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1 China's Military Has a Hidden Weakness – The Diplomat
2 China's military budget: no need for alarm yet
3 Xi Focus: How Xi's remarks at Tsinghua resonate with young Chinese
4 Xi: Build world-class universities
5 Xi stresses strengthening military training during inspection on armed police corps in Fujian
6 After Xi: Future Scenarios for Leadership Succession in Post-Xi Jinping Era
7 Xi's article on Party history learning to be published
8 Xi visits Tsinghua University ahead of its 110th anniversary
9 Xi meets with model crime-fighters
10 China’s military takes charge of war powers with new defence law
11 UK Apologizes for Racism in Memorials to WWI Dead
12 Xi Focus: Xi stresses harmony between humans, nature during tree-planting activity
13 Xi Focus: Xi stresses modernizing agriculture and countryside, boosting rural vitalization
14 China Generals Urge More Spending for U.S. Conflict 'Trap'
15 CPC, central military commission to lead reserve forces
16 Djibouti story resembles Hambantota, has the same Chinese script
17 China’s military ‘resolutely supports’ reform of Hong Kong electoral system
18 Xi Jinping asks military to be ready to 'act at any second'
19 Xi calls for good start in strengthening military, national defense in 2021-2025
20 Xi Jinping issues call for transforming Chinese military into world-class force by 2027
21 NK leader discusses 'war deterrent' at Central Military Commission meeting
22 Xi Focus: Xi stresses military training to raise capability of winning wars
23 The PLA's New Push for Military Technology Innovation
24 Late Chinese military leader commemorated
25 China's Updated National Defense Law: Going for Broke
26 Why China's Central Military Commission Got Downsized
27 China's new defence law expands power of its military headed by Xi Jinping
28 China's military modernisation
29 Xi Focus: Xi addresses New Year gathering of CPPCC National Committee
30 Chinese military issues revised regulations on disciplinary inspection
31 Party leader chairs Central Military Commission meeting
32 Chinese military to build new-type training system amid external threats
33 China Preparing Military For Potential Conflict With United States, Report Says
34 Military urged to hone its combat skills
35 Chinese military releases regulations on officer management
36 Xi calls on working class to make new, historic endeavors for China's
37 China combat veteran, close ally of Xi, to get promotion: sources
38 Xi Focus: Xi presents orders to promote military, armed police officers
39 Chinese generals urge more spending for 'US conflict'
40 Alternative Models for the Central Military Commission
41 Xi: Upgrade military, defense in new era
42 Party Congress Reshuffle Strengthens Xi's Hold on Central Military Commission
43 Xi Focus: Xi calls for good start in strengthening military, national defense in 2021-2025
44 Chinese strategy is clear: The world has much to think about
45 Vanessa Guillen's family, attorney to hold news conference on anniversary of soldier's disappearance
46 China Is Becoming a Military State | Opinion
47 Revised regulation on military political work released
48 EDITORIAL: Xi's worrisome new powers
49 No military parade to mark CPC centenary: senior officer
50 Xi Focus-Quotable Quotes: Xi Jinping at 2021 "two sessions"
51 CGTN: Decoding China's vision for new era world-class army
52 Analysis: Xi takes over Coast Guard and gives it a license to fire
53 Who Will Be Xi's Number 2 on China's Central Military Commission?
54 Xi Focus: Xi inspects air force troops stationed in Guizhou
55 As China Declares War with US Inevitable, Army General Highlights Need for Fighting Vehicles
56 Chinese military issues decision on fostering new-type military training system
57 Xi Focus: Xi signs order to release revised military metrology regulations
58 Xi Focus: Xi stresses studying Party history as CPC gears up for centenary
59 List of chairman, vice chairmen, members of CPC Central Military Commission
60 Xi Jinping -- PRC president, CMC chairman
61 Senior military officials join deliberations at China's legislative session
62 Xi signs order promulgating regulations on int'l military cooperation
63 Xi tells China’s military ‘be prepared to respond’ in unstable times
64 New China Defense Law Could 'Justify' PLA Action Against U.S.—Think Tank
65 China to overhaul military education to modernise troops
66 China’s military lays out technology road map to catch up with the US
67 Xi Focus: Xi stresses carrying forward great spirit of resisting aggression
68 China Is Where I Wanted to Stay Forever — The Paper Tiger Lady's Six Visits to China
69 Evolution of the Communist Party of Vietnam's Control Over the Military
70 CPC Central Committee to hold press conference on CPC centenary celebrations
71 Xi Jinping orders China’s military to be ready for war ‘at any second’
72 China’s military approves coronavirus vaccine for its own use
73 North Korea`s Kim appoints new Navy, Air Force Chiefs in `generation shift` in Army
74 Joint PLA combat exercises to be normalized amid intensifying situation in Taiwan Straits and South China Sea: expert
75 New Central Military Commission vice chairmen, members pledge allegiance to Constitution
76 Armored vehicles could see larger role in Indo-Pacific to compete with China
77 Mattis, Chinese Central Military Committee Official Meet in Beijing
78 Chinese military plans to recruit more university graduates in 2020
79 China adds military might to coast guard in maritime push
80 China unveils details of 4 PLA martyrs at Galwan Valley border clash for first time, reaffirming responsibility falls on India
81 China Military Commission Digs Deep to Root Out Corruption
82 KJU Zooms Preliminary CMC Meeting
83 How China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries violate religious freedom
84 Xi Focus: Xi urges young officials to carry on Party's glorious traditions, fine conduct
85 China holds key economic meeting to plan for 2021
86 Xi says Party needs strict governance
87 Xi Focus: Xi asks young officials to focus on solving practical problems
88 China Threatens US Primacy in Artificial Intelligence
89 NK leader presides over expanded Central Military Commission meeting of Workers' Party
90 How the North is run: the Central Military Commission | NK PRO
91 What changes at the top mean for China’s military
92 Xi Focus: Xi stresses safeguarding people's health, building quality basic public education
93 China’s President, Xi Jinping, Gains a New Title: Commander in Chief
94 Xi Jinping presents order to promote military officer to rank of general
95 Xi calls for law-based governance, unity via long-term efforts at Xinjiang meeting
96 Xu Qiliang, Zhang Youxia endorsed as vice chairmen of Central Military Commission of PRC
97 Xi Focus: Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law guides law-based governance in China
98 China’s military lays out technology roadmap to catch up with US by 2027: Report
99 Xi calls on non-Party members to pool wisdom
100 Beijing stresses CPC's unified leadership over armed forces in law