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1 Steve Bannon's podcast barred from Twitter after he made beheading comment about Fauci, FBI Director Wray
2 FBI Association Says Director Wray Should Not Be Replaced Until His Term Is Up
3 President Trump stays mostly out of view after election but is working, taking steps to, in part, poke Biden
4 Trump May Try to Fire Wray, but FBI Director Has GOP Support on Capitol Hill
5 Donald Trump fires top US election security official
6 Trump uses FBI director as a foil ahead of Election Day
7 Trump's firing of Esper raises concerns about national security during Trump's final days in office
8 Why foreign election interference fizzled in 2020
9 With his days in office numbered, here's what Trump may try to do
10 White House official, former Nunes aide Michael Ellis named NSA general counsel
11 Justice Dept.'s China focus likely to continue under Biden
12 Trump dropped 3 agency heads in the days following the election, amid reports that more departures could be co
13 #Election2020: Trump's ousting of officials and elevation of loyalists could have lasting effects
14 Not a Coup but a Cover-Up and a Con Game
15 After Trump fires CISA’s director, the agency is poised to become even more powerful
16 Report: Trump Has Repeatedly Asked If He Can “Preemptively” Pardon Himself
17 Trump is considering firing FBI director Christopher Wray after the election, report says
18 White House plots possible second-term Cabinet purge
19 FBI Agents Association to Host G-Man Honors Event Virtually Tonight; Dr. Anthony Fauci to Receive FBIAA Distinguished Service Award
20 Friednash: We are witnessing the normalization of hatred in America
21 POLITICO Playbook PM: 4 big post-election questions
22 Lowcountry South Carolina Political Operative Arrested For Alleged Sex Crime
23 We Might Be About To Find Out Who Was On Trump's Second-Term Purge List—Even If He Loses
24 What political actions can Trump undertake before Biden becomes president?
25 FBI Director Chris Wray says he regards antifa as an ideology, not an organization
26 FBI Director Christopher Wray's Remarks at Press Conference on Election Security — FBI
27 DHS is swatting down voter fraud claims Trump's team is pushing
28 Happy Thanksgiving to All Those Who Told the Truth in This Election
29 Trump prepares to launch a second term early, even without winning
30 Steve Bannon's darkest plot yet is already starting to implode
31 Trump Is Trying to Overturn the Election, but I’m Not Panicking—Yet
32 Trump Wants to Oust FBI Director Chris Wray After the Election
33 FBI’s Chris Wray joins homeland-security and other federal-agency officials in 9-minute video reassuring voters on election integrity
34 FBI Agents Association Urges Trump, Biden to Keep Chris Wray
35 Trump says "the jury's still out" on FBI Director Chris Wray
36 Another FBI director finds himself in a political vise
37 FBI Agents Association Honors Dr. Fauci at Annual Event
38 How Is FBI Director Christopher Wray Tied To Hunter Biden's Laptop
39 Horizon Zero Dawn is Making its GOG Debut Next Week
40 The Threat Posed by the Chinese Government and the Chinese Communist Party to the Economic and National Security of the United States | Federal Bureau of Investigation
41 FBI’s Chris Wray Tries to Steer Bureau Past Politics
42 FBI Director Chris Wray says antifa is an ideology, not an organization — testimony that puts him at odds with President Trump
43 Cape Cod Fall 2020 high school league all-stars
44 Democrats turn up the heat on Wray over foreign campaign interference
45 Trump goes after FBI director Wray, whom he appointed, and issues warning to Barr
46 Pressure builds in Trumpworld to fire FBI director Christopher Wray
47 Trump’s final days ripe for settling scores, pardoning allies
48 Wray: Report on Russia probe found 'unacceptable' problems
49 FBI Opens a New China-Related Counterintelligence Investigation Every 10 Hours, Director Says
50 Biden transition: Why US spy world is feeling uneasy right now
51 FBI director warns of ongoing Russian 'information warfare'
52 The Daily 202: Despite GDP growth, polls suggest Trump’s advantage on economic stewardship is narrowing
53 White House chief of staff doubles down on attacks on FBI director
54 FBI Director Wray opens internal review into how bureau handled Michael Flynn case
55 Trump criticizes "disappointing" FBI director Christopher Wray
56 Chris Wray Is Right: Antifa Is an Ideological Threat to the United States
57 'Confusion and chaos': Republicans denounce Trump's latest purge
58 Scoop: Trump's post-election execution list
59 Defense policy in limbo as election drags on
60 Thomas L. Friedman: Happy Thanksgiving to all those who told the truth in this election
61 FBI Director Christopher Wray's Remarks at Press Conference Announcing Indictments of ISIS Militants — FBI
62 FBI Director Chris Wray Pitches Weakened Encryption At A Cyber Security Conference
63 FBI Group Calls for Wray to Be Protected as Trump Chides Him
64 Christopher Wray, basically: Don’t listen to Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theories
65 Trump won't reveal his confidence level in FBI Director Chris Wray
66 Ron Johnson subpoenas documents from FBI director
67 Fact-check: Did the FBI director warn about white supremacist violence?
68 FBI's Chris Wray Picks Another King & Spalding Partner as Next Chief of Staff | National Law Journal
69 Rose Anne Seeley Jackson
70 Attorney General: China May Supplant U.S. If It Wins AI Race
71 Ratcliffe went off script with Iran remarks, officials say
72 The FBI is 4 months late in delivering a legally mandated report on domestic terror
73 FBI director pushes back on debunked conspiracy theory about 2016 election interference
74 DOJ announces largest drug, gun and cash seizure in darknet history
75 Pistole not interested in being FBI director | News |
76 Louise Jo Ann Ferrarello Parker | Audubon |
77 FBI chief pledges to find answers on ex-agent Levinson
78 FBI Director Hires New Top Lawyer From Old Law Firm
79 Job on the line, FBI Director Christopher Wray threads needle on controversial issues
80 WATCH: U.S. charges 8 in alleged Chinese surveillance effort
81 Adam Schiff threatens to subpoena FBI Director Chris Wray
82 Fact check: Quote attributed to Joe Biden about antifa is missing context
83 Chris Wray's FBI continues to cover for Team Comey's Russia shenanigans | TheHill
84 FBI director says antifa is an ideology, not an organization
85 Does Photo Show the 'Supreme Army General of Antifa'?
86 Democrats Raise Alarms About Foreign Election Interference
87 Countering Trump, US officials defend integrity of election
88 FBI Director Wray hints that he considered resigning, restates belief in Russian election meddling
89 What the FBI’s Chris Wray said about white extremism two weeks ago
90 Chris Wray sworn in as FBI director
91 Evidence that antifa, 'foreign actors' involved in sowing unrest and violence: AG Barr
92 King & Spalding Resists WhatsApp's 'Drastic' Disqualification Bid in Cyber Case | The Recorder
93 Worldwide Threats to the Homeland — FBI
94 Trump Chides FBI Chief for Saying Russia Seeks to Defeat Biden
95 Wray To Testify In House Threats Hearing, But Not DNI Ratcliffe : Live Updates: House Hearing On Homeland Threats
96 FBI Director Wray Previously Represented Facebook in Encryption Fight Before Turning Critic
97 Rep. Andy Biggs urges Barr, Wray to use RICO to crack down rioters and their supporters
98 FBI chief Wray refutes Barr, says no 'spying' on Trump campaign
99 Trump Is Angry That the FBI Won’t Endorse His Theory of Victimhood
100 FBI Director Wray: Russia intent on interfering with U.S. elections