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1 Census decision deals blow to Trump efforts on House seats
2 Census Bureau to miss deadline, jeopardizing Trump plan
3 Census Bureau says Trump's push to exclude undocumented is dead
4 Census battle ends as Trump administration gives up on excluding undocumented from apportionment
5 Census Director Wants A Bureau Report On Undocumented Immigrants
6 Letter: Appreciation for Census response
7 Officials worry of low census count
8 Census Numbers For House Seats Not Expected Until February
9 What the 2020 census will reveal about America: Stagnating growth, an aging population, and youthful diversity
10 These were Census workers more than 100 years ago
11 The 2010s saw the lowest population growth in U.S. history, new census estimates show
12 Census, by the numbers | |
13 Why Your State May Win Or Lose A Seat In Congress After The Census
14 MCC board hears redistricting plans due to census
15 Census workers raise concerns about data quality, with bureau leaning on records rather than in-person counts
16 As census deadline looms, experts warn rushing count will come at great cost
17 How one very old Census record spurred a reckoning at Johns Hopkins University
18 Supreme Court Punts In Census Case Over Undocumented Immigrants
19 Expert: Census Bureau May Not Have Count Ready by Deadline
20 Trump administration misses census data deadline, eyes March handover to Congress | TheHill
21 The Use of Census Data for Police Administrators
22 PTI, MQM-P agree to hold ‘early’ census
23 Winners and losers from pandemic compromised Census
24 Supreme Court Dodges Trump's Plan To Exclude Undocumented Immigrants From Census
25 A Delay In Census Results Would Hinder States' Redistricting Efforts
26 Census estimates show Michigan likely to lose congressional seat, Electoral College vote
27 Census Legacies looks to perpetuate Census success | News
28 SCOTUS Punts Decision on Trump's Census Plan
29 Census armies pivot to vaccine outreach with minorities
30 SCOTUS Denies Undocumented Immigrant Census Omission
31 Census Deadline Delay Could Have Political Implications In 2021
32 Census estimates: Texas leads US in population growth, California sees first-ever drop
33 North Norfolk to be sent paper copies of Census 2021 despite digital focus
34 Education Spending Per Student by State
35 Census takers fall short of target goal in areas of US
36 Census Bureau To End All Counting Efforts On Sept. 30
37 Census Bureau Estimates US Population Before Releasing 2020 Count
38 Census Bureau Finds Irregularities That May Affect Millions Of Records
39 Census Bureau Will End Counting Early, Risking Inaccurate Data
40 The Census, the Supreme Court and Why the Count Is Stopping Early: Explained
41 How accurate will the 2020 US census be?
42 Shortened Census Led to an Incomplete Count in Some Areas
43 Census 'Anomalies' May Force Bureau To Miss Dec. 31 Reporting Deadline
44 Census officials discovered data issues that could delay its completion, internal documents show
45 2020 Census Counting Extension Appealed By Trump Administration
46 Trump’s new plan to hijack the census will imperil America’s future
47 Census Bureau needs outside help to save the 2020 census from political meddling, experts say
48 Census Changes For MENA Groups, LGBTQ People On Biden Agenda
49 The 2020 census count is done, but the fight over the results is just beginning
50 Trump Officials Release Emails Behind Decision To Shorten Census
51 Arab Texans not counted in 2020 census as MENA category excluded
52 Trey Mayfield Joins Census Bureau As Trump Appointee
53 Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Census Bureau
54 Shortened Census Bureau Schedule Fuels Fears Of Inaccuracy
55 U.S. Supreme Court weighs Trump bid to bar illegal immigrants from census totals
56 Will the 2020 census numbers be good enough, and how soon will we know?
57 Temporary Restraining Order Against Census Bureau Extended
58 Census Says Paper Forms Must Be Postmarked By Sept. 30
59 Nathaniel Cogley, Adam Korzeniewski Appointed To Census Bureau
60 Benjamin Overholt Appointed To Census Bureau As 3rd Deputy Director
61 Census Bureau Workers Worry Rushed Count May Yield Inaccurate Data
62 Bureau says 2020 US census will actually end Oct. 5, not the end of October
63 2020 Census Timeline: How Trump Administration Shortened The Schedule
64 What's New with Census ACS Living Atlas layers (Fall 2020)
65 Census Workers To Start Visiting Unresponsive Homes In July : Coronavirus Updates
66 2020 Census: The Bureau Concluded Field Work but Uncertainty about Data Quality, Accuracy, and Protection Remains
67 Census experts fear rush to finish tally will yield flawed data
68 2020 Census: Starting Anew Under Biden Would Be Complicated
69 This is what could happen if the 2020 census fails to count everyone in the US
70 Census: Trump Still Controls Count Before Biden Becomes President
71 Two Huge Questions Loom as 2020 Census Winds Down
72 First Primarily Digital US Census Is Set To Roll Out Nationwide On March 12
73 2020 Census Counting To Continue Through Oct. 31 For Now
74 Save the 2020 Census!
75 Tips For Avoiding Misinformation And Disinformation About The US Census
76 Lawsuits Filed Over Trump Memo On Census And Unauthorized Immigrants
77 2020 Census Update: More Rural Communities To Have Paper Forms Hand-Delivered : Coronavirus Updates
78 2020 Census Will Make for Winners, Losers in Health Funding
79 Knocked Off Track by Coronavirus, Census Announces Delay in 2020 Count
80 Memo On Census, Unauthorized Immigrants Blocked By Court In California
81 The census must count all children for their health and well-being. It can't stop prematurely.
82 Census takers say they were told to enter false information
83 Supreme Court puts off ruling on Trump census case to exclude undocumented immigrants
84 Census is looking to track impact of coronavirus outbreak
85 NAACP | Judge Rules That Census Must Not be Rushed; Victory for Civil Rights Groups, Civic Organizations, and Local Governments
86 2020 Census: COVID-19 Presents Delays and Risks to Census Count
87 Texts: US census manager told counters to use fake answers
88 What Americans Know About the 2020 Census | Pew Research Center
89 2020 Census: Court Rejects Trump Order to Exclude Undocumented
90 Meet Trump's controversial pick for a top Census job
91 Worries About US Census Accuracy Grow With Cut Schedule
92 We're Suing to Stop the Trump Administration from Rushing the Census
93 With No Citizenship Question, Trump Officials Turn To Records
94 2020 Census: Recent Decision to Compress Census Timeframes Poses Additional Risks to an Accurate Count
95 Growing Share of Adults Have Heard Something About the 2020 Census Recently
96 It's Census Day. Here's what you need to know about the 2020 count
97 Lawsuit says census takers were pressured to falsify data
98 Why the Census Matters
99 How will Census 2020 Differential Privacy Impact You?
100 Governor Cuomo Kicks Off Census Push Week to Make Sure Every New Yorker is Counted in the Upcoming Census