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1 Cornea appears to resist infection from novel coronavirus
2 Shedding new light on the origin of metastases
3 New insight into the effect of hydroxychloroquine undermines its use in COVID-19
4 Research Published in Cell Reports Medicine Highlights Potential of Akero Therapeutics' NASH Therapeutic Candidate
5 Rapid changes in biomarker of inflammation may be a key predictor of COVID-19 outcomes
6 New treatment strategy could overcome drug resistance in pancreatic cancer
7 Space travel can adversely impact energy production in a cell
8 Mogrify Appoints Profs. Christine Mummery, Graziella Pellegrini and Giulio Cossu to Scientific Advisory Board
9 Scientists discover possible genetic target for treating endometriosis
10 Autolus Therapeutics (AUTL) Reports Publication of New AUTO6 Phase 1 Data in Childhood Neuroblastoma in Science Translational Medicine
11 Scientists identify brain cells that help drive bodily reaction to fear, anxiety
12 Pioneering technique sheds new light on the origin of metastases
13 Rapid rise in CRP levels predicts COVID-19 outcomes
14 Neuraly Announces Strategic Sponsored Research Agreement with the University of Pennsylvania to Explore use of NLY01 to Therapeutically Target a Neuroinflammatory Mechanism of Glaucoma
15 New technique extends next-generation lithium metal batteries
16 Virus induced lymphocytes show promise for COVID-19 and future pandemics
17 Molecular Changes Wrought by Spaceflight Explored in Newly Published Studies
18 Utic mitochondria, new potential therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer
19 How a lung injury study helped inspire new COVID-19 drug trials
20 UV light may be a greater risk for melanoma than suspected
21 UNC scientists identify brain cells that help drive bodily reaction to fear, anxiety
22 Hackensack University Medical Center Cancer Specialist Demonstrates Safety of Novel Immuno-Oncology Agent in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors
23 COVID-19: Study shows virus can infect heart cells in lab dish: Research uses stem cell technology to learn how coronavirus may directly attack heart muscle
24 Researchers uncover potential genetic target for treating endometriosis
25 Finding clues to a successful immune response in the T cells of COVID-19 patients
26 Mitochondria Defects May Explain Health Problems Observed in Space Travel
27 New research into stem cell mutations could improve regenerative medicine
28 Why does space travel create health issues? UNC, NASA scientists may have the answer
29 Sex Hormones May Explain Why Men Are Hit Harder By Covid-19
30 Researchers create millions of diverse T cells from a single blood stem cell
31 Space: Space travel can adversely impact energy production in a cell
32 Dormant threat: Abnormal proteins unleash latent toxicity in neurodegenerative diseases
33 Combining tests at point of care dramatically increases COVID-19 detection in hospitalised patients
34 How Prestige Journals Remain Elite, Exclusive And Exclusionary
35 The Ins and Outs of Severe Equine Asthma
36 Scientists identify compound that stimulates muscle cells in mice
37 The CDC will meet this week to discuss who will be first to be vaccinated
38 Applied DNA, EvviVax, and GVS Receive Regulatory Approval to Conduct Veterinary Clinical Trial for Linear COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate
39 New drug discovery shows promise in fighting acute respiratory illnesses
40 PolarityTE Receives Allowance for First U.S. Patent
41 Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Sheds New Light on Cancer Cells’ Varied Response to Chemotherapy
42 Global Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) Market Report 2020 – Covering Impact of COVID-19, Financial Information, Developments, SWOT Analysis by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, ViaCyte, Inc., CELGENE CORPORATION, Vericel Corporation
43 CNIO and CNIC find clues to clarify why cohesine has a role in cancer and cardiac development
44 BCG vaccine could aid elderly fight COVID: ICMR
45 Researchers model human stem cells to identify degeneration in glaucoma
46 Know when to fold ’em: How a company best known for playing games used A.I. to solve one of biology’s greatest mysteries
47 Veterinary college team IDs gene that drives ovarian cancer
48 BCG vaccine is safe and does not lead to an increased risk of COVID-19 symptoms
49 Common HIV drugs increase a type of immunity in the gut
50 New Report: Regenerative Medicine & Advanced Therapies Sector Thriving Despite COVID-19
51 Stem cell function may explain higher colon cancer rate in males
52 A CNIO team describes how a virus can cause diabetes
53 HIV Drug Candidate Opens "Shock and Kill" Possibilities
54 Scent-Sensing Cells Have a Better Way to Fight Flu
55 Scientists look to cell recycling tools for new ways to treat Parkinson's disease
56 This tiny device can scavenge wind energy from the breeze you make when you walk
57 Here’s where bacteria live on your tongue cells
58 Effective cancer immunotherapy further linked to regulating a cell 'suicide' gene
59 Study shows COVID-19 can infect heart cells—and do serious damage in the process
60 Novel CAR NK-cell technology could lead to new treatments for lupus, other incurable diseases
61 Cord Blood Banking Leader Cryo-Cell Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results
62 Discovery of new genes that influence the success of cancer treatment
63 Immune system works differently between first and later pregnancies
64 Immune cell health discovery could optimise cancer therapies
65 Breakthrough in using stem cells to treat enteric nervous system disorders
66 The discovery of a 'negative regulator' in the brain
67 Type 1 diabetes from a beta cell's perspective
68 Survey finds American support for human-animal chimera research
69 This white paint keeps surfaces cooler than surroundings, even under direct sunlight
70 Discovery in human acute myeloid leukemia could provide novel pathway to new treatments
71 Global Cell Isolation Market 2020 Business Strategies – Becton, Dickinson, and Company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
72 Severe COVID-19 despite or even due to the strong immunity
73 Scientists accelerate progress in preventing drug resistance in lung and pancreas cancers
74 Scientists show MRI predicts the efficacy of a stem cell therapy for brain injury
75 COVID-19 could directly affect the heart
76 Lab-grown miniature human livers successfully transplanted in rats
77 Why doesn't Ebola cause disease in bats, as it does in people?
78 Unexpected associations found between drug response and cell changes in brain cancer
79 New clues on virus reproduction mystery; non-COVID vaccines may help
80 BCG vaccine safe, does not lead to increased risk of Covid-19 symptoms, scientists say
81 Study finds odor-sensing neuron regeneration process is adaptive: Examining how neurogenesis is affected by experience manipulation provides important insights into how the mammalian olfactory system develops and adapts
82 Cell antennas lacking in Fragile X syndrome, study finds
83 Research team discovers specialized cells play critical role in preterm birth
84 Scientists replace malfunctioning 'vacuum cleaner' cells linked to neurological disorders
85 Researchers Use Stem Cells to Create Retinal Models, Study Eye Disease
86 Researchers find potential cure for deadly iron-overload disease
87 UM Research Suggests Studies of a Key Tumor Suppressor Protein Need a Second Look
88 CHOP Researchers Repurpose Cancer Immunotherapy Tools for COVID-19 Vaccine Research
89 Scientist uses 'mini brains' to model how to prevent development of abnormally small heads
90 Researchers determine how the p53 protein can lead cancer cells to their death
91 New vaccine strategy harnesses 'foot soldier' T-cells to provide protection against influenza
92 BIN1 deficit impairs brain cell communication, memory consolidation
93 Multiomics investigation revealing the characteristics of HIV-1-infected cells in vivo
94 How skin cells prepare to heal wounds: Discovery could lead to better understanding of poor wound healing in diabetic patients
95 Evidence that human brains replay our waking experiences while we sleep
96 Birmingham scientists 're-train' immune system to prevent attack of healthy cells
97 Cryo-Cell Reports Financial Results For Fiscal Year Ended November 30, 2019
98 Cell therapy repairs multiple sclerosis damage and restores motor functions in mice
99 An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 — Preliminary Report | NEJM
100 Studying the Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans using stem cells and organoids