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1 Chris Simms on the New York Jets: 'It is the worst roster in football and it isn’t even close'
2 Why Simms stills views 49ers as Super Bowl contenders
3 Happy 40th birthday, Chris Simms
4 ’They’re really screwed’: NBC’s Chris Simms destroys the Jets | ‘The worst team in football’
5 Chris Simms: Jets have 'worst team, worst roster' in football
6 Patriots Talk Podcast: Chris Simms breaks down Cam Newton's debut
7 Why Chris Simms isn't completely sold on Jimmy G yet
8 Don't count out Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers just yet, says Chris Simms
9 Under Center Podcast: Bears-Giants Preview With NBC Sports' Chris Simms
10 Why NFL analyst Chris Simms ranked Baker Mayfield No. 21 in his Top 40 NFL QBs for 2020 and where he’ll be ne
11 News4's Chris Harris goes 1-on-1 with Chris Simms about Titans season
12 What excites Chris Simms about 49ers going into 2020 NFL season
13 Talkin' Seahawks Podcast: Chris Simms believes DK Metcalf will shine in sophomore season.
14 Chris Simms Calls Mike McCarthy's Two-Point Attempt 'Stupid'
15 What to expect from Sanu in 49ers debut against Jets
16 Chris Simms on Derek Carr's future in Las Vegas |
17 Simms: Seahawks WR DK Metcalf is a ‘Hall-of-Fame first ballot-type talent’
18 WATCH: Brandon Aiyuk scores first NFL touchdown
19 Simms: I Don't Think The Raiders Are 'All In' on Derek Carr Yet
20 Is McVay stealing 49ers' schemes reason for Rams' resurgence?
21 Josh Allen 'playing at MVP level' as Buffalo Bills race out to 2-0 start
22 Patriots vs. Raiders: Where a 21st century dynasty began
23 Blake Bortles’ return makes it even more likely that Colin Kaepernick won’t
24 The Tom Brady, Bill Belichick divorce is about to feel very real
25 Russell Wilson's quest for second Super Bowl ring and immortality
26 Late for Work 9/25: Majority of Pundits Pick Ravens to Beat Chiefs
27 Chris Simms Almost Died After Trying to Play Through the Pain With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
28 NFL analyst Chris Simms admits he was wrong about Daniel Jones
29 Saints, NFC South over/under win totals predictions
30 Chris Simms' QB rankings: Carson Wentz comes in ahead of Dak Prescott
31 Chris Simms Ranks The NFL’s Top 10 Wide Receivers
32 Chris Simms admits he 'misevaluated' Giants QB Daniel Jones
33 Chris Simms’ Take on Tua Tagovailoa Proves the ‘PFT’ Reporter Has Jumped the Shark
34 Will Jerry Jones back Cowboys' players when backlash from protests comes?
35 2020 Sunday Night Football Schedule: How to watch NFL games on TV, live streams online, channel
36 Why Chris Simms missed mark by ranking Jimmy Garoppolo No. 20 NFL QB
37 Devonta Freeman signs with New York Giants on one-year, $3m deal
38 It’s the Chris Simms top 40 QB list, No. 40: Tua Tagovailoa
39 Chris Simms says Jarrett Stidham reminds him ‘a little of Tony Romo’
40 NBC’s Chris Simms: Jarrett Stidham “is more talented than Tua”
41 Chris Simms explains why he chose Texas over Tennessee
42 Blake Bortles to sign with Denver Broncos on one-year deal
43 Justin Herbert's ranking, ceiling according to Chris Simms
44 Chris Simms Ranks Kirk Cousins 13th on His Top 40 NFL Quarterbacks List
45 The Chris Simms top 40 QBs countdown, No. 28: Ryan Fitzpatrick
46 Washington earns national praise after finishing Week 1 alone atop the NFC East
47 Patriots Talk Podcast: Chris Simms on why Cam Newton and Patriots will be 'a very good marriage'
48 After high praise, Chris Simms ranks Daniel Jones in bottom half of NFL
49 The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 5: Lamar Jackson
50 Chris Simms Says Dak Prescott Wants “North of $45 Million” in Final Year, if Offered Five-Year Deal
51 The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 6: Carson Wentz
52 Chris Simms praises Deshaun Watson’s deep ball, hasn’t seen Wilson play
53 Chris Simms ranks Dwayne Haskins almost at the bottom of NFL quarterbacks
54 The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 12: Kyler Murray
55 Here's why MVP Lamar Jackson is only No. 5 in Chris Simms' QB rankings
56 Chris Simms' 2020 Top 40 QB rankings: Taysom Hill, Saints
57 Top 40 NFL quarterbacks for 2020 ranked: Chris Simms QB rankings, full list entering this season
58 Chris Simms' 2020 Top 40 QB rankings: Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers
59 Chris Simms explains why he ranked Dwayne Haskins No. 39 in Top 40 QB rankings
60 Chris Simms ranks Mitch Trubisky as one of worst quarterbacks in NFL
61 NBC Pundit & ex-NFL QB Chris Simms Says Drew Lock's Talent 'Is for Real'
62 Chris Simms Could Have Been ABC's The Bachelor
63 The Chris Simms top 40 QBs countdown, No. 35: Jarrett Stidham
64 LA Chargers: Keenan Allen weighs in on Chris Simms’ ridiculous WR list
65 Chris Simms: 49ers' flirtation with Tom Brady could motivate Jimmy Garoppolo
66 Chris Simms Reveals Controversial Drew Brees 2020 QB Ranking
67 Chris Simms' 2020 Top 40 QB rankings: Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
68 Chris Simms: Stafford 'Disrespected Throughout His Career'
69 Bevo’s Daily Roundup: Former Texas QB Chris Simms calls Mike Gundy’s behavior ‘clueless’
70 The Chris Simms top 40 QBs ranking, No. 29: Teddy Bridgewater
71 Chris Simms ranks Seahawks Russell Wilson as NFL's second-best QB behind Patrick Mahomes
72 Chris Simms warns not to write off the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South
73 Chris Simms defends 2020 QB rankings for Drew Brees, Tom Brady
74 The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 13: Kirk Cousins
75 Daniel Jones' rookie season made a big impression on Chris Simms
76 With no NFL preseason, Chris Simms expects Joe Burrow to adjust better than other rookies
77 The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 14: Ben Roethlisberger
78 The Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 30: Gardner Minshew II
79 Chris Simms ranks Goff 24th among QBs, behind Darnold and Daniel Jones
80 The Chris Simms top 40 QBs: No. 25, Drew Lock
81 Fans baffled over Chris Simms' top 10 quarterbacks of all time ranking
82 Chris Simms says Texans QB Deshaun Watson has pretty deep ball like Warren Moon
83 Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 18: Josh Allen
84 The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 3: Aaron Rodgers
85 Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 24: Jared Goff
86 Drew Brees comes in laughably low in Chris Simms’s QB rankings
87 Chris Simms chooses his favorite Seahawks draft pick in 2020
88 The Chris Simms top 40 QBs countdown, No. 34: Tyrod Taylor
89 Chris Simms ranks Sam Darnold 23rd in his NFL QB rankings
90 Shannon Sharpe Has Brutally Honest Response To Chris Simms
91 Chris Simms compares Joe Burrow's ceiling to Hall of Famer
92 The Chris Simms QB top 40 countdown, No. 33: Jameis Winston
93 Chris Simms Gives Honest Assessment About Dwayne Haskins
94 Jerry Jeudy not loved by whole NFL like most believe, Chris Simms says
95 Chris Simms’ Top 40 QB rankings: Jameis Winston, Saints
96 The Chris Simms top 40 NFL quarterback countdown, No. 9: Matthew Stafford
97 NFL Analyst Chris Simms had some interesting things to say about Miami’s fifth-overall pick
98 Chris Simms compares Jarrett Stidham to former Dallas Cowboys star
99 Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 19: Derek Carr
100 Chris Simms Forecasts Jameis Winston to the Steelers in Spite of Evidence