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1 Chrome for Android might soon bring back screenshot support in incognito mode
2 Do you have too many opened tabs in the Chrome browser and can't find the one you need on spot? Here's a solution!
3 Google tests new video feature for its mobile browser
4 Google Chrome Will Get New Feature to Stop JavaScript Based ‘Tab-Napping’ Attacks: Report
5 There's a nasty Android app input bug in Chrome OS 87 Beta that could make its way to the Stable channel
6 Are Google Chrome’s RAM-eating days at last numbered? how to improve, know more !
7 Google is working to roll out an advanced feature that calls for notification of completion every time Chrome scans your device to clean it
8 Are Google Chrome’s RAM-eating days finally numbered?
9 What is Chromium? Google's open-source software, explained
10 Chrome Is Testing Video Tutorials to Teach New Users How to Use the Browser
11 Google's new attempt to fix Windows 10's biggest Chrome problem
12 Microsoft Edge Canary gets the ability to rename browser windows
13 Google Chrome Canary now lets you check for compromised passwords
14 Microsoft Edge Receives a New Copy-Paste Feature to Take On Chrome
15 Microsoft wants to banish scrolling lag from Chrome and Edge
16 How to reset a Facebook Portal if you plan to sell, return, or regift the video-chat device
17 Google Chrome Canary Adds new Privacy Settings and Security Check for Web Users
18 Chrome Canary adds the ability to rename browser windows to improve multi-tasking
19 How to Try Out Chrome 86's Big Battery-Saving Fix Today
20 Google Chrome Canary gains QR code sharing w/ dino cameo
21 Chrome Canary now lets users scroll through open tabs in the title bar
22 [Update: Fixed] Latest Chrome Canary for Android renamed to ‘Clankium’ — what we think it means
23 Android’s real-time captioning could be coming to Chrome
24 Chrome Canary for Android gets Google Assistant
25 What's on My Phone: George Kamau
26 How to Unlock Google Chrome's Experimental Tab Scrolling Early
27 Chrome 87 Canary completely overhauls the profile setup UI
28 Chrome Canary gets Live captions support
29 Google Chrome Canary gets new Privacy and Security Check settings
30 Google Reveals Massive Chrome Browser Performance Upgrades
31 Window Naming: Another browser productivity tool lands in Chrome OS Canary
32 Chrome adds native link-to-text functionality to Canary
33 Chrome Canary users can now collapse tab groups to save space
34 The Coolest Features to Try in Chrome Canary
35 Google is testing auto-created Tab Groups for Chrome
36 Google Is Testing Ads On Google Chrome
37 New Chrome build will allow you to block all cookies
38 Chrome OS may finally be getting a dark mode
39 Microsoft Edge’s Smart Copy feature is another reason to ditch Chrome
40 Google Has 5 Exciting Upgrades For Google Chrome Browser Users
41 Chrome Canary now lets pinned PWAs display app shortcuts on Android and Windows
42 Chrome’s RAM problem fix for Windows 10 lands in Canary update
43 Google Chrome is testing a new feature called 'Kaleidoscope' that will most likely aggregate all the streaming video services in one dashboard
44 Google Chrome's new Link-to-text feature allows you to link particular text on a website
45 You Can Now Use QR Codes for Sharing Webpages in Google Chrome Canary!
46 Google Chrome (Canary) Lets You See the Full URL with This Simple Trick
47 Google Chrome is working on a scrollable tab strip to accommodate multiple tabs
48 Google Confirms Launch For Massive Chrome Performance Upgrade
49 Microsoft 'fixes' frustrating Google Chrome feature
50 Google Chrome is crashing for some users
51 Chrome lets you check for compromised passwords in recent Android Canary release
52 Here’s what the AirDrop-like Nearby Sharing feature looks like in Google Chrome
53 Google adds Sharing hub in Chrome Canary
54 Google is bringing scheduled downloads to Chrome for Android
55 How to switch to Chrome OS Canary
56 First Look: Live Captions on Chrome are mind-blowing
57 Chrome Canary for Android will now let you share grouped tabs
58 Google resumes its attack on the URL bar, hides full addresses on Chrome 86
59 Chrome OS Global Media Controls arrive in the Canary Channel
60 Nearby Share fully functional in latest Chrome OS Canary build
61 Chrome Canary now supports two page side-by-side PDF viewing
62 How to Download Chrome Canary or Beta Browser
63 Tab Groups are rolling out in Chrome 85 Stable
64 Google could be planning a controversial update to Chrome
65 Chrome QR-code sharing feature goes live in Canary (with a little dino help)
66 Google Chrome just got an automatic Incognito mode — how to try it now
67 Google is developing a 'media history' feature for Chrome
68 Google Chrome 86 will get a LiteVideos mode that forces SD quality clips
69 Google rethinks navigation with launch of ‘Portals’ on Chrome Canary
70 Google testing automatic tab-grouping feature
71 Here is how you can save articles in 'Reading list' in Chrome for desktop
72 Chrome's crowded grid tab switcher gets trending search suggestion chips
73 Google Chrome is testing a new 'search term chip' in its tab switcher interface
74 Dark Mode in Google Chrome is now more consistent
75 Google Chrome's redesign has launched in Canary
76 Chrome is testing dark mode for Google Search
77 Google is working on a 'Read Later' feature for Chrome
78 Google Chrome Adding Option to Always Show Full URLs
79 Google Chrome for Android Gets New Page Info Menu Design
80 Quick Answers on Chrome OS now available in the Canary channel
81 Google Chrome for Android is testing a custom share sheet in Canary
82 Google Chrome Canary adds a Shared Clipboard feature for Android and PC
83 Chrome flag makes sharing web pages faster thanks to new toolbar button
84 Google working on 'Kaleidoscope' streaming service hub for Chrome
85 Google Chrome Canary Flag Makes The Browser a Colorful Mess
86 How Is Chrome Canary Different From Regular Google Chrome? Why Should I Try It?
87 Google rolls out faster image loading in Chrome Canary
88 Google Chrome to Get Bluetooth UI and Touch ID Payments
89 Google lets you share webpages via QR Code in latest Chrome Canary builds
90 Chrome Canary will soon let you send webpages to your phone via QR code
91 Chrome Canary 77 tweaks dark mode on web pages, no longer inverts image colors
92 Google wants to separate browser and Chrome OS updates to extend your Chromebook’s life [Updated]
93 New Chrome Speeds Up the Whole Web: How to Try It
94 Google Chrome to get a Reader Mode
95 Google Chrome's overflow menu is about to get easier to navigate
96 Chrome for Android picking up slick new autofill bar
97 Google Chrome lets you search through your open tabs, here’s how to try it
98 Fearing drama, Mozilla opens public consultation before worldwide Firefox DoH rollout
99 Google Chrome Canary reveals a number of noticeable design tweaks
100 The first signs of Dark/Light mode finally arrive in Chrome OS Canary