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1 The Recorder
2 Baltimore mayor vetoes bill to rename Christopher Columbus obelisk in honor of victims of police violence
3 Gremlins Writer Christopher Columbus Says The Film Was Originally A Hard-R-Rated Horror
4 Status Conference Scheduled On Fate Of Schenley Park’s Christopher Columbus Statue
5 Judge urged to drop out of Columbus statue case in Pittsburgh
6 Trump administration provides funds to recreate destroyed Columbus statue
7 In Northampton, fifth graders lobby for consistent use of 'Indigenous Peoples Day' by city
8 New Britain mayor suggests a public vote to resolve dilemma over Columbus statue
9 Amy Roberts: Repeating history |
10 Pittsburgh park's Christopher Columbus statue should go, arts panel decides
11 Photos: Water fills the desert at these spots around Tucson
12 $1.4M. grant to help Atlantic City traffic flow
13 How America’s first Jew gave the turkey its name
14 William McKinley statue vandalized on SW Side
15 Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 2: Kurt Russell’s Prep For Santa Claus Sounds Wild
16 COLUMBUS HISTORY | Regional news
17 A lot has changed since George Floyd's death, but not near enough: OPINION
18 No sense in tearing down statues
19 Judge asks parties in Columbus statue lawsuit to resolve issue
20 Waterbury voters: Columbus statue should stay on city land
21 Blue Trellis Lights Shine Once Again
22 The Cuba Experience — Part 4 | Opinion |
23 Rename Columbus statue to honor Indigenous people | READER COMMENTARY
24 Norwich rededicates former Columbus statue as Italian Heritage Monument in Saturday ceremony
25 Carmel High School takes the next steps in reconsidering its Padres mascot.
26 Letter: Calling on Christians to abate ‘devilish’ ways
27 How to fight the upcoming war against socialism
28 'They've all come to look for America,' sang Simon and Garfunkel. My extended family too.
29 Why Christopher Columbus wasn't the hero we learned about in school
30 IN THE YARD: Pumpkin pie at first Thanksgiving likely nothing as we know today
31 New age of sail as ships get second wind
32 October 12 will now be the “Day of the Pluricultural Nation” in Mexico
33 Chicago cops accused of brutality, civil rights violations during summer protests
34 Christopher Columbus: How The Explorer's Legend Grew—and Then Drew Fire
35 Six Things You Didn’t Know About Christopher Columbus
36 Extra! Extra! Chicago Food Writing Inside!
38 Norwich Italian American Monument Rededicated
39 Love for the Flag Explains the Iwo Jima Memorial's Power—and Whether We Should Topple Other Monuments
40 America the beautiful rises again, but the ugly is never far behind | COMMENTARY
41 Fairfield Harbour cyclists continue their journey across Europe
42 Everyday People: A story dedicated to young Native Americans
43 A history of globalisation in the steam age
44 Pope Francis in new book criticizes anti-lockdown protesters | TheHill
45 Statues of Christopher Columbus are being dismounted across the country
46 How long should winter break be for students? Wake considers 2021 school calendars.
47 Christopher Columbus statues: A defense of his legacy
48 Santo Domingo: The city that kept slavery silent
49 About children: A quick lesson on Native American history
50 How sweet they are — these potatoes shine during Thanksgiving
51 The Thanksgiving Lie: A Day of Mourning
52 Indigenous views of Christopher Columbus | Penn Today
53 Learning About Christopher Columbus By Putting Him on Trial
54 New London opts to drop Columbus Day
55 Dozens of Christopher Columbus statues have been removed since June
56 Foreign travelers at Miami International Airport will be included in federal facial biometric database
57 The Garden Plot
58 Another city votes to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus
59 Crime Blotter
60 Columbus, Ohio, Takes Down Statue Of Christopher Columbus : Updates: The Fight Against Racial Injustice
61 Who Was the Real Christopher Columbus?
62 The Philadelphia Historical Commission voted to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus
63 Christopher Columbus statue will be removed from California state house
64 Douglass Park Renamed For Abolitionists Frederick And Anna Douglass
65 AP Explains: Columbus, once immigrant hero, now heel to some
66 Report highlight's Gwent's links to British imperialism and the slave trade
67 Pondering putting an end to Columbus Day, and a look at what could follow
68 Talks Will Continue Over Fate Of Colorado's Last Christopher Columbus Statue
69 A Brown Tide Threatens Coastal Ecosystems
70 Column: Christopher Columbus was a fraud. He doesn’t deserve statues or a holiday in his honor.
71 Chicago’s three Christopher Columbus statues: A brief history
72 UC Berkeley unnames two halls that honored white supremacist, racist
73 Should the Christopher Columbus statue in Newport be removed?
74 Local historian explains controversy behind Christopher Columbus
75 Christopher Columbus’ lasting legacy
76 Columbus statues are coming down – why he is so offensive to Native Americans
77 Myths, reality and perspective on Christopher Columbus, statues and protesters | COMMENTARY
78 November 24 should be declared an official holiday
79 Effort to change name of Columbus Park gaining traction
80 The Christopher Columbus Statue Should Stay. Here's Why
81 Get history straight when arguing over Christopher Columbus
82 Opinion: Why do some despise Christopher Columbus?
83 How Hispanic Voters Swung Miami Right
84 Wharf District Council Meeting Reports: Cannabis Dispensary at 150 State St., Climate Ready Boston, State St. Renovation Project
85 Opinion/Delaney: Shedding light on the real Christopher Columbus
86 US Democracy Gets “La Chancla”: The Enduring Importance of the Latinx Vote
87 Viewpoints: In removing Christopher Columbus statue, Italian American group violates our diversity
88 In defense of Christopher Columbus
89 The Largest Native American Population in Every State
90 Was Christopher Columbus a murderer? A hero? Italian? Breaking down the myths
91 Schenley Park’s Christopher Columbus Statue Covered In Plastic Ahead Of Columbus Day
92 Letter to the Editor— Faneuil Hall: It's time to change the name
93 Removal Baltimore’s Christopher Columbus statue stirs emotions, from horror to glee
94 Columbus statue removed from California capitol rotunda
95 Medieval DNA suggests Columbus didn't trigger syphilis epidemic in Europe
96 Christopher Columbus statue in Pueblo vandalized
97 How Christopher Columbus Came To Stand In Boston's North End
98 9-Foot Tall Christopher Columbus Statue To Remain On Ohio Statehouse Grounds Until At Least 2025
99 Christopher Columbus Statue Controversy Continues: Opponents Decry ‘Colonizer, Rapist,’ Supporters Say ‘Do The Research’
100 Christopher Columbus is gone for good from San Antonio park