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1 Number 10 asks Chris Whitty to publish evidence review in bid to show schools return is safe
2 Chris Whitty offers a quietly different public health message to Boris Johnson
3 Chris Whitty and Jeremy Hunt clash over UK's abandonment of mass testing and tracing in March
4 Roadmap out of lockdown in doubt as Chris Whitty warns UK is nearing limits of what can be reopened safely
5 'We have probably reached limit of what we can do'
6 Chris Whitty: Coronavirus vaccine 'should not be compulsory and unlikely before Christmas'
7 UK coronavirus: Chris Whitty says social distancing should continue 'for a long period' – as it happened
8 Chief medical officer Chris Whitty says he is 'really worried' about virus surge in winter
9 Social distancing may be needed for a long time, Chris Whitty says
10 Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty cites Israel in warning about second wave
11 Jeremy Hunt's clash with Whitty puts testing regime under the spotlight
12 Chris Whitty: We have probably reached the limit of what we can do
13 Chris Whitty refutes Prime Minister's claim care homes were to blame for coronavirus deaths
14 Lockdown Part TWO coming – Chris Whitty sounds coronavirus warning
15 Chris Whitty: We may have to change Covid-19 strategy in winter
16 Coronavirus: Scientists criticise Whitty’s claims it will be difficult for UK to eliminate Covid-19
17 Kneejerk and arbitrary government policies threaten to derail the British economy
18 Coronavirus: Cuts 'took away' councils' crisis capacity
19 The unions are running out of excuses to stop Britain's return to the classroom
20 'Doing nothing is not an option': The 'significant change' that led to Spain quarantine
21 Independent SAGE's estimated death rate is too high
22 All 43,910 North West cases as social distancing warning issued
23 Boris snubbed again! Whitty follows Vallance to break from PM on key coronavirus guidance
24 Coronavirus: are cases in the UK rising?
25 Teachers and pupils 'may have to be tested for Covid every week'
26 Coronavirus: Lockdown easing postponed and masks to be mandatory in most public indoor settings
27 Covid-19: Was the decision to delay the UK's lockdown over fears of “behavioural fatigue” based on evidence?
28 Coronavirus: 'Infection here for many years to come'
29 Statement from the UK Chief Medical Officers on extension of self-isolation period: 30 July 2020
30 Europe Said It Was Pandemic-Ready. Pride Was Its Downfall.
31 The government must respect the autonomy of science to prevent future catastrophes like this one
32 Kids back to school in Scotland today as Boris piles pressure on unions to get lessons back in England
33 Unmasking the Truth: Public Health Experts, the Coronavirus, and the Raucous Marketplace of Ideas
34 UK to publish THREE different daily coronavirus death tolls
35 Opening schools in UK without more testing risks covid-19 second wave
36 No end in sight: No guarantee of coronavirus vaccine this year OR next, admits Boris
37 I have the inside line on the UK's quarantine policy, and France is likely to be ditched this week
38 Virus cases 'may be levelling off' in England, figures suggest
39 Warnings that pubs could shut to allow schools to reopen are "naive", says Newcastle health boss
40 Flu jab rates below target for at-risk groups in Lancashire
41 Drive-through flu jabs to be given in doctors' CAR PARKS this winter
42 Leave our pubs alone
43 Labour demands 'rapid reform' of coronavirus contact tracing system with call to cut outsourcing funding
44 Freshly served pub bonds dip as sector fears another lockdown
45 Countries with coronavirus infection rates of more than 20 per 100,000 at risk of joining UK quarantine list, says expert
46 Terrified teacher writes her own obituary saying it's too soon for schools to reopen
47 Four big changes to lockdown the government could announce on Friday
48 Coronavirus: Is the UK in a better position than we think?
49 Covid-19 vaccine would have been closer if the UK had prioritised finding a Sars jab, experts claim
50 The dangerous legacy of the Cummings affair
51 Chris Whitty: The man with our lives in his hands
52 Tuesday morning news briefing: Contact tracers 'paid to watch Netflix'
53 Prof Chris Whitty: the expert we need in the coronavirus crisis
54 The problem with face masks is moral, not medical
55 Research study into long-term health impacts of COVID-19 launched in the UK
56 'I've never met Boris Johnson', reveals architect of UK's coronavirus lockdown Professor Neil Ferguson
57 Coronavirus: Did 'herd immunity' change the course of the outbreak?
58 UK coronavirus live: England at limit of lockdown easing, says Whitty; official UK death toll passes 46,000 – as it happened
59 Why Chris Whitty is going viral
60 Secrecy has harmed UK government's response to Covid-19 crisis, says top scientist
61 Chris Whitty, disease expert leading the UK’s coronavirus response
62 Latest Isle of Wight Coronavirus figures
63 Will pubs need to close for schools to reopen?
64 Coronavirus: Pubs 'may need to shut' to allow schools to reopen
65 Coronavirus: Prof Chris Whitty warns public over gatherings in hot weather
66 Cricket reopening: Chris Whitty outlines new normal for the game
67 Eight times Chris Whitty has diverged from the government line on Covid-19
68 Chris Whitty becomes unlikely social media star leading the fight against coronavirus
69 Should I continue to work from home? What Boris Johnson's update means for you
70 UK may have 'already exceeded absolute limits' of lockdown easing | London Business News
71 UK will need social distancing until at least end of year, says Whitty
72 Coronavirus: Hard to prevent care home deaths, says Chris Whitty
73 Coronavirus: Chief medical officer Chris Whitty self-isolates with symptoms
74 Drive-by jabs for winter flu to prevent double whammy
75 Chris Whitty: Who is the chief medical officer?
76 All UK chief medical officers rejected lower virus threat level, source says
77 Covid-19: 90% of cases will hit NHS over nine week period, chief medical officer warns
78 Top experts not asked to approve 'stay alert' coronavirus message
79 Science inspiration: Prof Chris Whitty becomes unlikely artistic muse of Covid-19 crisis
80 Chris Whitty warns people to distance despite English lockdown easing or risk a second wave – as it happened
81 Founder of the Chris Whitty Appreciation Society 'declares love' for Chief Medical Officer
82 The personal tragedy of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty
83 From Bambi to gay icon: how artists are depicting Chris Whitty
84 Coronavirus: Professor Chris Whitty 'regrets' failure to speed up COVID-19 testing
85 Sir Patrick Vallance: UK coronavirus response has not achieved a good outcome
86 Coronavirus: Who are Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance?
87 First ‘Geek-in-Chief’: shy Scot who paved way for Prof Chris Whitty
88 Flu jabs below target for vulnerable and elderly in Windsor and Maidenhead
89 Chief medical officer Chris Whitty explains why schools are still closed
90 Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance – the quiet heroes standing up in our time of crisis
91 Chris Whitty warns of second coronavirus spike in England if people ignore new rules – video
92 UK Government told 'wrong sort of scientists' used to combat deadly coronavirus pandemic
93 Chris Whitty did not personally receive millions of pounds from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation
94 Coronavirus: medical chief says UK hopes to delay any outbreak until summer
95 Lockdown isn't over, warns Chris Whitty, despite 'small adjustments' to rules
96 Beauty salons to be told by Friday if they can restart facials and eyebrow treatments after coronavirus spike
97 Coronavirus: Chris Whitty sees current situation stretching into next year
98 Coronavirus: Test and trace 'wasn't likely to add a huge amount'
99 Chief medical officer Chris Whitty is out of self-isolation and 'fine'
100 Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance must speak out against Dominic Cummings