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1 Winnipeg School Division to consult with community about renaming Cecil Rhodes School
2 Baroness suggests Nelson Mandela statue next to Cecil Rhodes one
4 Who is Cecil Rhodes and why are UK demonstrators protesting at his statue?
5 White House Calls Amy Coney Barrett a “Rhodes Scholar” Because She Went to a Place Called Rhodes College
6 Statue of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes decapitated in South Africa
7 Oxford college wants to remove Cecil Rhodes statue
8 Cecil Rhodes: Delay over statue removal 'heightening tensions'
9 In Britain, campaign renewed to take down statues of Cecil Rhodes
10 Future of Oxford's Cecil Rhodes statue to be decided by January
11 Statue Debate Engulfs British Archimperialist and Benefactor Cecil Rhodes
12 The 'Decolonise The Curriculum' Movement Goes From Strength To Strength, In The Hands Of UK's Youth
13 Who was Cecil Rhodes? Why councillors and protestors are calling on statue of imperialist at Oxford University’s Oriel College to be removed
14 Letters: Those denied hospital treatment see no light at the end of the tunnel
15 Why is Cecil Rhodes such a controversial figure?
16 UK Activists Call for Removal of Monument to 19th-Century Imperialist Cecil Rhodes
17 UK colonialist Rhodes has fallen in his home town
18 Calls grow louder to rename Cecil Rhodes housing block
19 Removing the statue of Cecil Rhodes would be cowardly and anti-intellectual
20 Oxford Chancellor Mobilizes Nelson Mandela’s Spirit to Exonerate Cecil Rhodes
21 Cecil Rhodes statue will not fall for at least a year as Oxford college asks public's opinion
22 Rhodes Statue Beheaded in South African Anti-Colonialism Protest
23 Why is The UWI sugar-coating Cecil Rhodes?
24 Lord Nelson’s Heroic Status Under Review by National Maritime Museum
25 Not set in stone: Statues fall as Europe reexamines its past
26 Rhodes' statue is going. Now universities must ask: what about John Locke, Elizabeth I and others?
27 Hammond Castle Museum
28 The symbols matter – rename Cecil Rhodes House now
29 'Arson' attack on Cecil Rhodes former property in Zimbabwe
30 Activists criticise council’s decision to approve upgrade to memorial building for Cecil Rhodes
31 Controversial statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes may remain in place at Oxford
32 As one of Oxford's few black professors, let me tell you why I care about Rhodes
33 Boris Johnson criticises Oxford decision to remove Rhodes statue
34 Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford’s Oriel College should NOT be taken down, says poll
35 Cecil Rhodes Walley Jr.
36 Cecil Rhodes statue demo chief works for charity guarding 'racist's' legacy
37 Rhodes: the controversial, wildly expensive flop the BBC would rather forget
38 Oxford University to Remove Statue of 19th Century Imperialist Cecil Rhodes
39 Related to Cecil Rhodes or a rich banker? Get ready to be name shamed
40 A Museum in England Is Changing Its Name to Reckon With Britain's Colonial Past
41 POLL: Should the Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford's Oriel College be taken down? VOTE HERE
42 Rhodes House to undergo major redevelopment
43 Fake letter about Cecil Rhodes statue shared on Facebook
44 Hundreds sign petition to rename Winnipeg's Cecil Rhodes School in light of anti-racism movements
45 Residents to choose a new name for Cecil Rhodes House
46 Winnipeg School Division to discuss possible change to controversial school name
47 'Cut off Cecil Rhodes' nose' says Oxford Muslim leader
48 Museum and arts centre where British colonialist Cecil Rhodes was born is changing its name
49 PAUL THOMAS on… the replacement for the Cecil Rhodes statue
50 We don't want to erase Cecil Rhodes from history. We want everyone to know his crimes
51 Looking back: Would Nelson Mandela have wanted Cecil Rhodes statue to fall?
52 Cecil Rhodes, Woodrow Wilson and the revenge of history
53 Cecil Rhodes statue to STAY in Oxford until next year
54 I'm certain that Rhodes will fall. This is why
55 Arts centre drops Cecil Rhodes connection following protests
56 Cecil Rhodes's uncle must go too, school told
57 Jamaican Rhodes scholars share mixed views on 'Rhodes Must Fall'
58 Rhodes Must Fall: Oxford's Institutional Response | Practical Ethics
59 PICS | Beheaded Cecil John Rhodes bust cleaned as City of Cape Town mulls options on damaged statues
60 Statues are a mark of honour. Like Edward Colston, Cecil Rhodes and Oliver Cromwell have to go
61 Cecil Rhodes statue to be kept by Oxford University college
62 Great Britons: Cecil Rhodes – Businessman, Politician, Imperialist
63 Cecil Rhodes monument: A necessary anger?
64 Trustees reveal new name for Rhodes Arts Complex
65 Winnipeg School Division to discuss possible name change to Cecil Rhodes School
66 Casualties of Britain's culture wars: the museum exhibits you can no longer see
67 Newspaper headlines: 'End of the Rhodes' as fears grow over shut schools
68 Letters: The Rhodes Must Fall campaign follows the ideals of Nelson Mandela
69 Oxford Students Want Statue of Cecil Rhodes Removed
70 Country Debates Exhuming Colonialist from Sacred Site
71 University of Cape Town replaces Cecil Rhodes with Sarah Baartman
72 The Cecil Rhodes statue is not the problem
73 UK protests: statue of 18th-century slave owner Robert Milligan taken down in London — as it happened
74 Topple the Cecil Rhodes statue? Better to rebrand him a war criminal
75 Why has everyone gone silent over Rhodes building?
76 Hundreds call for statue of Cecil Rhodes removed at Oxford
77 Shaista Aziz on Cecil Rhodes and making Oxford an anti-racist city
78 Remarkable journey from refugee to Rhodes scholar
79 Black Lives Matter: MP backs petition to rename Rhodes Avenue Primary School over links to white supremacist's family
80 South Africa's #RhodesMustFall Founder Speaks Out on Statues That Glorify Racism
81 In Africa, Colonial-Era Statues Began Coming Down Decades Ago
82 Times Letters: Proud and ashamed of the British Empire
83 Earlham College Graduate Becomes 1st Afghan To Receive Rhodes Scholarship
84 Opinion: Learning from 'Cecil Rhodes School' and Vancouver’s imperfect past
85 Oxford college wants Rhodes statue removed
86 Never mind Cecil Rhodes: These statues must go!
87 As it happened: Oxford's Rhodes Must Fall protests
88 Students' attack on Cecil Rhodes statue leads to soul searching in South Africa
89 Rhodes' colonial demons follow him to his grave, 126 years later
90 Why South African Students Say The Statue Of Rhodes Must Fall
91 In Zimbabwe, grave of Cecil Rhodes draws tourists, debate
92 Cecil Rhodes statue pelted with excrement at Cape Town University
93 Pulling down statues of racists? Africa's done it for years
94 Meander through Oxford's dark past is more than a woke walk
95 An Activist Who Campaigned Against Cecil Rhodes Just Accepted a $50,000 Rhodes Scholarship
96 Opinion: Michael Wood On The 'History Wars' Over Statues
97 Oxford’s Cecil Rhodes statue must fall – it stands in the way of inclusivity
98 In Africa, toppling statues is a 1st step in addressing racism, not the last
99 South African bust of Cecil Rhodes loses nose to vandals
100 UK should 'retain and explain' controversial statues, says minister