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1 Reddit bans r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse as part of a major expansion of its rules
2 Reddit banned a pro-Trump subreddit. Here's what that means for hate speech.
3 Reddit has banned r/The_Donald. Who it bans next matters more
4 New York Times threatens to out science blogger after protecting identities of White House turncoats and Chapo Trap House podcasters
5 Reddit Bans Popular Donald Trump Subreddit for Hate Speech
6 The Pied Pipers of the Dirtbag Left Want to Lead Everyone to Bernie Sanders
7 The New York Times' outrageous, arrogant hypocrisy on who gets to be 'anonymous'
8 The Facebook boycott advertisers have the right company but the wrong diagnosis
9 The Apotheosis of Chapo Trap House
10 Left-Wing Podcasters Are Charting a Future Without Bernie Sanders
11 Podcast group Chapo Trap House will talk politics in Iowa City on Saturday in sold-out performance
12 The Margin: Reddit bans 'The_Donald' and 'ChapoTrapHouse' among 2000 online communities in huge purge
13 Gen Z Are Destroying Millennials on TikTok
14 Excerpts of John Bolton Book Showing Unhinged Behavior by Trump Evidence Former Advisor Is '100% Complicit,' Say Critics
15 Today's Headlines and Commentary
16 Trump’s Geriatric Race War
17 YouTube and Reddit Put Their Foot Down, Ban Far-Right Content
18 News Updates: Federal Reserve Chair Warns on U.S. Economy
19 Reddit Bans Subreddit “The Donald”, An Action Against Hate Speech- Tap to Explore Here
20 Roberts Sides With the Liberals, Again
21 Reddit bans over 2000 subs, forcing users to migrate to more fringe environments like 4chan's /pol/
22 Vic Berger teams up with Chapo Trap House for a twisted look at the Iowa caucus
23 Censorship by billionaires, applauded by the left
24 What a Better Social Network Would Look Like | OneZero
25 NPR launches an afternoon news podcast to complement its morning one, and it hopes you'll listen to both
26 Chapo Trap House and the Buttigieg CIA Conspiracy Theory
27 Reddit bans r/The_Donald for violation of hate speech rules
28 Your favorite podcast might be making over $100000 a month
29 Sound and fury: are political podcasts the future or just an echo chamber?
30 What Will Become of the Dirtbag Left?
31 Bernie Bros and the so-called dirtbag left: the controversy, explained
32 Is This the Stupidest Book Ever Written About Socialism?
33 Watch The New Mini-Doc That Takes Down 'Chapo Trap House'
34 Reddit closes long-running forum supporting President Trump after years of policy violations
35 Chapo Trap House brings irreverent live podcast back to Philly
36 Chapo Trap House: Socialism for the Extremely Online
37 Leftwing Breitbart? Chapo Trap House is strong new voice in resistance to Trump
38 As the 'Dirtbag Left' reaches Super Tuesday, the ground is shifting under their feet
39 Chapo Trap House, Between Hope and Nihilism
40 Will Menaker of ‘Chapo Trap House’ on Bernie, 2020, and the Schism in the Democratic Party
41 Hit podcast Chapo Trap House explains how they'd fix capitalism
42 The Democratic civil war has been a long time coming
43 The Radical Cheek of 'Chapo Trap House'
44 Chapo Trap House subreddit quarantined for allegedly encouraging violence
45 Even Nobodies Have Fans Now. (For Better or Worse.)
46 Chapo Trap House Is Coming to Boston
47 The Boys of Chapo Trap House Share Their Wellness Secrets
48 The left-wing gamers who love 'Call of Duty' explain their contradictory passion
49 The Dirtbag Manifesto
50 Leading Bernie Bro: I’ll vote for no one else but Sanders
51 "The Chapo Guide to Revolution," provides laughter in the face of political horror
52 The 2016 Election Shaped Podcasting. Will Podcasts Shape the 2020 Election?
53 Chapo Trap House and the burden of the 'dirtbag left'
54 Stoned, woke and almost out of bed: 'Chapo Trap House' does revolution, Brooklyn hipster style
55 Leftist comedy podcast Chapo Trap House to pay Detroit its first-ever visit
56 Intercepted Podcast: On the Ground in Iowa
57 An Ex-Trump Aide Is Suing One of the Chapo Trap House Boys
58 Traverse City to Welcome “the Dirtbag Left”
59 DOPE Interviews | Chapo Trap House
60 13 Election Podcasts for Every Type of Listener
61 The Chapo Trap House Guys Think the Problem Isn't Russia, It's Republicans
62 If you’re over 75, catching covid-19 can be like playing Russian roulette
63 Facebook designates ‘boogaloo’ network as ‘dangerous organization,’ removes pages from platforms
64 University of North Texas Student Megan Bitchell Goes Viral Through Leftist Humor
65 Andrew Yang's Main Goal: Abolish Poverty and Make the Wealthy Pay For It – A Reaction to Chapo Trap House | BIEN
66 Listen to what socialist women are saying about misogyny on the left
67 India bans TikTok (again), YouTube bans white supremacists, and more tech news
68 “We’re About to Walk Off a Cliff”: The Pro-Bernie Media Makes Its Last Stand Against Biden
69 The 10 Essential News and Politics Podcasts That Shaped the Genre
70 Dangerous Documentaries Releases Next “Architects of Woke” Episode
71 Patreon gains social media attention as people seek and create quarantine content
73 Chapo Trap House: Socialism That's Selling
74 CJR's most popular stories of 2019
75 A conversation with Bryan Quinby of Street Fight Radio
76 Another experimental covid-19 vaccine has shown promising early results
77 Scenes from the Democratic Meltdown in Iowa
78 'We're going to end up in a very bad place': Chapo Trap House on hope, podcasting, and prestige TV
79 Chris Hedges on American Despair, The Fascinating Story of Oklahoma City, Chapo Trap House and Satire | Midday on WNYC
80 Chapo Trap House's Virgil Texas, Matt Christman, and Will Menaker join guest host Evan McMorris-Santoro, of Vice News.
81 The end of Sanders' campaign deepens crisis in Democratic Socialists of America
83 Bill de Blasio Finds His Scapegoat
84 Bangers and Bops: The allure of austerity
85 “Greetings, Friends!” The New Yorker’s 2019 Christmas Poem
86 Analysis | The Technology 202: Silicon Valley's inconsistent crackdown on Trump's rhetoric could help more than it hurts him
87 The Chapo Trap House Guide to Media
88 Are coronavirus podcasts the new impeachment podcasts?
89 The Dirtbag Left and the Problem of Dominance Politics
90 What The Far Left Is Missing About Joe Biden's Political Success
91 The Stranger Endorses Bernie Sanders for President
92 This Week in Comedy Podcasts: James Adomian in Dumb People Town
93 Persecuted Human Rights Attorney Tells His Story
94 UK dates for Chapo Trap House : Other news 2019
95 Twitch temporarily bans Trump, Reddit removes Trump subreddit to align with new hate speech policies
96 What happened when Ed Krassenstein crashed the Chapo Trap House subreddit
97 Are we making spacecraft too autonomous?
98 Chapo Trap House are the Vulgar, Brilliant Demigods of the New Progressive Left
99 Buttigieg isn’t my candidate. But anti-gay slurs against him still hurt me.
100 Democrats look at the presidential contest with a new sentiment: Optimism