a Generation
69 Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Enters 5th Fleet's Area of Responsibility | US Embassy in Egypt
70 Nimitz Carrier Strike Group return to San Diego after 321 days deployed
71 Here's why Britain is struggling to form a fully effective carrier strike group
72 British aircraft carrier strike group will soon deploy to waters near Japan, report says
73 Behold HMS Queen Elizabeth's First Carrier Strike Group
74 Nimitz Carrier Strike Group to Return Home from Middle East Deployment
75 China Sends Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Near Okinawa in Message to US and Japan
76 UK to send aircraft carrier strike group to waters near Japan
77 Navy Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Passes Through Suez Canal
78 U.S., U.K., and French Navies Conduct Trilateral Carrier Strike Group Tabletop Exercise
79 IKE Carrier Strike Group Commands SEALs, Marine Missile Teams in First-of-a-Kind, Large-Scale Drill
80 Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Supports Operation Octave Quartz
81 UK's Carrier Strike Group Faces Its First Test
82 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group enters South China Sea
83 UK's First Carrier Strike Group in a Generation Finishes Trials
84 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group Conducts Joint Force Maritime Exercise with India
85 TR Carrier Strike Group Begins Quarantine Ahead of Second 2020 Deployment
86 Ships of the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Enter the Black Sea
87 US Navy Strike Group Enters South China Sea Amid Growing Tension
88 Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Deploys After Extended Scrimmage
89 US Carrier Strike Group Sails Into South China Sea Amid Heightened Tensions
90 Leonardo's AW101 global fleet hits 500000 flight hour milestone
91 Ships of the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations
92 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group conducts Live-Fire Exercise
93 Carrier strike Group Two Holds Change of Command Aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
94 SECDEF Austin, CNO to Meet Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Ahead of its California Return
95 Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Will Drill with Japanese in Pacific During Deployment
96 UK-France Joint Action Key To European Relevance In The Indo-Pacific – Analysis
97 China''s Red and Blue fighter teams in mock battle
98 Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group conducts bilateral exercise with JMSDF
99 The UK Carrier Strike Group Reaches Initial Operating Capability
100 PAC slams MOD over lack of funded plans for Carrier Strike Groups