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1 Why 2020 Was A Stellar Year For Hunting Asteroids
2 University of Arizona asteroid hunters overcome virus, wildfire in record year of discoveries
3 Planetary defense experts use infamous asteroid Apophis to practice spotting dangerous space rocks
4 Catalina Sky Survey Sets Record for Finding Asteroids
5 Scientists Discover What Could Be Earth's Second Ever Mini-Moon
6 Search for Dangerous Asteroids Gets NASA Funding Boost
7 Earth’s new ‘mini-moon’ is leaving soon. But it’ll be back.
8 Here’s what we know about Earth’s new minimoon
9 Mini-moon discovery made by UH Hilo grad | University of Hawaiʻi System News
10 Comet Catalina Podcast By UA Catalina Sky Survey Observer Takes Off
11 Looking Up column: The Earth and moon have company: 2020 CD3
12 Best of Both Worlds: Asteroids and Massive Mergers
13 News . School Bus-Size Asteroid to Safely Zoom Past Earth
14 NASA's OGO-1 Spacecraft to Return Home over the Weekend
15 Earth's best telescopes have closed, but the hunt for dangerous aster
16 NASA says asteroid approaching Earth turned out to be mini-moon; all you need to know
17 Arizona looks to the sky, takes lead on several asteroid detection projects
18 NASA planetary defense efforts continue during pandemic
19 Lunar companion; 2nd minimoon discovered | University of Hawaiʻi System News
20 Earth’s new mini moon might be space junk that was made in the 1960s
21 Mac instances on Amazon Web Services now support macOS Big Sur and Elastic File System
22 Special Topic: "Active Asteroids"
23 Asteroid Defense: Scanning the Sky for Threats From Space
24 Scientists to use near-Earth object telescope to observe cosmic mergers
25 Closest Known Asteroid to Fly By Earth
26 Incoming Object With Earth Impact Trajectory Turns Out to Be Old NASA Spacecraft
27 Earth's biggest telescopes reopen after months of COVID closures
28 Asteroid the size of a city block just gave Earth a close shave
29 Robotic telescope finds closest known asteroid to fly by Earth
30 UH Researchers Join in Discovery of Second Minimoon
31 On eve of tragic anniversary, Summerhaven residents ordered to evacuate as fire nears
32 Explained: Everything you need to know of Asteroid 465824 2010 FR, which crossed Earth’s orbit
33 Asteroid has 'EXTREMELY CLOSE' approach with Earth
34 Earth . Earth May Have Captured a 1960s-Era Rocket Booster
35 Mount Lemmon Sky Center to host only open house this year
36 University of Arizona has role in observing smallest asteroid ever studied in detail
37 Scientists Discover 'Mini-Moon' Orbiting the Earth and it is Size of a Hippopotamus
38 Newfound asteroid the size of a house will fly safely by Earth Wednesday
39 How a Speck of Light Becomes an Asteroid
40 Asteroids twice the size of Qutub Minar to fly past Earth on Diwali, will scatter firework
41 Asteroid which ruffled Earth's gravity discovered by IIT-B students
42 COVID-19 forces Earth's largest telescopes to close
43 The Many Mini-Moons of Planet Earth
44 Two Small Asteroids Safely Pass Earth This Week
45 Project that spots city-killing asteroids expands to Southern Hemisphere
46 Asteroids and their impact on Earth: All you need to know
47 OSIRIS-REx Observes an Asteroid in Action
48 On May 4th, a tiny asteroid missed Earth… but just barely
49 Lesson of the Day: ‘A “Front-Row Seat” to the Birth of a Comet’
50 Asteroids whiz by daily
51 Zooming in on space
52 Lowell Scientists Help Characterize a Second Known Minimoon
53 This Truck-Sized Asteroid Came a Little Too Close to Earth for Our Liking
54 The new 'mini-moon' to be acquired by Earth may just be a space junk
55 Earth Has Captured a Tiny Object – Likely a 1960s-Era Rocket Booster
56 News Earth's Temporary Moon Left Orbit A
57 How to see Comet Catalina | Human World
58 UA Researcher Talks About 'Mini Moon' Discovery
59 A Fleeting Moment in the Solar System
60 Astronomers discover new class of cosmic explosions: Blasts differ from 'ordinary' supernovae, gamma-ray bursts
61 Stadium-sized asteroid will be ‘relatively close’ to Earth this week
62 UArizona Looks Toward Work on NASA's Potential Asteroid-Hunting Space Telescope
63 2020 Rewind: The Most Bizarre Stories from a Chaotic Year | The Weather Channel
64 Surat girls discover near-Earth asteroid ‘HLV2514’ which will pass Earth in distant future
65 Second Asteroid to Buzz Earth Later Today
66 First 2014 Asteroid Discovered: Update
67 Earth Discovers a Mini-Moon: New Report | TechQuila
68 How to See Comet Catalina in the Early-Morning Sky
69 New telescope will scan the skies for asteroids on collision course with Earth
70 From discovery to data: How astronomers track near-Earth asteroids
71 What it takes to discover small rocks in space
72 Very close asteroid encounter today | Space
73 Get Ready for Sunday’s Close Flyby of Asteroid 2014 RC
74 Mount Lemmon SkyCenter Open House Saturday
75 Asteroid twice the size of Pyramid of Giza to zoom past Earth today; here's all you need to know
76 Small Asteroid to Fly Between Earth and Moon Today
77 Update on Near-Earth Objects
78 This Asteroid Has a 1-in-7,000 Chance of Hitting Earth This Fall
79 A House-Size Asteroid Zipped by Earth Today
80 Comet Catalina is Even Cooler With Two Tails; Won't Be Back For Centuries | The Weather Channel
81 2012 BX34: Behind the Scenes in the Discovery of a Near Earth Asteroid
82 To the moon and back: Object in orbit may be Surveyor 2 rocket stage
83 New Mystery Object “Minimoon” Discovered Orbiting Earth Imaged by Gemini Telescope
84 Hawaiian Asteroid-Warning Telescope Passes Key Test
85 Space News: Where rocks come alive – NASA's OSIRIS-REx observes an asteroid in action
86 2020 CD3: Mini-moon That Came Close to Earth Before Drifting Away into Deep Space
87 An Asteroid Turned Into a Massive Fireball After Crashing Into Earth’s Atmosphere
88 The Hunt for Killer Asteroids
89 Don’t Panic, But There’s An Asteroid Right Over There
90 Tiny Fireballs May One Day Reveal Unseen Asteroids
91 Four Asteroids Are Buzzing Earth in Flybys Today (But Don't Worry)
92 Download NASA's Asteroid Data Hunter software and help save the planet – Astronomy Now
93 A Pink Supermoon Will Be Visible in the Sky This April
94 Watch the massive WC9 asteroid fly past Earth today, its closest encounter in 300 years
95 Small asteroid paid a heavy price for almost striking Earth Thursday
96 Asteroid 2018 CB to safely pass by Earth, at a distance of about 64,000 km, on 10 February at 4 am IST: NASA
97 Asteroid will make a close pass by Earth on Friday
98 Weird Space Junk Falls to Earth on Friday the 13th: Watch It Online
99 Small asteroid to sweep close this weekend
100 How a Football Field-Size Asteroid Caught Us by Surprise