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1 FBI Director Christopher Wray's Remarks at Press Conference on Operation DisrupTor — FBI
2 FBI director affirms Russia’s aim to ‘denigrate’ Biden ahead of election
3 FBI Strategy Addresses Evolving Cyber Threat — FBI
4 Trump pushes back on FBI director's testimony about Russia
5 How serious are threats to the US homeland?
6 FBI Is Investigating Regional 'Nodes' of Antifa, Director Christopher Wray Says
7 FBI Director Wray: Russia working to sway election in Trump's favor
8 Trump Chides FBI Chief for Saying Russia Seeks to Defeat Biden
9 The Russian Trolls Have a Simpler Job Today. Quote Trump.
10 Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure
11 FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies To House Committee
12 Fake Facebook pages made in China targeted U.S. presidential election
13 The militia menace | TheHill
14 FBI warns against foreign disinformation regarding election results
15 US Voting Systems 'Being Targeted' as Presidential Election Nears
16 Wray To Testify In House Threats Hearing, But Not DNI Ratcliffe : Live Updates: House Hearing On Homeland Threats
17 200000 Americans dead, but Trump says Covid affects 'virtually nobody'
18 Local 'PillCosby' darknet drug bust was part of international sting
19 Trump’s former national security adviser: The President is ‘making it easy’ for Putin by promoting election conspiracies
20 Chinese have hacked data on nearly half of U.S. population, FBI says
21 Trump, Angry over Wray's Testimony about Russia And Antifa, Suggests He May Replace FBI Director
22 Canadian woman charged with threatening Trump after letter with ricin mailed to White House
23 DOJ announces new oversight for surveillance applications of elected officials, campaign staff
24 AP source: Envelope addressed to White House contained ricin
25 The Threat Posed by the Chinese Government and the Chinese Communist Party to the Economic and National Security of the United States | Federal Bureau of Investigation
26 Message from Director Christopher Wray Regarding Robert Levinson — FBI
27 FBI Director Christopher Wray's Remarks at Press Conference Regarding Civil Unrest in Wake of George Floyd's Death — FBI
28 Pressure builds in Trumpworld to fire FBI director Christopher Wray
29 Trump goes after FBI director Wray, whom he appointed, and issues warning to Barr
30 FBI Oversight — FBI
31 Trump says "the jury's still out" on FBI Director Chris Wray
32 Wray: FBI has over 2,000 investigations that trace back to China
33 FBI Director Christopher Wray's Response to Inspector General Report — FBI
34 Christopher Wray, basically: Don’t listen to Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theories
35 FBI’s Chris Wray Tries to Steer Bureau Past Politics
36 Director Christopher Wray Returns from Overseas Visit to Paris and The Hague — FBI
37 FBI Director Christopher Wray addresses cybersecurity at Boston College
38 FBI Director Wray Previously Represented Facebook in Encryption Fight Before Turning Critic
39 FBI Director Wray orders internal review of Flynn investigation
40 FBI director: China is 'greatest threat' to US
41 Lawmakers press FBI Director Christopher Wray on possible political probes of Trump's rivals
42 Why KT McFarland says FBI Director Christopher Wray, James Comey are in 'big trouble'
43 Confronting the China Threat — FBI
44 FBI Director Hires New Top Lawyer From Old Law Firm
45 FBI’s Wray Acts Fast to Make Changes After Scathing Report
46 Inside FBI director Chris Wray's fate
47 FBI outlines surveillance reforms after searing rebuke from court, DOJ inspector general
48 Democrats turn up the heat on Wray over foreign campaign interference
49 FBI Director Christopher Wray Helped Facebook Defend Encryption He's Now Fighting
50 FBI director pushes back on debunked conspiracy theory about 2016 election interference
51 FBI Announces That Racist Violence Is Now Equal Priority To Foreign Terrorism
52 FBI director Wray: From High Peaks to high stakes in Washington DC
53 Director Wray Honors Law Enforcement Partners During National Police Week | Federal Bureau of Investigation
54 China is ‘greatest long-term threat’ to the US, FBI director says
55 Christopher Wray on espionage threat from China, investigation of violent extremists, internal problems at FBI
56 Wray Hangs On With FBI Besieged by Trump and GOP’s Russia Probe
57 MPD director says he spoke with FBI director, AG Barr about Memphis surveillance rules
58 FBI working hard to stop election meddling, voter fraud, Director Wray tells Fox News
59 Director Wray Honors Fallen Law Enforcement Partners During National Police Week | Federal Bureau of Investigation
60 FBI Director Christopher Wray says voter fraud is 'on our radar' in 2020
61 House GOP lawmakers accuse FBI Director Christopher Wray of ignoring them
62 FBI: Pensacola Shooter Associated With Al-Qaida, ‘Meticulous in His Planning’
63 Wray Says Chinese Hacking and Pressure Put Americans ‘Over a Barrel’
64 FBI director stuck in the middle with 'Obamagate' | TheHill
65 AG Barr offers forceful endorsement of FBI after suggesting it may have acted in 'bad faith' in Russia probe
66 FBI Director Christopher Wray on election security, foreign interference and voter fraud
67 Watchdog finds new problems with FBI wiretap applications
68 Director Christopher Wray Returns from Overseas Visit to South Korea and Japan — FBI
69 Director Wray Recognizes 25th Anniversary of Oklahoma City Bombing | Federal Bureau of Investigation
70 Senate Republicans defend FBI director after Trump lashes out
71 Director Addresses IACP — FBI
72 FBI Director Wray says Russians still intent on interfering in US elections
73 Trump’s inexplicable ‘Fox and Friends’ admission about hiring Jeff Sessions
74 FBI director: Some domestic terrorism suspects travel overseas for training
75 Republicans grill FBI director Christopher Wray on agency failures
76 No Sign Of Antifa So Far In Justice Department Cases Brought Over Unrest
77 FBI wanted to separate itself from Barr's tough stance on protests, sources say
78 Pistole not interested in being FBI director | News |
79 King & Spalding Resists WhatsApp's 'Drastic' Disqualification Bid in Cyber Case | The Recorder
80 The Need for Lawful Access — FBI
82 Coronavirus News: Officials warn of surge in scams amid COVID-19 outbreak
83 FBI's top lawyer, Dana Boente, ousted amid Fox News criticism for role in Flynn investigation
84 FBI Director slams Chinese government for espionage and cyber-attacks
85 What Wray said about taking dirt from foreign government
86 FBI director stresses collaboration in fighting cybercrime
87 Remarks by President Trump on Operation LeGend: Combatting Violent Crime in American Cities
88 FBI director Wray warns of China election interference
89 FBI Director Christopher Wray becomes the latest target of Trump's ire
90 Trump lashes out at FBI director for stating facts
91 President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Christopher A. Wray to be Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
92 China's Fox Hunt
93 Dan Bongino: FBI Director Christopher Wray has got to go
94 FBI Director Christopher Wray's Statement at Press Briefing on Election Security — FBI
95 FBI Hold Fourth Annual Boston Coference on Cyber Security
96 FBI director orders internal review of Flynn investigation
97 Gowdy warns Wray can be on 'cleanup crew' or 'cover-up crew' in wake of Senate Intel's Russia report
98 FBI Director Wray: Americans Are The Victims Of China 'Theft'
99 FBI director says two employees were disciplined for botched Parkland shooter tips
100 Attorney Christopher Wray Has Been Confirmed By The Senate As The Next Director Of The FBI