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1 MIT Biologists and Mathematicians Reveal How Egg Cells Get So Big
2 Mitochondria are mixed during cell division
3 VERIFY: Yes, fetal cell lines were used in the development of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine
4 NIH scientists discover how DNA fragments can trigger inflammation in sickle cell disease
5 American Association for Cancer Research honors stem cell biology expert
6 The Effect of Nintedanib on T-Cell Activation, Subsets and Functions | DDDT
7 Study reveals how egg cells get so big: Oocyte growth relies on physical phenomena that drive smaller cells to dump their contents into a larger cell
8 US approves new T-cell test for coronavirus
9 FDA Issues EUA for Adaptive Biotechnologies COVID-19 T-Cell Response Test
10 Could transforming alpha cells into beta cells treat diabetes?
11 Three women forge path in male-dominated field of cell phone repair
12 Daily Activity for Renal Cell Carcinoma: Benefits, Exercises, and More
13 [Full text] Calcium Hydroxide Increases Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell | CCIDE
14 College student from Bronx in desperate search for life-saving stem cell donor
15 Guest Commentary: Can't Get Well in A Cell, No Matter How New the Building Is
16 New Bone Cell Type Identified, Could Point to Drug Targets for Osteoporosis and Other Skeletal Diseases
17 Large cell carcinoma: Stages, treatment, prognosis, and more
18 Outlining the molecular networks that alter cell function and behavior
19 Trump appointee arrested after Capitol riot is sleeping in roach-infested cell
20 Become a dangerous diseases hunter by tracing cell structures online
21 Google Co-Founder's Airship To Use The Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ever Made
22 Bloom Energy: Cheap Fuel Cell Stock
23 [Full text] Knockdown of SLC39A4 inhibits gallbladder cancer cell prolif | CMAR
24 Compound isolated from sea sponge fights cancer cells
25 Mutant proteins from SARS-CoV-2 block T cells' ability to recognize and kill infected cells
26 SARS-CoV-2 mutations in MHC-I-restricted epitopes evade CD8+ T cell responses
27 These bacteria-gobbling immune cells help the body heal—but also cause surgical complications
28 From Discovery To Delivery: Addressing Challenges in Cell Therapy
29 Study reveals how egg cells get so big
30 Researchers Succeed in Injecting Nanodiamonds Directly to the Cell Interior
31 Fluorescent nanodiamonds successfully injected into living cells
32 VERIFY: Aborted fetal cell lines are used to produce Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine
33 Study: Brain Cell Transplant Reverses Parkinson's Symptoms in Monkeys
34 The ChAT-acetylcholine pathway promotes group 2 innate lymphoid cell responses and anti-helminth immunity
35 FDA, Drug Manufacturer Pull Keytruda's Indication for Small Cell Lung Cancer
36 Gamida Cell: Buying The Dip
37 Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of mIHC images via antigen mapping
38 AI has a specific Spider-Man 'brain cell' just like humans do
39 Cell Therapy Company Raises $160 Million to Advance iPSC-Derived Therapies to Clinic
40 Langer Discusses Trials in Multiple Settings for Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
41 Brain cell clusters, grown in lab for more than a year, mirror changes in a newborn's brain
42 Cell biology: Overseers of cell death
43 AbbVie offloads UK site for $119M in sale to Chinese cell and gene therapy player Pharmaron
44 Healing spinal cord injuries by reprogramming scar-forming cells
45 FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Expands Cell Culture Capacity in Denmark
46 AGC Biologics Expands Cell And Gene Facility In Italy
47 4 ways to find anyone's cell phone number online
48 Wilson Amplifiers offers cell signal boosters to give you full bars throughout your home or office
49 Iranian militias claim to have active cells in Washington DC: Fox News
50 Two cell phone snatchers nabbed
51 The ABCs of ovarian cancer immunology: IgA, B cells, and CTLs
52 Christian Groups Resist Johnson & Johnson Vaccine For Using Abortion-Derived Cells
53 Scientists Find New Cell Type Implicated in Chronic Pain and Inflammation – Precise, New Target for Treatment
54 Huntington's disease driven by slowed protein-building machinery in cells
55 Researchers have broken the code for cell communication
56 Single-cell Multiomics Analysis of Clonal Evolution in Myeloid Malignancies
57 Single-cell analysis of human B cell maturation predicts how antibody class switching shapes selection dynamics
58 Stem Cell Injections Show Early Promise Against Spinal Cord Injuries
59 Why more battery-cell production is needed for coming EV wave
60 Prison cell jam
61 These 12 Amex cards will soon offer cell phone protection for damage or theft
62 Keytruda Will No Longer Treat Advanced Small Cell Lung Cancers in US
63 A 'love story': WuXi AppTec wraps UK-based CRO into its cell and gene therapy unit
64 Moderna Hires Harvard Stem Cell Researcher Jonathan Hoggatt as Director of Hematology: What You Need to Know
65 Reactivating aging stem cells in the brain
66 Tiny bubbles of fat key to cell access for messenger RNA used in new COVID vaccines
67 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Market 2021 Size, Share Industry Trends, Growth, Development Status, Future Plans Analysis by 2027| Key Companies Analysis- Honda, Hyundai, Toyota Mirai, SAIC, Yutong, etc. – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
68 Blincyto Shines for Kids' B-Cell ALL
69 Stem Cell drive honours late Chatham Ont. woman
70 Kidney Transplant Linked to Lower Mortality Risk in Sickle Cell Patients
71 New York-based Hyzon Motors plans hydrogen fuel cell factory in suburban Chicago
72 Surface Bubbles Could Have Evolved into Earth's First Cells
73 T cell response to virus variants remains potent; Asthma does not raise severe COVID-19 risk
74 Brooklyn Building Super Retrieving Dropped Cell Phone Killed by Elevator
75 Utah Legislature Passes Bill to Require Cell Phone Manufacturers to Install Pornography Filters
76 Task force nabs cell phone thief
77 First-line pembrolizumab active in both clear cell, non-clear cell advanced kidney cancer
78 GM, LG Energy Mull Second Battery Cell Plant In US; Street Is Bullish
79 Amunix scores $117M to fuel T-cell engagers, cytokines for solid tumors
80 Man killed in Cuyahoga County Jail cell died of heart disease combined with attack by cellmate
81 S-Oil invests in fuel cell developer
82 Researchers Halt Trials of Promising Sickle Cell Treatment
83 Halifax company first in Nova Scotia to harvest single-cell organisms
84 Inmate refused to leave cell for plea hearing, though plea would set her free
85 Changes to Nerve Cell Membrane May Promote Alpha-synuclein's Toxic...
86 ‘I-5 Strangler’: California killer found strangled to death in prison cell
87 COVID-19 can kill heart muscle cells, interfere with contraction: Study reveals details of how coronavirus infects heart; models of tissue damage may help develop potential therapies
88 Cellarity nets $123M to drive cell behavior pipeline toward clinic
89 Iranian terrorists claim to have active cells in Washington, DC
90 Women cyber cell to be set up in cyber police stations across UP
91 Exercise generates immune cells in bone
92 Caribou nets $115M to boost CRISPR tech, advance off-the-shelf cell therapies
93 Gene therapy trials for sickle cell disease halted after two patients develop cancer
94 Metairie man facing rape charge dies, found hanging in jail cell
95 There’s a New Unlimited Cell Phone Plan for People 55 and Up
96 Yale scientists repair injured spinal cords using patients' own stem cells
97 VERIFY: Do COVID-19 vaccines contain fetal cells?
98 Cellectis Stock Jumps Following Natural Killer Cell Deal with Cytovia
99 Cells are collective thinkers
100 How cells recycle the machinery that drives their motility?