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Result Content Idea Research
1 Christopher F. Rufo: The new American poverty
2 Christopher F. Rufo: Homing in on the housing problem
3 Defending American Values, and History
4 Radical Indoctrination in the Federal Bureaucracy: 10 Blocks podcast
5 The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco
6 Christopher F. Rufo
7 The Truth About Critical Race Theory
8 “White Fragility” Comes to Washington
9 Cult Programming in Seattle
10 Documenting America's Forgotten Cities: City Talk
11 More DC Businesses Are Closing Out of Concern About Election Disruption
12 Fare thee well, Christopher Rufo; We hardly got to know you
13 Antifa Activists Claim First Territory in Seattle
14 Seattle Municipal Employees See Identity Politics as Part of Their Jobs.
15 Chris Rufo calls on Trump to end critical race theory 'cult indoctrination' in federal government
16 Christopher and Suphatra Rufo explain harassment that led to campaign termination
17 CHAZ Is Playing With Fire
18 Progressive Narrative on Homelessness Has Always Been Wrong
19 Christopher Rufo
20 The Latest Dehumanizing, Anti-Harm Reduction Media Portrayal of Skid Row
21 Skid Row's Addiction Epidemic: 10 Blocks podcast
22 Documentary filmmaker Chris Rufo to challenge Councilman Mike O'Brien in 2019
23 Antifa Makes Its Move | Opinion
24 Seattle Is Socialism’s Laboratory, and It’s Not Pretty
25 The End of Chaz
26 Christopher Rufo talks about threats that led him to drop out of council race
27 Over the past five years, Seattle has seen an explosion of homelessness, crime, and addiction. | Christopher F. Rufo
28 America on edge: Shops boarded up and the National Guard on alert
29 Trump Attack on Diversity Training Has a Quick and Chilling Effect
30 The miseducation of America
31 When 'diversity training' is all about feeding racism
32 Obscene federal 'diversity training' scam prospers — even under Trump
33 Even after Trump ordered an end, federal agencies still push insane 'critical race theory'
34 Discovery Institute Fellow to Release New Documentary on American Poverty
35 Seattle Residents Losing Patience With Homelessness Problem.
36 Political Leaders Fail to Address Homelessness Crisis in Seattle
37 The theory of survival crime rationalizes stealing. | Christopher F. Rufo
38 Seattle has fallen to woke racism
39 Critical race theory and Trump’s executive order on diversity training, explained
40 New documentary 'America Lost' explores America's forgotten cities
41 Outrage Is Everywhere. Here's Why.
42 Progressive-Socialist Coalition Tightens Grip On Seattle's City Council.
43 ‘New Left Urbanists’ Want to Remake Your City
44 #SeattleForAll Campaign Tries to Downplay Seattle's Homelessness Crisis
45 Expert whose investigations led to Trump critical race theory ban challenges Brian Stelter to debate
46 The Rise of the New Left Urbanists: A new faction emerges in city politics.
47 Homeless Camps May Soon Be Legal in Washington
48 Lessons on addiction and mental illness from a rural Italian village
49 More Than Ever, Trump Casts Himself as the Defender of White America
50 Trump's Ban on Diversity Training is Upsetting Corporate America
51 State-enforced racial segregation — by progressives
52 City Of Seattle Hosts Segregated Training For White Employees To 'Undo Their Whiteness'
53 Opinion: 'Safe injection sites' aren’t safe, effective or wise. Just ask Canadians
54 Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Nov. 22
55 Waging social-justice war on the taxpayers' dime
56 Asian-Americans in WA State Break With the Progressive Consensus on Race.
57 Trump executive order on diversity training roils corporate America
58 Seattle City Councilwoman: We Will Not Stop Until We Overthrow Capitalism, Replace It With Socialism
59 'Safe injection sites' aren't safe, effective or wise. Just ask Canadians
60 The man behind Trump’s campaign against 'critical race theory'
61 City of Seattle teaches white employees to 'undo their whiteness' in bizarre 'diversity training' sessions
62 Sandia labs engineer speaks out against critical race theory indoctrination—is immediately put on leave
63 Civil rights official calls on Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to halt Whites-only diversity training
64 Race Training for Federal Employees is a "Sickness"
65 The Left's Surging Urban Activism: 10 Blocks podcast
66 Canadians have found 'safe injection sites' aren't safe, effective or wise
67 San Francisco's Progressive Policies Made Homelessness Crisis Worse
68 GWU's Election Day warning to students: stockpile 'food, supplies, medicine'
69 The Wuhan virus isn’t the only pandemic to come from China
70 FBI running WEEKLY struggle sessions on ‘intersectionality’ in the name of diversity and anti-racism – report
71 Show Us Your Systemic Racism, Princeton
72 Trump-hating writer Touré wishes 'excruciating' pain on Trump voters for siding with 'cult leader' — and is mercilessly mowed down for it
73 How Seattle’s elite brushes off violent homeless crime
74 'Housing First' Policy Has Failed the Homeless
75 A Delicate Balance: Weighing Protest Against the Risks of the Coronavirus
76 The war on critical race theory indoctrination is worth winning
77 Trump halts critical race theory training at federal agencies; Christians respond
78 BOMBSHELL: Leaked documents reveal Seattle City Council's plan to abolish FAR MORE than the police
79 Anarchy in New York?
80 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL JUSTICE: FBI now holding weekly 'intersectionality' workshops
81 Covid and the Condition of New York City: City Talk
82 'Housing First': Homing in on the problem | Forum |
83 Some are 'woke' to real goal of 'diversity and inclusion'
84 Tragic Death of Ahmaud Arbery Reignites Racial Profiling Debate
85 An addiction crisis disguised as a housing crisis on the West Coast | Opinion
86 French Mayor Axes Christmas Tree
87 Got a sensible idea for communal harmony? Who cares, we’ve got critical race theory
88 No Cause for Alarm
89 Philadelphia Explodes
90 Critical Race Theory in American Classrooms
91 Seattle's Kshama Sawant warns Jeff Bezos after passing Amazon tax: 'We are coming for you'
92 Ballard rape victim speaks out, says Seattle needs stronger leaders
93 What NYC must learn from Seattle’s homeless struggle
94 The dangerous new idea inspiring criminal-justice activists
95 Trump-era Mass Mobilizations Seize the Passions of the Public
96 Sandia Labs employee placed on administrative leave after video critical of company’s “re-education” program
97 A New Book Argues That, For the Past Half-Century, The US Has Lived Under Two Competing Constitutional Regimes.
98 Federal government sends employees from top US nuclear lab to insane reeducation camp for white privilege
99 Trump: Days of Funding Anti-American Propaganda Are Over
100 Why Looters like Rolexes