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1 Astrobiology
2 If we don't find life on planets like Venus, doesn't it make us that bit more special?
3 “Space ethics” according to space ethicists
4 Rock mining with microbes may aid space explorers
5 Space Station Experiments Show How Microbes Could Be Used for Mining on Mars
6 Microbes may be our miners on asteroids, moons and other planets
7 Microbes To Demonstrate Biomining Of Asteroid Material Aboard The Space Station
8 Why We Should Never Expect to Discover Sentient Ice Cubes
9 The search for life – from Venus to the outer solar system
10 Mining Rare Earth Elements in Space with Microbes | Planetary News
11 NASA Highlights Science, New Airlock on Space Station Resupply Mission
12 “Physics of Alien Life”
13 An astrobiologist argues that alien life will likely look a lot like life on Earth
14 Scientists develop device that uses bacteria to mine rocks on Mars and the Moon
15 The Astrobiological Periodic Table
16 How bacteria from Earth may help us colonize space
17 From design to lift-off: blasting experiments into outer space
18 Review: The Equations of Life: How Physics Shapes Evolution
19 Twenty years of the International Space Station – but was it worth it?
20 The most sensitive instrument in the search for life beyond Earth
21 BioAsteroid launches Edinburgh University into biomining experiment
22 Habitability Models for Planetary Sciences
23 The laws of life: Physics Today: Vol 70, No 3
24 “Beyond Homo Sapiens” –“Just a Slightly Different Roll of the Darwinian Dice’
25 Watch a new SpaceX Dragon spacecraft dock with the ISS loaded with experiments
26 Gold from Mars? These microbes may help future Martians and Moon people mine metals
27 PastCast: Carl Sagan uses Galileo to search for signs of life
28 Mars now has its own tartan thanks to Edinburgh scientist
29 Alien Life May Be Rare Across the Universe
30 UK space experiment could unlock mining resources on moon and Mars
31 Understanding Microbe Growth in Space
32 The UK Centre for Astrobiology
33 Probing the hydrothermal system of the Chicxulub impact crater
34 UK at the forefront of space exploration with biomining experiment
35 The Limits of Extra-Terrestrial Freakiness
36 Ancient Microbes reveal Earth's response to the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs
37 Impact Crater Left a Steaming Cauldron Following the Dinosaurs' Demise
38 Asteroid-eating microbes could break down materials from space rocks
39 How Fundamental Physics Shapes the Diversity of Life
40 Asteroid-Mining Bacteria Blast Off for Space Station
41 Scientists develop "greenhouse shields" to grow food on Mars
42 The 500-Year-Long Science Experiment
43 This Device Is the Most Sensitive Instrument in the Search for Life in Space
44 Is there alien life, or is it just us in the universe?
45 If you have one of these 169 Hertfordshire surnames you could be entitled to a fortune
46 Scientists Are Recruiting Bacteria to Mine Rock — in Space
47 Harnessing the power of microbes for mining in space
48 'Star Trek's Humanoid Aliens May Not Be Far Off, Argues New Extraterrestrial Evolution Book
49 NASA MEDIA TELECON ON SCIENCE ABOARD SPACEX-18, July 9, 2019, virtual, 1:00 pm ET (audiocast)
50 Molecular ingredients for life may have originated in outer space, study finds
51 Extraterrestrials Might Look Like Us, Says Astrobiologist
52 Division Seminars & Events
53 On this date, 1955: Rocky Marciano’s latest TKO comes at Kezar Stadium
54 Toxic Compounds May Sterilize Martian Soil
55 Editor's Pick: The beating Rocky Marciano handed Don Cockell broke every rule in the book
56 Astronauts Are Growing Microbes in Space to Help Us Mine Asteroids
57 Space Colonists Could Use Bacteria to Mine Minerals on Mars and the Moon
58 Mars-Like Environment Lies Deep Beneath Earth's Surface
59 10 Boxers Who Started Late
60 If Humans Are Ever Going to See Alien Life, Here's Where It Will Happen
61 Move On to Mars
62 Archaeology in Space: Searching for Life in Rocks
63 How Elon Musk plans to bring humanity to Mars
64 BioRock: Researchers to Examine Microbe-Mineral Interactions in Space | Astrobiology, Space Exploration
65 How the search for aliens can help sustain life on Earth
66 Installing aerogel shields on Mars could make the Red Planet more habitable
67 Could we unleash microbes to mine asteroids?
68 Boulby mine: Underground life gives alien clues
69 Lessons on Martian Habitability From a Disruptive Icelandic Volcano
70 China's Moon Plants That Sprouted Are Already Dead
71 How Mutually Assured Destructions Will Stop Star Wars Before They Start
72 Transient liquid water and water activity at Gale crater on Mars
73 Safety in Numbers: Bacterial Resistance in Space
74 Physics of Extraterrestrial Life –“Earth May Be The ‘Standard Model’ for the Universe”
75 Tiny but mighty: Ocean health depends on bacteria and viruses, so what should managers know about them?
76 Scientists tackle major challenges to sending astronauts to search for life on Mars
77 “Alien Evolution” –Advanced Life Will Mirror Homo Sapiens
78 Life on Venus and the interplanetary transfer of biota from Earth
79 Turns Out, Mars Sucks Even Worse Than We Knew
80 'Planetary Parks' Could Protect Space Wilderness
81 Edinburgh space mining experiments head to ISS
82 Chiral Molecules May Have Hitched Meteor Rides to Planets
83 Morning start: Did you know there is a Scottish tartan designed for Mars exploration? – BC Local News
84 Spectrum of life: Nonphotosynthetic pigments could be biosignatures of life on other worlds
85 Hunting for Mars-like life a kilometre below Earth's surface
86 Exploring biofilms and the search for life on Mars | University of Hawaiʻi System News
87 Photos: 51 years today after Rocky Marciano's death, a look back at his life
88 Rocky Marciano's Last 5 Bouts Were Packed With Drama — Boxing News
89 This Science Experiment Will Run for 500 Years
90 Elements Of Life Discovered Everywhere In The Milky Way
91 Could Black Trees Blossom On A World With Two Suns?
92 Asteroid Impacts Could Help out Underground Life
93 Asteroid impacts could create niches for early life, suggests Chicxulub crater study
94 Life recovered rapidly at impact site of dino-killing asteroid
95 New Research Finds Mars's Surface Is too Toxic to Support Life
96 Let’s Go To Mars! (Or Not)
97 Scientists gear up to drill into 'ground zero' of the impact that killed the dinosaurs
98 Microbes Will Be Essential For Human Survival On Mars
99 Why Do Some Aliens on 'Star Trek' Look Like Humans?
100 There are over 100 definitions for 'life' and all are wrong