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1 A year into the pandemic, game developers reflect on burnout, mental health and avoiding crunch
2 A “ton” of ‘Titanfall’ content is coming to ‘Apex Legends’ Season 9
3 Apex Legends crosses 100 million players as Respawn teases new map
4 'Apex Legends' Pariah Leak Reveals Potential Abilities, but Valk Expected in Season 9
5 Apex Legends hits 100m players globally
6 Apex Legends Season 9 Character Possibly Teased In New Trailer
7 Here's how Respawn might be changing Apex Legends' Lifeline
8 Dataminer suggests Titans coming to Apex Legends alongside new character
9 Apex Legends devs to give out “free stuff” for code:net errors
10 Apex Legends Developer Confirms Non-Battle Royale Modes Are Coming Later This Year
11 Apex Legends promises “free stuff” for code:net errors after giving a free Heirloom
12 Apex Legends: Devs confirm cross-progression is coming to the game but is taking longer than expected
13 Top ranked ‘Apex Legends’ players banned over DDoS attack on Xbox
14 Apex Legends Assures Free Content for Players with code:net Errors
15 Apex Legends Hotfix Patch Addresses Bugs With Heat Sheild Audio, Loba’s Tactical Ability, and More Issues
16 Vermont, New Hampshire teams announced for 2021 Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl
17 Video: Nintendo Minute give some Apex Legends beginner’s tips with director Chad Grenier
18 ‘Apex Legends’ dev “refuses” to enter crunch despite slow updates
19 Apex Legends' newest map was a Titanfall 3 concept
20 The next ‘Apex Legends’ hero will reportedly appeal to a Japanese audience
21 Respawn responds as Glassdoor review warns of crunch during lockdown
22 Apex Legends director says the game will probably expand “beyond battle royale”
23 Apex Legends Season 9: Major Character Update Shared by Famitsu
24 4 area seniors make Vermont Shrine team | Sports |
25 Barker, Cadets shut out Spartans | Slider |
26 "We refuse to crunch the team" says Apex Legends director
27 Respawn Dev Says Apex Legends Has ‘Major Things’ Lined Up for Upcoming Seasons
28 Apex players will be able to “go back and forth” between Steam and Origin and play on next-gen on “day one” through backward compatibility
29 Respawn would “love” to make Apex Legends series for Netflix
30 Apex Legends Developer Teases Unexpected Season 9 Content
31 Apex Legends director says Nintendo Switch version news coming 'very soon'
32 Valheim is high on Panic Button's list of games it would like to port to Switch
33 Respawn Working on Apex Legends Audio Fix | COGconnected
34 Apex Legends is having a killer 2020, but Respawn is already looking to the next horizon and beyond
35 Apex Legends Director Drops Major Hint About Season 9's New Character
36 'Apex Legends' devs reveal the trick they use to fool leakers
37 ‘Apex Legends’ developer might be working on a new game
38 Respawn marks its ten-year anniversary with a new Vancouver studio
39 “We have concrete evidence that SBMM is good for the overall health of the game,” says Apex Legends dev
40 Apex Legends Developer Provides Update on Nintendo Switch Version
41 Apex Legends prototype map was sparse enough for "titans to roam freely"
42 Apex Legends set to launch on Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021
43 Apex Legends dev reveals all bug fixes coming in next major patch
44 Apex Legends Season 5 Off to the Best Start of Any Season to Date
45 'Apex Legends' Switch Port Delayed to to 2021, Steam Release Date Revealed
46 Apex Legends crossplay launches in beta next week
47 Apex's season 7 will feature "revamped" battle pass and add skins for Wraith, Octane, and the R-99
48 “We’re Listening” – Apex Legends Director on Skill Based Matchmaking
49 Apex Legends Director On Why Skill-Based Matchmaking Is Needed
50 EA says Respawn has full control over making Titanfall 3 or not
51 Apex Legends devs say we'll see "new ways to play... beyond battle royale" later this year
52 Respawn Entertainment Responds to Allegation of Mismanaging Remote Working During COVID-19
53 Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch on Feb. 2 with new season, according to official translations
54 Apex Legends to arrive on Steam on 4 November; Switch release delayed till next year
55 Why Apex Legends isn’t bringing back old Battle Pass system anytime soon
56 Respawn gives first look at Apex Legends on Switch during Nintendo Direct
57 Apex Legends is giving out double XP until season 7
58 Here are Apex Legends' most popular characters
59 Apex Legends devs confirm Legends up to Season 12 already being tested
60 Is there cross progression in Apex Legends with PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC?
61 Photos
62 Jedi: Fallen Order’s Respawn is working on an original IP
63 When is Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch?
64 Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release date may have been revealed
65 Apex Legends trailer reveals Switch gameplay ahead of March 9 release
66 Surprise! Titanfall is out on Steam now, but it's not been a trouble-free launch
67 Apex Legends players angered by ‘anti-consumer’ Holo-Day bundles
68 Apex Legends devs respond to major issues with Season 6 audio
69 On this day -- April 12
70 Does Apex Legends Have Cross Progression?
71 Apex Legends Game Director Clarifies Why Respawn Changed the Season 7 Battle Pass System
72 Apex Legends Director Interested in Netflix Series of the Battle Royale
73 Apex Legends' Respawn Defends Itself From Crunch Practice Accusation
74 Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Date Hint Dropped
75 Report from Apex Legends dev shows why work can't revolve around pre-Covid expectations
76 News You Might've Missed on 2/1/21: Nintendo Switch Outsells 3DS, Gran Turismo 7 Will Feel 'Nostalgic,' &a ...
77 Apex Legends devs say "crossplay is important to a game like ours"
78 Making sense of the Mayhem: A look at all the new additions in Apex Legends eighth season
79 Apex Legends will not just be battle royale in future says Respawn
80 Apex Legends Developers Want Cross-Progression Added, But It’s Still in ‘Early Development’
81 Apex Legends adds Double XP to finish Battle Pass before Season 7
82 Next Post Apex Legends Update 1.51 November 9 Rolled Out
83 When will Apex Legends come to PS5 and Xbox Series X
84 Apex Legends Developer Comments on Possible Netflix Animated Series
85 'Titanfall' to 'Star Wars' to VR realism, the evolution of Respawn games
86 Apex Legends Will Potentially Have “Pleasant Surprise” for Titanfall Fans in Season 5 – Respawn
87 Respawn developer teases Season 5 content for Apex Legends
88 Video: Nintendo Minute play Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game with Anamanaguchi
89 Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts to introduce new legend Rampart for ‘Apex Legends’ season 6
90 Respawn is "trying to increase justice" of skill-based matchmaking in Apex Legends
91 Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment Announce Apex Legends Preseason Invitational from September 13-15
92 Apex Legends Developer Reveals Scrapped Part of Olympus Map
93 EA Play shows off Star Wars: Squadrons, Skate 4
94 Titanfall fans should get excited for the future of Apex Legends, says Respawn
95 Apex Legends season 6 gameplay trailer previews new hero and map changes
96 Apex Legends: Mirage rework was great, Octane and Lifeline seem to be next
97 Respawn Responds After Reports of Severe Lockdown Crunch
98 Did You Know Gaming? looks into the making of Zelda: Breath of The Wild
99 How Gravity Well, a new studio led by two Titanfall and Call of Duty veterans, wants to "disrupt the status quo" for the next-generation of gaming
100 Apex Legends' Switch Launch Date Appears To Have Been Revealed (Again)