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Result Content Idea Research
1 The United States is deeply divided, but what we have seen this week is democracy in action
2 The fight of the WSWS against the falsification of Marxism
3 To truly defeat the far right, the US and UK left need a new strategy
4 The controversy over left-wing populism, by Chantal Mouffe
5 Chantal Mouffe: Not All Populisms Are Reactionary
6 Podcast: Chantal Mouffe and Jon Trickett: For a Left Populism · LRB 26 August 2020
7 Should Leni run for president?
8 The World Socialist Web Site, Corbynism and the struggle against opportunism
9 Why a populist Left should rally around a green democratic transformation
10 Book Review: Capturing the 'Essential' Ideas of Amartya Sen's Work
11 Think Joe Biden's victory marks the end of rightwing populism? Think again
12 Podcast: Owen Hatherley and Ash Sarkar: Red Metropolis · LRB 24 November 2020
13 America in Populist Times: An Interview With Chantal Mouffe
14 For a Left Populism by Chantal Mouffe review – the right doesn’t have to win
15 A petition calling for the President of Christianity to run
16 The “Crisis of Democracy” Around the World Is a Crisis of the Working Class
17 Humans are not resources. Coronavirus shows why we must democratise work
18 The populist moment
19 On the Front Lines of the Populism Wars
20 Populists are on the rise but this can be a moment for progressives too
21 “There's No Populist Instruction Manual for How You Nationalize Amazon”
22 Left populism over the years
23 'For A Left Populism': An interview with Chantal Mouffe
24 Centrist politics will not defeat Boris Johnson’s rightwing populism
25 The populist challenge
26 In defence of left-wing populism
27 "Populism Without the People": On Chantal Mouffe
28 For a Left Populism: a new strategy for democratic socialism
29 Demonising populism won't work – Europe needs a progressive populist alternative
30 Social democracy in one corner of the world
31 Is Left Populism the Solution?
32 Could Turkey's opposition provide a model for the defeat of populist authoritarian rule?
33 The death of consensus: how conflict came back to politics
34 The uncomfortable truths about populism | EUROPP
35 Culture figures unite against mounting anti-LGBTQ sentiment in Poland
36 55 Voices for Democracy
37 Beware of digital populism
38 McKenzie Wark on Chantal Mouffe and liberal democracy
39 'Personal sovereignty' in pandemics: or, why do today's 'sovereignists' reject state sovereignty?
40 The COVID-19 crisis tests oppositions as well as governments. Ahead of New Zealand's election, National risks failing that test
41 How the rhetoric of weaponisation is undermining liberal ideals
42 The Rise of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and France's “Post-Democracy”
43 For a Liberal Populism?
44 The Spanish election crisis and the treachery of Podemos
45 Podemos find itself caught between the battle lines of Spanish politics
46 Ernesto Laclau obituary
47 Gramsci, left populism and class struggle – International Socialism
48 Issue 14 Movement
49 Can There Be a Left Populism?
50 What’s at stake in the Democratic primaries
51 Podemos: A “Party-Movement” in Government
52 Five views: Is populism really a threat to democracy?
53 Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias joins state commission running Spanish intelligence
54 Rural support for authoritarian populism is strong – but another way is possible
55 An undemocratic election? | Media@LSE
56 The election of Boris Johnson and the failure of Corbynism
57 The German radical right are not so hit by the virus: a reply to Hans-Georg Betz
58 The year left populism died
59 Indian Democracy’s Tryst With Art Stands Vitiated by Politics
60 'We the people': the battle to define populism | Politics
61 A Cult of Democracy—Toward a Pluralistic Politics
62 Review of 'For a Left Populism'
63 Republicans assert party loyalty by ignoring medical advice on COVID-19
64 The Dems Don't Get It
65 Why copying the populist right isn't going to save the left
66 The Irish election and the possibility of a left populism
67 What Labour's left populism could mean for universities
68 Middle class populism in Ukraine: looking for the “real people”
69 What Populists Do to Democracies
70 The crisis of centrist politics
71 Out now: The Language of Secret Proof by Nina Valerie Kolowratnik
72 DiEM25: Two Years On
73 Spain: Podemos co-founder Íñigo Errejón splits from party
74 Bringing gender into the populism debate: a guided walk
75 To deserve our respect, politicians must drop their populist rhetoric
76 Sunset for Podemos: A Farewell?
77 Ten recommended reads on the contemporary far right and populism by female authors
78 Public Space: the Real and the Ideal
79 The problem is political illiteracy, not oligarchy and political dynasties – The Manila Times
80 Argentina elections: is frontrunner Alberto Fernández a populist?
81 France's Anti-Liberal Left
82 June: the longer view
83 The Info War of All Against All | by Peter Pomerantsev
84 Marine Le Pen's goosebump politics
85 Populism and the return of the political
86 The wages of Brexit
87 The democratic paradox
88 Could populism actually be good for democracy? | Politics
89 Italy's Five Falling Stars
90 How the Labour left must change if it is to help the party win
91 The complex roots of populism
92 Turkey: the organic crisis of a post-populist moment
93 The Non-Politics of Disability
94 Europe's failure to address Covid-19 shows the need for a European 'health citizenship'
95 Dignifying Democracy in Bihar: Lalu Prasad Yadav, Social Justice and Equality
96 Is Progressive-Populism Our Best Option in These Troubled Times?
97 Politics Without Politics
98 Book Review | Populism by Benjamin Moffitt
99 Book Review | The Populist Radical Left in Europe edited by Giorgios Katsambekis and Alexandros Kioupkiolis
100 Podemos: In the Name of the People