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1 Chinese university students win concessions after protesting campus lockdowns
2 UK: Half of Chinese university students may cancel or delay study plans
3 Chinese universities adopt flexible COVID-19 curbs ahead of National Day
4 Chinese university handbook draws online fury over rape comments
5 More Chinese universities climb up world university rankings
6 World University Rankings Put Oxford No. 1 But China Is The Real Winner As U.S. Declines
7 Chinese university slammed for telling female students to spurn 'overly revealing' dress
8 Oxford tells China scholars to submit anonymously, fearing natsec law
9 AI expert Zhu Songchun to return to China from US
10 Chinese university faces backlash after saying 'homosexuality is unnatural and a mental disorder'
11 Uni handbook says women raped because they are 'weak-willed, cowardly'
12 Oxford moves to protect students from China's Hong Kong security law
13 Coronavirus: Students protest against China university lockdowns citing lack of virus cases, lack of cons
14 University tells female students not to wear ‘overly revealing’ clothes
15 As U.S. Views Of China Grow More Negative, Chinese Support For Their Government Rises
16 Charges dropped against Chinese researcher accused of stealing UVa trade secrets
17 China’s wealth gap drives young ‘losers’ online in search of solace
18 China has a plan for dealing with an unstable world: its own consumers
19 USC professor under fire after using Chinese expression students allege sounds like English slur
20 US Expanding Restrictions on Chinese Students
21 International students unable to return to China are frustrated by lack of support
22 Chinese university dress code sends a wrong message. How other schools deal with campus clothing
23 How Two Students Touring Florida Found Themselves Branded as Chinese Spies
24 Genomes of two millipede species shed light on their evolution, development and physiology
25 Professor suspended for saying Chinese word that sounds like an English slur
26 UNT cancels visa program for Chinese researchers | University of North Texas
27 A visionary project
28 Trending in China: A David and Goliath Battle
29 U.S. cancels visas of more than 1,000 Chinese nationals deemed security risks
30 Experts Warn of China’s Emergency Use of COVID-19 Vaccine
31 Anti-Asian bias rose after media, officials used 'China virus,' report shows
32 As Decoupling Grows, the West Risks Losing Insight Into China
33 Experts call on Canadian universities to close off China's access to sensitive research
34 How a last-minute university course switch lead Tom Van Dam to ByteDance and China
35 China's universities climb in world rankings
36 Evergrande Billionaire's Supporters Rewarded for Buying Low
37 UK Confucius Institute Translation Team Wins KWLA Award
38 Blockchain patent filing rose significantly in China after Xi Jinping’s 2019 endorsement
39 Propaganda War: The undue influence of the Chinese govt over Indian media is a matter of deep concern and requires urgent intervention
40 How a Chinese network of fake accounts infiltrated Facebook
41 Hongkongers’ quality of life amid protests poorer than during Sars
42 Chinese uni to resume limited lectures on campus
43 ‘Miss campus life’ — Indians can’t return to China colleges as foreigners not welcome yet
44 Type 2 Diabetes Risk Linked to Prolonged Use of Common Acid Reflux Drugs
45 US cancels 1,000 China student visas, claiming ties to military
46 EU companies selling surveillance tools to China's human rights abusers
47 Friendly interactions with Chinese people reduced COVID-19 prejudice
48 Are campuses back to normal now epidemic brought under control?
49 Bubonic plague infects boy, 3, in China: report
50 Marbury wants to become Team China manager
51 How to Use Digital Reading Programs During COVID-19. Teachers Still Matter
52 Are China's pollution remediation efforts making the planet warmer? China's efforts to combat aerosol pollution resulted in warming throughout the northern latitudes
53 The Chinese researchers caught in a US academic no-man’s land
54 Tang winner urges better China work by experts
55 Hong Kong opposition lawmakers forced to regroup after split poll
56 How did an NYPD officer from Tibet end up accused of spying for China?
57 Communist China's influence operations: India's think-tanks, politicians, intellectuals, academia, media are targets
58 The CCP yes-men who really run Hong Kong
59 Schools offer 50 scholarships for Czech students
60 Making sense of China's new plan
61 China interference inquiry is 'baffling', says Sydney University boss
62 Western influencers boost their careers by embracing Chinese nationalism
63 China’s Top Climate Scientists Plan Road Map to 2060 Goal
64 Athletics throwback: Women's hockey hosts team China
65 Keep virus curbs until outbreak tamed: HK doctors
66 Chinese Universities to Establish Campuses at Pak-Austria Engineering University
67 'Don't wear revealing clothes": The guidelines issued by a Chinese uni
68 THE World University Rankings 2021: results announced
69 Thinking Strategically About Sino-American Crisis Management Mechanisms
70 School of Architecture of Tianjin University: the pioneer in China's architectural education
71 Don't be fooled by China's 'carbon neutral' pledge
72 Chinese student based in Sydney falls victim to 'virtual kidnapping' scam
73 Expanding roles for robots under the epidemic EJINSIGHT
74 Economist calls for more HK stimulus
75 AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate
76 Coronavirus: Breast milk may protect babies from infection
77 Xi Jinping's tech wonderland runs into headwinds
78 Xi Jinping wants China's private companies to fight alongside the Communist Party
79 China's air pollutant reduction success could make it tougher to control climate change
80 The forgotten alliance between Black activists and China
81 For Many Young Chinese, Studying Abroad Was Plan A. There Was No Plan B.
82 Are China's Pollution Reduction Efforts Warming the Rest of the Planet?
83 Xi’s dictatorship can’t be trusted
84 Controversial Alaskan Mine Receives a Push From the Trump Administration
85 Fact-checking claims from Trump and Biden's first debate
86 Early warning set on cancers
87 Japan's Defense Ministry asks for decades-high 8.3% budget increase amid growing threats in East Asia
88 AI Is Making Robots More Fun
89 COVID-19 Update: All the latest numbers
90 China’s Leaders can’t be trusted
91 Pompeo calls for pope to show 'courage' over China
92 Lockdown investors bolstered market liquidity
93 WHO says world must be better prepared for next pandemic: Live
94 Chinese Universities Are Enshrining Communist Party Control In Their Charters
95 US plans to cancel visas for students with ties to universities connected to Chinese military
96 China, Vatican expected to renew bishops deal despite pressure from US
97 China Focus: Online media seeks further upgrade in face of evolving tech, COVID-19
98 It's Time for Western Universities to Cut Their Ties to China
99 Chinese University student union accused of ‘glorifying’ protest violence
100 Chinese varsity sends 30,000 face masks to Punjab University