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1 Asthma risk with cesarean section deliveries may be caused by microbiome differences
2 Cesarean section-born children may face higher risk of infection-related hospitalization
3 What Is Better: Normal or Cesarean Delivery?
4 Cesarean section and childhood infections: Causality for concern?
5 What Is a Gentle C-Section? Birth Plan, Options, and More
6 Bath After C-Section: How Long to Wait and What to Expect
7 Cesarean delivery leads to unexpected outcome
8 Why Is Normal Delivery Not Possible After Cesarean Delivery?
10 Role of ante-partum ultrasound in predicting vaginal birth after cesarean section: A prospective cohort study
11 Outcome of cesarean scar pregnancy according to gestational age at diagnosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
12 Babytalk | C-sections help save the lives of mother and child
13 Low-Dose IV Dexmedetomidine Reduces Shivering After Cesarean Delivery
14 Cesarean delivery’s effects on birth hormones may lead to neurodevelopmental consequences
15 Greater Rate of Infection-Related Hospitalizations in Cesarean Section-Born Children
16 Do cesarean delivery's effects on birth hormones impact a newborn's neurodevelopment?
17 Impact of vaginal cleansing and azithromycin on cesarean surgical site infections
18 Asthma's Link to C-Sections Goes through the Microbiome
19 Doctor recreates Cesarean delivery for toddler son
20 Risks for prematurity, SGA, cesarean up with IBD in pregnancy
21 How birth experience shapes development
22 Racial Differences in the Cesarean Section Rates Among Women Veterans Using Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care
23 Magnitude of Cesarean Section Delivery and Its Associated Factors Amon | JMDH
24 'DWTS' Pro Lindsay Arnold Shares Emotional Video Of C-Section And Daughter's Birth
25 Adorable, educational playdough surgery walks us through a C-section
26 Women Doctors Are Less Likely to Perform C-Sections
27 '9-9-99': Births for 'good omens' in Iran
28 A prospective observational study to investigate the relationship between local anesthetic infiltration pain before spinal anesthesia and acute or chronic postsurgical pain in women undergoing elective cesarean delivery
29 Mizoram MLA ZR Thiamsanga conducts Cesarean operation
30 Baby whose spina bifida was repaired while he was still in mom's womb celebrates 1st birthday
31 Cesarean section and risk of allergies in Ecuadorian children: A cross-sectional study
32 What is Gestational Diabetes and how does it affect my pregnancy?
33 Anesthetist Who Drinks Before Work 'To Stop Hands From Trembling' Jailed For Botched Cesarean
34 How Many C-Sections Can You Have Safely? Risks and More
35 Risk for Infection Up for Children Born by C-Section
36 Negative pressure wound therapy does not cut infection risk in obese women after cesarean delivery
37 Hospitals Play Key Role in Reducing C-Section Rates
38 C-Section vs. Natural Birth: Which Is Right for You?
39 Baby boys joy at complex under quarantine
40 Mum Posts Divisive Educational Video Of Son Performing Caesarean On Clay Model
41 Pregnancy After C-Section: Risks and How Long to Wait
42 Health Matters: Recovering from a C-Section
43 How Implicit Bias Contributes to Racial Disparities in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the United States
44 Germany unveils its first-ever guidelines for cesarean births
45 How Biden/Harris can reduce birth disparities
46 C-Section Birth Associated With Adulthood Obesity, Diabetes
47 Emergency C-Section: Why They're Needed and What to Expect
48 The Truth About Motherhood While Healing From A C-Section: Real Stories From Moms
49 Eating a tiny bit of mom's poop could give C-section babies an immune 'primer'
50 Women who deliver by C-section are less likely to conceive subsequent children
51 Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consult Series #51: Thromboembolism prophylaxis for cesarean delivery
52 Study finds myomectomy at cesarean section can be performed safely
53 In case you missed it: Nov. 23 to Nov. 27
54 Mom performs a C-section using Play-doh in viral video
55 Fighting through: Bethel family weathers another health scare
56 Abbreviated glucose testing identifies highest risk pregnant women during COVID-19
57 Healing from My C-Section Has Meant Healing from My Anger, Too
58 5 for Good: Local family foundation grants Boston Children's Hospital $1M
59 Early-onset colorectal cancer incidence higher among rural vs. urban populations
60 C-Section at First Delivery Tied to Impaired Future Fertility
61 C-Section Scars: Types of Incisions, Healing, and Minimizing Scars
62 'It's such a miracle': Hospital consultant gives birth to twins while in coma due to COVID-19
63 The Medical Minute: Will I need a C-section with my second child?
64 COVID-19 in Pregnancy, Worse C-Section Outcomes
65 C-section births in Uganda's private hospitals 4 times higher than WHO standard
66 Exposure to Antibiotics Before Age 2 Associated with Greater Risk of Health Conditions
67 Study finds low risk of pregnancy complications from COVID-19
68 Women Are Less Likely to Conceive After C-Section Delivery
69 Cesarean delivery tied to obesity, type 2 diabetes risks in adulthood
70 Eastern Iowa Sisters Give Birth Less Than 90 Minutes Apart, in Same Hospital
71 C-Section Hospital Bag: Packing Lists and Tips
72 Thankful Dubuque families committed to March of Dimes' mission
73 Enhanced recovery approach aids cesarean birth outcomes
74 Exploring a Possible Link Between C-Sections and Autism
75 Cesarean Delivery & Acupuncture: Evidence-Based Report on Prevention, Recovery, VBACs and Trauma Treatment (Pt. 2)
76 Fecal transplantation can restore the gut microbiota of C-section babies
77 Cesarean sections tenuously tied to autism
78 Newborn babies weigh less today – possibly due to the increased popularity of cesarean sections and induced labor
79 Camila Alves spent three days in labour with first child: 'It was really scary for me'
80 Predicting Opioid Use Following Discharge After Cesarean Delivery
81 Prior preterm cesarean delivery not associated with an increased risk of uterine rupture compared to term cesarean delivery
82 Alexian Brothers honored for cesarean deliveries
83 Patients With COVID‐19 Undergoing Cesarean Deliveries: Adapting the OR Suite and Perioperative Care to Prevent Transmission
84 Magnitude and Determinants of Primary Cesarean Section Among Women Who | OAS
85 Exposure to general anesthesia for cesarean delivery and odds of severe postpartum depression requiring hospitalization
86 Pacira Announces Publication of Phase 4 Study of EXPAREL in Cesarean Section Procedures in Anesthesia & Analgesia
87 Urgent Cesarean Delivery Following Nonstress Test in a Patient with COVID-19 and Pregestational Diabetes
88 General anesthesia in cesarean deliveries increases odds of postpartum depression by 54%
89 US birth weights drop due to rise in Cesarean births, inductions: Average pregnancy now 39 weeks instead of 40
90 Being Born by Cesarean Increases Odds of Obesity and Diabetes
91 Cesarean section complication risk rises with mother's age, study finds
92 Post-Operative Strategies for Reducing Surgical Site Infection After Cesarean Section
93 Study: Low Risk of Pregnancy Complications from COVID-19
94 The incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting after cesarean section in patients with hyperemesis gravidarum: A retrospective cohort study
95 C-Section (Cesarean Section): Purpose, Procedure & Risks
96 Women who have general anesthesia during C-sections are more likely to experience postpartum depression, study finds
97 Coronavirus Strands Millions of Migrants
98 Flu Shots More Important This Year, Health Experts Say
99 Child helps mom repair a cleft lip via Play-Doh surgery
100 East Bay obstetrician showed up drunk for cesarean delivery, state contends