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1 ChatOps, DevOps, ScrumOps and 5 Other Ops religions
2 27 ChatOps resources to inspire tech team building
3 How to put ChatOps to work in your organization
4 How ChatOps practices improved communication on a DevOps team
5 How ChatOps can revolutionize your business
6 Automation first: How to get your enterprise ChatOps-ready
7 Evaluate ChatOps tools and bots for the right fit
8 Everything you wanted to know about ChatOps but were afraid to ask
9 Customer Story: Fortune 500 Health Insurance Provider Makes F5 ADC Infrastructure Agile with ADC+
10 Three ChatOps examples demonstrate DevOps efficiency
11 Implementing ChatOps Using Open Source Tooling
12 Doing ChatOps in Microsoft Teams
13 What is ChatOps?
14 How to Enable ChatOps With JumpCloud and Workato
15 Enterprise-scale ChatOps: How to get it right
16 In Google Hangouts Chat, DevOps pros see ChatOps latecomer
17 Introducing AWS ChatOps: The AWS Chatbot
18 Chatops for the modern developer, courtesy of Spring’s founder
19 The Role of Bots in DevOps
20 Meeshkan raises €370K for its ‘ChatOps’ bot for training machine learning models
21 ChatOps is taking over enterprises
22 Collaboration from a Distance with xMatters
23 Launches SlackOps Tool for DevOps
24 Jenkins X replaces Prow with Lighthouse for better source control compatibility • DEVCLASS
25 MLB uses NetBox automation for network configuration backup
26 Virtual assistants move into DevOps
27 xMatters Introduces Advances in Analytics to Speed Efficiency of Incident Response and Resolution
28 5 AI technologies in business that are making a big impact
29 Stack Overflow expands its Teams service with new integrations
30 Video: How ChatOps enables the next wave of DevOps in the enterprise
31 How Serverless Technologies Can Achieve Optimal DevOps Practices
32 How to use chatbots and automation to optimize your data center
33 Press one for Halp: Atlassian swallows Slack-to-helpdesk company
34 PagerDuty Announces New Integration with Microsoft Teams to Bring Together Operations Management with Team Collaboration
35 Palo Alto Networks unveils Cortex XSOAR, a security orchestration, automation and response platform
36 Using Netflix's HubCommander to Automate GitHub Organizations
37 Is DevOps making the same mistake as IT?
38 GitHub engineers band together on Elasticsearch library project, Vulcanizer bounces out • DEVCLASS
39 AWS gets chatty with general availability of Chatbot
40 A Siri for Network Security: How Chatbots can Enhance Business Agility
41 Rapid7 Unveils Active Response within its Managed Detection and Response Service
42 Expands Enterprise Ecosystem with Conversation Intelligence API, Slack and Zapier Integrations
43 What's the point: Databricks, Docker, AWS Chatbot, Azure, and GitLab
44 VictorOps Announces New Slack Integration for More Effective ChatOps Practices
45 Essential firms forge on with AIOps for incident response
46 Splunk Mission Control launch enables a unified SOC
47 Rally unveils collaboration tool for developers
48 Enabling Developer-Friendly Security in Kubernetes for GitOps
49 4 DevOps trends to watch in 2020
50 AI help desk software frees IT ops to take on SRE skills
51 GitLab 11.9 arrives with Secret Detection and newly open sourced ChatOps
52 Atlassian slips HipChat to Slack and Strides away from realtime comms • DEVCLASS
53 GitLab 11.9 seeks for secrets, looks for approvals • DEVCLASS
54 Palo Alto Networks: How Cortex XSOAR Is Redefining Security Orchestration And Automation
55 Site24x7 Introduces AI-Driven Microsoft Azure Monitoring and Microsoft Teams Chatbot Integration
56 How DevOps, agile spurred Slack enterprise adoption
57 Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Teams reshape Office
58 Everbridge Announces Major Breakthrough in IT Alerting with the Release of Smart Analytics
59 Atlassian rolls out Bitbucket Pipes to stop DevOps teams tying themselves up with duct tape • DEVCLASS
60 news digest: Amazon announces AWS Chatbot for DevOps, Visual Studio 2019 16.2 released, and the Rust compiler
61 An interview with Uday Chinta, Managing Director, IPsoft
62 Extreme hands StackStorm workflow automation to Linux group
63 Atlassian boss says sorry to stranded HipChat and Stride devs, users • DEVCLASS
64 Splunk buys VictorOps for $120M
65 How ITIL4 and SRE align with DevOps
66 Itential adds new network automation tool to portfolio
67 Frost & Sullivan Names Rapid7 2019 Global SOAR Company of the Year
68 DevOps security best practices span code creation to compliance
69 Extreme Gifts StackStorm to Linux Foundation
70 'Turn data into doing': Splunk announces updates to Data-to-Everything platform
71 Mio named Gartner Cool Vendor for Connecting Digital Workplace Applications
72 Slack integrations to form alternate UI for Atlassian tools
73 External collaboration in Webex Teams limited by new security control
74 Splunk enhances its Security Operations Suite to modernize and unify the SOC
75 Customer Story: How Nym Secured Access Management with RADIUS & SSH
76 What Special Ops Taught Me About TechOps
77 The Many Flavors of Ops
78 The best startups in Helsinki
79 How Agile and DevOps leadership empowers the whole team
80 GitLab 11.9 introduces secrets detection
81 Recorded Future Joins Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace as a Launch Partner
82 The Hardest Working Person At Silicon Valley's Most Important Startup Isn't a Person
83 Load Testing Leader RadView Offers Greater Visibility, Control, and Collaboration On-Premises and in the Cloud with the Release of WebLOAD 11.2
84 Splunk Mission Control Takes Off, Supercharging the Security Operations Center
85 The Shared Irresponsibility Model in the Cloud Is ...
86 SRE software refines DevOps incident response for enterprise
87 Amazon AI
88 Amazon Echo Look
89 5 ways to unite distributed IT Ops teams
90 Automating the six Cs of DevOps
91 How Microsoft Teams is taking on the hottest workplace messaging app, Slack
92 Build chatbots with Microsoft's Bot Framework
93 Benefits and Drivers of Full-Stack Monitoring
94 Building Great Cloud Security Guardrails
95 Global AIOps Platform Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025
96 "Open source software has the power to change the world."
97 SUNO virtual graduation and other college news
98 10 stress-free steps to fix even the scariest bugs
99 A better name for DevOps: 'continuous improvement'
100 Network Automation & Orchestration: The Answer To Business Continuity