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1 AWI Lauds New Legislation to Curb Wildlife-Human Disease Transmission
2 New Website Offers Shelter Resources for Domestic Violence Survivors with Pets
3 After Santa Anita Deaths, Horseracing Integrity Act Passes House to Protect Thoroughbreds
4 Why won't USDA enforce the Animal Welfare Act? | TheHill
5 Staff
6 Sick chinchillas languish at farms that supply U.S. researchers
7 Historic Win for Horses as House Passes PAST Act
8 Trump Administration Again Tries to Undermine Endangered Species Act
9 Trump Administration Reverses Ban on Egregious Wildlife Killing Methods on Alaska National Preserves
10 AWI Endorses Bill to Ban Lead Ammunition on Fish & Wildlife Service Land
11 Trump Administration Rule Proposal Would Further Undermine Endangered Species Act
12 USDA reposts animal welfare records it purged from its website in 2017
13 Shark vs. Human: Who Is More Dangerous?
14 AWI Offers Free Animal-Friendly Lesson Plans, Publications for Virtual Back to School
15 Pressure Mounts on USDA to Enforce Animal Welfare Act
16 After “Tiger King,” 53 Members of Congress Urge USDA to Crack Down on Animal Abusers
17 US House Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Federal Legislation to Ban Horse Slaughter
18 Illinois Becomes Third State to Ban Sale of Animal-Tested Cosmetics
19 Animal Welfare Records Return to USDA Website
20 Trump administration again reauthorizes wildlife-killing 'cyanide bombs' despite strong opposition
21 Commentary: Shark fins are banned in Illinois, but they’re still on the menu
22 Washington, DC, Passes Law to Ban the Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horn
23 Trump’s USDA Lets Animal Abusers Off the Hook
24 Animal Welfare Institute Funds Original Research on Human-Wildlife Conflicts
25 New Bill Aims to Strengthen Animal Welfare Act Enforcement
26 AWI Opposes Nomination of Oil Lobbyist to Lead Department of the Interior
27 AWI Endorses CECIL Act to Restrict Imports of Protected Species Killed for Sport
28 AWI Supports Bill to Prohibit the Use of Performing Exotic Animals
29 New Illinois Law Bans Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals
30 Environmental Groups Sue Trump Administration Over Endangered Species Act
31 Animal Welfare Institute Funds Innovative Research on Human-Wildlife Conflicts
32 House Passes Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act to Protect Sharks from Cruel Finning
33 Shark Fins Remain on the Menu, Despite State Bans
34 Illinois becomes latest state to ban animal testing for cosmetics
35 Savannah leads in shark fin exports
36 Senate Bills Introduced to Keep Primates and Big Cats Out of the Pet Trade
37 US House Passes Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act
38 USDA Cited 60 Percent Fewer Animal Welfare Violations in 2018
39 Animal Welfare Institute Praises House Defeat of Farm Bill
40 Animal Welfare Institute Supports Bill to Keep Primates Out of Pet Trade
41 SAFE Act To End Horse Slaughter Introduced In US Senate
42 Leadership
43 ProTECT Act Would Ban Trophy Imports & Domestic Sport Hunting of At-Risk Species
44 Sea Lion Cull Signed Into Law
45 AWI-Endorsed Legislation Advanced by House Committee to Aid North Atlantic Right Whale Recovery
46 House Natural Resources Committee Passes Bills to Protect Big Cats, Sharks, Species Killed for Sport
47 Don't Celebrate Shark Week In Maryland With Shark Fin Soup
48 AWI Statement on House Bill to Protect North Atlantic Right Whale
49 Farm Bill Includes Major Victories for Animal Welfare
50 AWI Urges House Vote on Eliminating "Crush Video" Loophole
51 Bill Protecting Big Cats Reintroduced To House Of Representatives
52 Law Enforcement Leader Receives Prestigious Albert Schweitzer Medal
53 US government issues historic $3.5-million fine over animal welfare
54 ‘Historic victory’ for horses as US government votes in favour of anti-soring act
55 Senator Menendez Introduces Bill to End Exploitation of Exotic Animals in the Circus
56 Animal Welfare Institute Petitions USDA to Make Slaughter More Humane
57 Animal protection groups applaud Senate bill to ban horse slaughter
58 Don't Celebrate Shark Week In Arizona With Shark Fin Soup
59 Suzanne Liss (1934
60 Worldwide Call for G20 ‘International Whaling Intervention’ as Summit Host Japan Launches New Whale Killing Program
61 How Much Pain Should Animals Endure for Science?
62 38 dead: Animal Welfare Institute criticises 'Weak settlement' in US CRO primate case
63 Captive tigers in the US outnumber those in the wild. It's a problem.
64 Wildlife Law Enforcement Leaders Honored at CITES
65 A Voice for Animals Contest Prize Winners Announced
66 Guest column: Stop the exploitation of sharks for ratings
67 Scientists Declare Red Wolf to be Valid Species
68 Shark Fin Soup Remains on the Menu Despite US State Bans
69 Illinois Bans Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals
70 NIH ends funding for experiments using 'random source' dogs
71 New Manual Helps Protect Ohio Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets
72 Wildlife trade detective Samuel Wasser receives prestigious Albert Schweitzer Medal
73 Thousands of goats and rabbits vanish from major biotech lab
74 Garamendi and Young Introduce Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act
75 PREPARED Act Aims to Save Animals from Natural, Man-Made Disasters
76 University sage grouse research honored | Wyoming
77 Update: After Congress complains, USDA restores animal welfare reports
78 Shark fin soup on menus of nearly 200 restaurants, despite state bans
79 AWI Endorses Senate Bill to Protect North Atlantic Right Whales
80 House passes shark fin sales elimination act
81 UW's Samuel Wasser receives prestigious Albert Schweitzer Medal
82 Tensions now rising over Monastery Bridge delay: County, residents hope for construction end date
83 Trump Admin Announces Plan to Strip Gray Wolves of Endangered Species Act Protections
84 New Law Named After Cecil The Lion Could Place Prohibitions on Trophy Hunting in the US
85 It's Shark Week, But Don't Celebrate With Shark Fin Soup
86 US Passes Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act
87 Kilili's shark fin bill passes House
88 This Trap Was Banned For 30 Years, But It's Legal Again
89 Farmers' market program teaches students nutrition
90 Animal rights group renews criticism of animal research center in Nebraska
91 Protections for Sharks And Their Relatives On The Rise
92 Elephants to Retire From Ringling Brothers Stage
93 Discovery of goat facility adds to antibody provider's woes
94 Despite Statewide Bans, Hundreds of US Restaurants Still Serve Shark Fin Soup
95 Chair Grijalva Introduces Bill to Protect Threatened Species
96 1.8 Million Americans Speak Out Against Stripping Federal Protections from Wolves
97 Eight Members of Congress Honored for Defending Wildlife, Endangered Species Act
98 Animal Welfare Groups Applaud Federal Legislation to Ban Horse Slaughter
99 Israeli wildlife law enforcer accepts international award
100 Pain in Lab Animals: How Much Is Too Much?