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Result Content Idea Research
1 Christian Science congregation dissolves in Schenectady
2 Acknowledging the Place of Placebo
3 Dying the Christian Science way: the horror of my father's last days
4 Women in The Church of Christ, Scientist
5 Gay soccer player was first out teacher at a Christian Science school
6 Can Trump write off $70K in haircuts? IRS allows tax deductions for highly unusual expenses — including fertility treatment, vasectomies and rehab
7 Have Faith: What is Christian Science, anyway?
8 Sudden joy and a new life discovered
9 Washington faith healing law leads to child death, suffering, advocates say
10 Live Church Service Series Offering Spiritual Solutions to Today’s Challenges
11 'A fraud on the nation': critics blast Indian government's promotion of traditional medicine for COVID-19
12 Spiritual medicine: Tales of a Christian science healer
13 Christian Science and metaphysical healing
14 GLOBAL FAITHS: Christian Science Church undergoing a steep decline
15 Christian Science Church Seeks Truce With Doctors
16 Christian Scientists use prayer instead of medicine. Here's what they think about the ongoing Obamacare debate.
17 🔎 Cosmology – Definitions and Explanations – re:Jerusalem
18 Internships Available With Earth Networks Program
19 Travel
20 Novartis opens digital healthcare innovation hub in Montreal | Digital Healthcare
21 Christian Science figure to speak in Fort Collins
22 The pros and cons of including faith-based healing in benefits plans
23 Seth McBride | 20 Under 40 |
24 Christian Science evokes misunderstandings, accusations of being cult; followers find hope, healing
25 The Christian Science Monitor Daily for April 6, 2020
26 USDOL Revises Regulations Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
27 New Dept. of Labor Rule Leaves Homecare Unclear on Leave Exemption
28 The Christian Science Monitor Daily for August 3, 2020
29 This Week in Washington IP: Technologies for Military Readiness, Enforcing IP Rights in China and Alternative Dispute Resolution for Copyright Small Claims
30 From Warhol to Steve McQueen: a history of video art in 30 works
31 EU finds PH IPR protection wanting
32 The death of Cambridge's anti-medicine cult?
33 Fighting ‘bad’ fire with good: Australia revisits an Aboriginal tradition
34 Novartis in Canada driving digital healthcare solutions with the inauguration of a Biome innovation hub
35 Christian Scientists push for health insurance that covers spiritual care
36 The Christian Science Monitor Daily for May 20, 2020
37 GCash sees transaction value hitting P1 trillion this year
38 The rise of the technopopulists
39 More than a month: The push to change how Black history is taught
40 Insomnia healed
41 Bluer skies, less greenhouse gas. What happens after the pandemic?
42 Faith Matters: 'God is Love'
43 DOL Redefines Healthcare Provider FFCRA Exemption
44 This is a viral news story, obviously: What religion groups oppose vaccinations and why?
45 Christian Science, the Cult That Claims To Heal Death with Prayer, is Dying Out
46 For US-China groups, the adversary is COVID-19 – not a country
47 Mandatory Reporting of Abuse in Schools: Questions and Answers
48 When spirituality and creativity are one
49 DOL Revises FFCRA: Health Care Provider Definition Expanded
50 Revised Department of Labor Regulations Necessitate Job-Specific Assessment by Health Care Providers for Employees' Potential FFCRA Leave Entitlement
51 PART 4 My Search for the One True God
52 How to Build Trust in Science Within the Black Ch...
53 Second Circuit Court Issues FFCRA Regulations
54 Health Care Providers Covered Under Families First Coronavirus Relief Act
55 ‘You don’t feel alone’: How medical workers help each other cope
56 Basics of Christian Science: Its origin, beliefs, and structure
57 Germany's coronavirus response is a master class in science communication
58 Healthcare Providers Q&A—Families First Coronavirus Response Act
59 Psychedelic experiences share many features with those described by mystics and religious practitioners
60 I Was a New-Age Healer. Then I Realized I Wasn't the One Doing the Healing.
61 Health Care Providers Can Be Excluded from the New Paid Leave Law, But What About Staff?
62 Newly Updated Workplace FAQs For Healthcare Providers And 8-Point COVID-19 Action Plan
63 New research highlights the role religion plays in evaluations of scientists
64 A Soulful Solution for Montclair's Christian Science Church
65 'It's surreal,' nurse practitioner says of field hospital set up in Central Park amid coronavirus pandemic
66 Department of Labor Issues Updated Families First Coronavirus Response Act Regulations, But Does Little To Resolve Employer Uncertainty (US)
67 ‘The doctor won’t see you now.’ Rethinking health care delivery in a crisis.
68 From chickens to chestnuts: Where farmers work the old-fashioned way
69 Empathy: crucial for effective health care | Discover Health
70 Employers Beware
71 Federal Court Vastly Expands FFCRA Paid Leave Mandate
72 Social scientists on COVID-19
73 Does Families First apply to health care providers and emergency responders?
74 Colleges start new academic programs
75 Federal Court Strikes Down Provisions Of Department Of Labor Rule On Federal Paid Leave
76 La Grange church members dwindle, best option is to sell property
77 Christian Scientists seek prayer provision
78 Christian Drosten, Germany’s covid-19 explainer-in-chief
79 Study suggests religious belief does not conflict with interest in science, except among Americans
80 A Child's Death And a Crisis for Faith
81 Revised DOL Rule Means More Health Care Workers Eligible for Paid Leave Under FFCRA
82 New study links Christian nationalism to going maskless and neglecting to social distance amid the COVID-1 ...
83 Business Notebook: Old Town Cape entries honored by state group
84 How religions around the world are keeping the faith during COVID-19
85 17 FAQs for Houses of Worship Considering Reopening Amid the Coronavirus Crisis
86 Ensure FMLA Medical Certifications Are Complete and Authentic
87 Christian Grose – The Conversation
88 John Yemma named Monitor editor
89 'Inoculate yourself with the word of God': How religion can limit medical treatment
90 Science Hasn't Refuted Free Will
91 An opening for softer diplomacy?
92 Healing through faith | The Blade
93 DOL Revises FFCRA Regulations to Clarify Paid Leave Rules in Wake of New York Federal Court's Decision
94 How the sound of religion has changed in the pandemic
95 Can a religious group that wants to bring down China's Communist Party survive in Hong Kong?
96 Seattle always had anti-vaxxers — even during smallpox
97 Richard “Kyle” Kincaid
98 Coronavirus on skid row: Infected homeless patients vanish
99 Amendments To FFCRA Regulations Effective September 16, 2020 | Husch Blackwell LLP
100 Children's Medical Treatment and Parents Beliefs