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1 Thor actor Chris Hemsworth poses next to one his twin boys dressed in a superhero costume
2 Chris Hemsworth says actors who bodybuild aren't taken as seriously
3 Chris Hemsworth Thinks "Bodybuilding" Keeps People From Thinking He's A Serious Actor
4 An Awesome Chris Hemsworth Movie Hits Netflix This Week
5 Daniel Bruhl Reveals Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is His Favorite Avenger
6 Marvel's Chris Hemsworth Shares Video Getting Ripped For Thor: Love And Thunder
7 Are Liam & Chris Hemsworth rivals or friends? We look at what's really going on between the brothers
8 Chris Hemsworth: 'bodybuilding is seen as vanity
9 Chris Hemsworth Obscenely Shreds Chris Hemsworth in an Unfiltered Ad for Centr, His Fitness App
10 Elsa Pataky on the secrets to her marriage to Chris Hemsworth
11 Chris Hemsworth training Elsa Pataky for Interceptor role
12 Chris Hemsworth to play Son of Gladiator!?
13 Chris Hemsworth on the secret to his success: “It's all about looking for new challenges”
14 Chris Hemsworth Just Hit a Punching Bag Arcade Game So Hard He Almost Broke It
15 A Horrible Chris Hemsworth Movie Is Finding New Life On Netflix
16 Chris Hemsworth's Inappropriate New Training Video Has The Internet Cracking Up
17 Chris Hemsworth uploads adorable boxing video
18 Chris Hemsworth's Wife Elsa Pataky Shows Her Strength in Intense Workout
19 After Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo Pay Tribute To Robert Downey Jr. On His Birthday, The Iron Man Star Shares Own Response
20 Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky fly home to Byron Bay despite the area being put on high alert
21 Chris Hemsworth Explains Why He’s Intimidated By Chris Pratt
22 Chris Hemsworth Releases Training Video With Naughty Words
23 Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth Calls Chris Pratt’s Improv Skills Intimidating
24 Watch Chris Hemsworth Prove His Thor Strength Against an Arcade Game
25 Chris Hemsworth Has One Of The Most-Watched Movies On Netflix Today
26 Chris Hemsworth's Trainer Shares a Challenging HIIT Workout
27 Chris Hemsworth has a $110,000 private bowling alley in his $30 million Byron Bay mansion
28 How to get arms like Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love And Thunder
29 Chris Hemsworth shares a birthday tribute to his Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr
30 Nothin' To See Here, Just Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, And Lots Of Other Famous People Hanging Out
31 Chris Hemsworth could be the protagonist of the Gladiator sequel
32 Actor Chris Hemsworth off his incredible bulging biceps in buggy
33 Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky share an adorable Easter egg hunt with the kids
34 Chris Hemsworth enjoys a day out at rugby game in Australia with `Thor` cast
35 Which MCU Actor Has A Higher Net Worth: Chris Hemsworth Or Tom Hiddleston?
36 Chris Hemsworth has £61,000 bowling alley installed in his £16 million mega-mansion
37 Box office failure with Chris Hemsworth debuts on Netflix
38 Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe 'in talks to co-produce Gladiator 2'
39 Avengers: Endgame Rare Video Shows Robert Downey Jr Arranging Musicians During Lunch & Chris Hemsworth Dancing To La Bamba
40 Why Chris Hemsworth's Body Is DAMAGING His Career!
41 Avengers: Endgame Best Box Office Trivia: A Billion Dollar Opening Weekend, Chris Hemsworth Beating Robert Downey Jr & More
42 5 surprising success tips from Chris Hemsworth's stunt double
43 Marvel's What If Show Merch Reveals First Look At Party Thor
44 Loki Trailer: From Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor’s Absence To The Wicked Side Of Loki, Here’s All The Twitterati Is Talking About
45 Here's a look at 10 famous pairs of brothers and sisters to celebrate National Siblings Day
46 'Thor 4' leaks: every celebrity cameo we know about (so far)
47 'One out of 10': Arrow's Hemsworth encounter after acting for sin-bin
48 Marvel: 5 MCU Actors Who Nailed Their Roles (& 5 Who Fell Short)
49 Chris Pratt tells Chris Hemsworth to 'stop working out' ahead of movie
50 10 Celebs Who Almost Gave Up Trying To Make It In Hollywood
51 Chris Hemsworth Is ‘Definitely Not’ Saying Goodbye to Marvel After ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’
52 Chris Hemsworth says that his body 'shuts down' when he stops working out
53 Thor 4’s Chris Hemsworth Shares Adorable Post From Son And Other Superhero Dads Are Here For It
54 Chris Hemsworth Vacations in 'Paradise' with Family — Including Brothers Liam and Luke
55 Chris Hemsworth's Biceps Were Looking Huge at an '80s-Themed Party
56 2020 Wasn’t Great For Everyone, But Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataky Hit A Lovely Milestone
57 Chris Hemsworth posts childhood pic for Liam Hemsworth's birthday
58 Fresh plan to create 'Hollywood of the South Pacific'
59 Every single Chris Hemsworth movie, ranked
60 Chris Hemsworth: His Best And Worst Movies, Ranked (According To IMDb)
61 Chris Hemsworth Posts a Final Thirst Trap Before 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Filming Begins
62 Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Rocks 80s Look For Assistant’s Birthday
63 Natalie Portman reacts to 'Thor 4' costar Chris Hemsworth's ripped Instagram photo: 'It's otherworldly'
64 Thor: How Tall Chris Hemsworth Is (& 9 Other Things You Didn't Know About Him)
65 Chris Hemsworth Shows Off Abs And Christmas Cheer In Holiday Photo
66 Chris Hemsworth Threatened to Fire His Trainer After He Was Asked to Join The Bachelor
67 Chris Hemsworth Tells You You’re Awesome for 51 Seconds
68 Watch a Tiny Chris Hemsworth Drive a Toy Car in a Dress for Reasons We Can't Explain
69 Just Chris Hemsworth Putting His Head on Other People’s Bodies
70 Chris Hemsworth Poses Shirtless During Island Family Getaway Ahead of ‘Thor’ Filming
71 Chris Hemsworth Had An Honest Response To His Trainer Possibly Joining The Bachelor
72 Chris Hemsworth gets shredded for Thor 4, and Chris Pratt is worried
73 Watch Chris Hemsworth Land an Impressive Series of Jabs in New Workout Video
74 How Chris Hemsworth's Stunt Double Beefed Up for the Biggest Thor Yet
75 What Does Chris Hemsworth Eat
76 Train Like Chris Hemsworth With His Home Thor Workout
77 Chris Hemsworth's son hilariously crashes his meditation session
78 Chris Hemsworth & Boyd Holbrook Sign With Range Media Partners
79 Chris Pratt announces 'better Chris' victories over Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth
80 Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth Reunites with Chris Pratt as Filming Begins
81 The Chris Hemsworth Motivational Speech You Didn’t Know You Needed | JJ Hayes
82 Chris Hemsworth dons new look for fitness commercial, leaves fans in splits | Watch
83 Chris Hemsworth Says He'd Fire His Longtime Personal Trainer If He Went on 'The Bachelor'
84 Of Course, Chris Hemsworth Took A Beautiful Trip With His Family Before Heading To Work On Thor: Love And Thunder
85 Upcoming Chris Hemsworth Movies: What's Ahead For The Thor Star
86 Chris Hemsworth’s 10 Best Movies (According To Metacritic)
87 Chris Hemsworth jumps into a lake as his wife Elsa Pataky relaxes nearby during family outing
88 Of Course Chris Hemsworth Isn’t Retiring His Role As Thor
89 One Thing That Surprised Hulk Hogan When He Learned Chris Hemsworth Would Play Him In A Biopic
90 28 Times Chris Hemsworth Showed Off His Workouts on Instagram
91 A Forgotten Chris Hemsworth Flop Is Dominating Netflix Today
92 Chris Hemsworth's Muscle Transformation Stunned 'Thor 4' Star Natalie Portman
93 Chris Hemsworth's ripped body steals spotlight as actor gets caught completely unaware on Elsa Pataky's camera
94 Brighten up your morning by watching Chris Hemsworth say nice things to you
95 Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Hulk Hogan-Like Biceps in New Vacation Photo
96 Watch Chris Hemsworth shock a news team by crashing a live weather broadcast in Australia
97 Bodybuilders Try to Recreate Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor 4' Workout
98 Let Chris Hemsworth Lead You on a Goofy Guided Meditation
99 Elsa Pataky Shines in This "Little Beauty" of a Photo Taken by Chris Hemsworth
100 Chris Hemsworth's Brother Wants to Join the MCU as 1 of Marvel's Most Popular Heroes