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1 Rethinking social development for children with Moxie, an animated robot companion
2 Children's social development halted by lockdown, study finds
3 Economist laments covid19 blow to children's social development
4 Lockdowns hurt child speech and language skills
5 Housing environment and early childhood development in sub-Saharan Africa: A cross-sectional analysis
6 Up to $1,200 more per child for 1.6 million families across Canada
7 Parents, experts worry about loss of social skills amid COVID
8 They're the Resilient Generation, Not the COVID Generation: Expert Panel Helps Families Navigate Pandemic Social Emotional Challenges
9 USC Study Suggests Links Between Neighborhoods And Children's Brain Development
10 Instagram for kids – the social media site no one asked for
11 Have children lost an entire year of schooling and social development?
12 Behavioral disorders in children, their symptoms, and treatment
13 Should California offer transitional kindergarten to all 4-year-olds?
14 Newsom proposes transitional kindergarten in California
15 Penquis receives child development grant from Maine Community Foundation
16 Facebook urged to scrap Instagram for children plans
17 The Best Montessori And Child Development Toys For Babies, Toddlers And Kids 2021
18 Is Biden’s National Daycare Good for Children?
19 Government of Canada launches applications for Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative External Reference Group
20 The Impact of COVID-19 on Sudanese Households Reveals Growing Hardship, Social Despair
21 Local neighborhood conditions are important for children's brain development
22 4 tools to protect and enhance investment in early childhood development and education
23 Parenting interventions to promote early child development in the first three years of life: A global systematic review and meta-analysis
24 Pfizer Vaccine Approved for Children Ages 12 to 15
25 For true COVID recovery, put children first
26 Child trafficking suspected behind pleas for adoption of Covid ‘orphans’
27 COVID-19: Odisha to care for children whose parents are hospitalsed May 10` 2021 Centre had
28 Dream trip to KC planned for Chicago kids
29 How should wealthy parents treat wayward offspring?
30 Gauteng social services in 'state of collapse' as social development delays paying subsidies
31 Stein, state AGs tell Facebook no 'Instagram for children'
32 Review of children’s social care in England ignores role of poverty, says expert
33 Taliaferro, Lampitt & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Create Pilot Program to Provide Social Emotional Learning to K-5 Students Now Law
34 Fact Sheet: The American Families Plan
35 Neighborhood disadvantage may pose an environmental risk to brain development in children
36 Doctors say Ontario children suffering from 'social malnutrition' during COVID-19 pandemic
37 Will COVID lockdowns hurt your child's social development? 3 different theories suggest they'll probably be OK
38 Experts fear child abuse rose and was more severe in SD during COVID-19 pandemic
39 Prosocial skills development in children and social value creation during COVID‐19
40 Covid: Some parents have found 'positives' in lockdown
41 Kids suffering from 'social malnutrition' during pandemic, pediatricians warn
42 How Social Isolation Affects Social Development In Kids
43 Covid Vaccine for Your 12-16 Year Old? This Doctor (and Mom) Says “Yes”
44 How school pets can help children to learn and read
45 UK Study Suggests School Reopenings 'Substantially' Increased COVID-19 Spread in Texas
46 Woman from Mali gives birth to nine babies -- two more than expected
47 Growing Up in a Pandemic: How Covid is Affecting Children's Development
48 Neighbourhood groups call for inquiry into 'scandalous' development at old Montreal Children's Hospital
49 How a parent’s influence shapes a child’s social + emotional development for life
50 Riverwood shares information on speech, language disorders | Health |
51 How donations for summer meals impact Valley children
52 Supporting educator wellbeing to enhance children's learning and development
53 Lenoir County Public Schools prepares for summer in-person learning
54 Opinion: Put high quality, affordable child care within reach
55 Queen's speech 2021: children's early years identified as a priority
56 China must have more babies to avert a population crisis
57 Child’s Social Development Affected By Environmental Factors
58 New effort seeks to boost Islamic finance for sustainable development
59 How to keep preschoolers' social and emotional development on track while stuck at home
60 The Holyrood baby at five: A childhood scarred by poverty
61 How to know if your child has some special needs
62 Top learning apps for kids may not live up to their promise
63 Maroney Votes In Favor Of Childrens Health Equity Bill
64 Development Coordinator job with Maryland Family Network | 24590
65 FIFA Foundation Campus Programme pilot launches in Armenia
66 Miss Ohio visits children at JCC | News, Sports, Jobs
67 Concerned About Your Kid's Social Development? Getting a Dog Can Help
68 Worried About Your Kids’ Social Skills Post-Lockdown?
69 Autism, coronavirus and support with autism spectrum disorder
70 UTSA builds personal AI for teaching kids living on autistic spectrum
71 Is the pandemic affecting children's development?
72 It's not just ABCs – preschool parents worry their kids are missing out on critical social skills during the pandemic
73 How the pandemic is affecting children’s social skills
74 Is China's birth rate low enough to cause population crisis?
75 Covid hotline for children, elderly, disabled
76 Developing career pathways: “It's legitimate to want new experiences”
77 Safeguarding children and youth in sport for development organizations |
78 Podcast: Pandemic contributing to uptick of mental health problems in kids – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
79 How COVID-19 Could Affect Kids' Long-Term Social Development
80 How the pandemic may damage children's social intelligence
81 7 activities that teach preschoolers + toddlers social skills
82 Awe Sum Organics to offer Fair Trade USA fruit – Produce Blue Book
83 Authorities mount legal action as Alex creche refuses to close
84 Afghanistan: Top UN officials strongly condemn 'heinous' attack on girls school
85 Pandemic's impact on children: A lost or resilient generation
86 Some pupils with SEND missing out on specialist support
87 Green Writers Press announces lead spring title Parenting 4 Social Justice
88 Why Mask Wearing Won't Hinder Social Development For Most Children
89 Colin Farrell files for conservatorship of son with special needs
90 UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore's remarks at the European Commission High-Level Conference on the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19
91 Learning & Development Officer job with Bradford Council | 1401693805
92 Corporal punishment is still common in American schools. Here's why it should be banned.
93 Islamic social financing to support efforts to recover and rebuild from COVID-19 pandemic
94 Raising puppies
95 Action plan for vulnerable groups drafted
96 White children's leaders 'must play bigger role' in tackling racial inequalities in management
97 BVI Travel Requirements Updated To Include Children And Day Trippers
98 Worried about your toddler right now? Take a deep breath
99 Sask. Indigenous communities receive support for rapid housing
100 Berkshire music hub launches inclusive programme to address social inequality