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1 ‘Don’t be stupid’: Chris Whitty says don’t hug elderly relatives 'if you want them to survive'
2 The BMJ interview: Chris Whitty, England's chief medical officer, on covid-19
3 Chris Whitty decries Great Barrington plan to let Covid run wild
4 Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty responds to criticism levelled at Oxford vaccine
5 Chris Whitty: physical activity must play key role in nation's recovery | Sports Management
6 Chris Whitty displays rare bout of optimism
7 Don't expect to escape tough Covid restrictions this winter, Chris Whitty warns
8 ‘WE’LL BEAT THIS!’ Chris Whitty says we’re ‘out of Covid hole’ after vaccine breakthrough
9 Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance have ‘made mistakes’ in Covid pandemic – but virus here to stay, SAGE scien
10 Coronavirus: Government publishes data behind stricter tiers
11 Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance called before MPs to explain second lockdown evidence
12 ‘A long and difficult slog’: Chris Whitty predicts hardest winter for NHS in recent memory
13 UK set to cut Covid self-isolation to 10 days after Cummings and Whitty row
14 Chris Whitty shares scientific reasons to be cheerful
15 FTSE 100 jumps on talk of Covid vaccine hopes and Brexit deal
16 'I've seen more emotion in a Chris Whitty PowerPoint slide'
17 NHS faces a challenge 'unlike any in recent memory', warns chief medical officer
18 Coronavirus vaccine to get life 'back to normal by spring' with Chris Whitty 'optimistic'
19 Slides and datasets to accompany coronavirus press conference: 31 October 2020
20 Hugging and kissing could kill this Christmas, says Chris Whitty
21 Iain Duncan Smith savages Chris Whitty in staggering rant on 'business breaker' lockdown
22 Stats bosses take swipe at Patrick Vallance & Chris Whitty over data which ‘could confuse the public’
23 Patient-facing NHS nurses to receive twice-weekly home Covid-19 tests
24 What is the science behind England's second national lockdown?
25 PHE never believed Covid-19 would ‘travel this far’, says ex-chief medical officer
26 Whitty: Teaching is not a high-risk profession
27 Covid lockdown stats FALSE: Whitty and Vallance quietly change data after 'scaring' Brits
28 Scientists warn of Christmas Covid surge if tier system returns
29 Boris told to cut lockdown short after 'worst-case' prediction pressure
30 Aspirin to be tested in UK as potential coronavirus treatment
31 Chris Whitty: The man with our lives in his hands
32 Prof Chris Whitty: the expert we need in the coronavirus crisis
33 Chris Whitty, disease expert leading the UK’s coronavirus response
34 UK could have 50,000 Covid cases a day by mid-October, say scientific advisers
35 Eight times Chris Whitty has diverged from the government line on Covid-19
36 Chris Whitty: missing school is a greater risk to children than Covid-19 – video
37 Whitty says it would be foolish to count on having Covid jab by winter
38 UK will need social distancing until at least end of year, says Whitty
39 Chris Whitty offers a quietly different public health message to Boris Johnson
40 Chief Scientific Advisor and Chief Medical Officer briefing on coronavirus (COVID-19): 21 September 2020
41 Why Chris Whitty is going viral
42 Chris Whitty did not personally receive millions of pounds from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation
43 Chris Whitty admits Tier 3 restrictions on their own will fail to stop virus
44 From Bambi to gay icon: how artists are depicting Chris Whitty
45 Coronavirus: Chief medical officer Chris Whitty self-isolates with symptoms
46 Coronavirus: Missing school is worse than virus for children
47 As Chris Whitty provides a dose of reality, Boris is just an annoying distraction
48 Prof Chris Whitty hampering back-to-work message amid worries he may resign, ministers warn
49 Top experts not asked to approve 'stay alert' coronavirus message
50 First ‘Geek-in-Chief’: shy Scot who paved way for Prof Chris Whitty
51 Coronavirus: Chris Whitty says UK public 'overwhelmingly' intend to follow health advice to protect others
52 Coronavirus: Ministers fear Chris Whitty will quit if he doesn't get his way on lockdown
53 Why Government chief medical adviser Chris Whitty and film maker Guy Ritchie are forever linked to Sussex’s South Downs
54 Conservative MP accuses Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty of scaremongering: 'They want to make your skin creep'
55 Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance – the quiet heroes standing up in our time of crisis
56 Chief medical officer Chris Whitty is out of self-isolation and 'fine'
57 Covid: Lawyer says scientists should be banned from press briefings
58 Chris Whitty: tough Tier 3 Covid restrictions might not work
59 Chris Whitty and Jeremy Hunt clash over UK's abandonment of mass testing and tracing in March
60 The silence of the chief scientists is worrying and deeply political
61 Science inspiration: Prof Chris Whitty becomes unlikely artistic muse of Covid-19 crisis
62 Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty faced backlash over 'herd immunity', emails show
63 Founder of the Chris Whitty Appreciation Society 'declares love' for Chief Medical Officer
64 All UK chief medical officers rejected lower virus threat level, source says
65 Chris Whitty: Who is the chief medical officer?
66 Chris Whitty: Coronavirus vaccine 'should not be compulsory and unlikely before Christmas'
67 Coronavirus: 'Critical point' in pandemic as UK infection rate heading in wrong direction, says chief medical officer
68 We were too slow to test at start of coronavirus outbreak, says medical chief Chris Whitty
69 Covid-19: 90% of cases will hit NHS over nine week period, chief medical officer warns
70 Chris Whitty warns of second coronavirus spike in England if people ignore new rules – video
71 The personal tragedy of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty
72 Coronavirus: Who are Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance?
73 Chris Whitty has quietly stepped off the Boris bluster carousel
74 Professor Chris Whitty 'wants a new two-week national lockdown', ex-WHO expert claims
75 Chris Whitty gives a glimpse into the inevitable post-coronavirus inquiry
76 Why the much-discussed “R” is not the magic number
77 Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty cites Israel in warning about second wave
78 UK at 'critical point' over Covid-19, top scientists to tell public
79 Coronavirus latest: Chris Whitty warns Northern MPs that intensive care cases may pass April peak in weeks
80 Chris Whitty
81 House visits might need to be banned, says Chris Whitty
82 Chief Medical Officer's dad was killed by Palestinian terrorists in 1984
83 Offline: Science and the breakdown of trust
84 Chris Whitty warns people to distance despite English lockdown easing or risk a second wave – as it happened
85 More England coronavirus restrictions inevitable, says Chris Whitty
86 How Covid-19 cases are less than HALF of Whitty and Vallance's doomsday prediction of 50,000
87 Professor Chris Whitty ‘told off’ Sir Patrick Vallance for backing coronavirus lockdown in early March
88 Politicising Covid advisers like Dr Fauci, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance puts lives at risk
89 Coronavirus: medical chief says UK hopes to delay any outbreak until summer
90 In a panic about the pandemic? Thank goodness for calm Chris Whitty
91 Ex-WHO expert Anthony Costello backtracks on claims that Chris Whitty wanted two-week national lockdown
92 New rules 'not a short term thing' Professor Chris Whitty warns
93 Special Report: Johnson listened to his scientists about coronavirus
94 Slides and datasets to accompany coronavirus press conference: 12 October 2020
95 Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty anticipated anti-China blame game a year before coronavirus
96 Covid UK: scientists at loggerheads over approach to new restrictions
97 Ministers fear top scientists Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance could quit over two-metre rule
98 Coronavirus lockdown isn’t over, warns Chris Whitty, despite ‘small adjustments’ to rules
99 UK must learn from German response to Covid-19, says Whitty
100 Whitty warns of 'long winter ahead' with Covid 'going in wrong direction' | ITV News