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1 Dark and light themes in Chrome OS 88 are looking good on Chromebooks
2 Google enables Ambient Mode by default in Chrome OS, bringing a Screen Saver to Chromebooks
3 Chrome OS is getting a revamped Connectivity Diagnostics app
4 Upcoming Chrome OS diagnostic app adds real-time device stats
5 Google is adding a new Connectivity Diagnostics app to Chromebooks
6 There's a nasty Android app input bug in Chrome OS 87 Beta that could make its way to the Stable channel
7 Unfinished but working, a first look at the Chrome OS screen recording tool
8 Some Pixelbooks were bricked by a recent Chrome OS Beta update
9 Chrome OS may finally be getting a dark mode
10 Chrome OS Global Media Controls arrive in the Canary Channel
11 Chrome OS will soon show a quick preview of your important files on the shelf
12 How to switch to Chrome OS Canary
13 Quick Answers on Chrome OS now available in the Canary channel
14 Chrome OS ‘light mode’ shows up in the Canary Channel
15 Nearby Share fully functional in latest Chrome OS Canary build
16 Chrome 87 Canary completely overhauls the profile setup UI
17 Chromebook scanning app working in latest Canary update
18 Ambient mode for Chrome OS to get glanceable weather information
19 The Chromebook “Trash Can” emerges in Chrome OS Canary
20 Google's new light and dark system theme for Chrome OS is around the corner — here's what it looks like
21 Google wants to separate browser and Chrome OS updates to extend your Chromebook’s life [Updated]
22 Window Naming: Another browser productivity tool lands in Chrome OS Canary
23 Hands-on with the new Chrome OS Dark/Light Mode [Video]
24 Chrome OS 86 will make all app icons circular
25 Chrome OS is getting some new and refreshed iconography
26 Chromebook 101: How to change your Chrome OS channels and get unreleased features
27 Nearby Sharing now live in latest Chrome OS Canary build
28 Chrome OS ‘Holding Space’ will make it easy to work with your recent files
29 Chrome OS Canary 81 tests Google Assistant 'quick answers'
30 Here's what Phone Hub for Chromebooks looks like in Chrome OS 87
31 “Quick Answers” on Chrome OS now live in the Canary Channel
32 The latest Chrome OS Beta and Dev channel build fixes the crippling Android app scaling bug
33 Nearby sharing now works on Chrome OS Canary but is still in a ‘limited beta'
34 Google is separating Chrome from Chrome OS — it's a big deal, here's what you need to know
35 Chrome OS is getting a dark theme — here's what it looks like
36 This new Chrome OS 85 feature makes your app launcher easier to manage
37 Here’s Chrome OS’s Android ‘Phone Hub’ and everything it can do
38 Chrome OS “Holding Space” features now working in Canary
39 [Update: Final design] Chrome OS 82 brings redesigned Files app w/ Google Material Theme
40 Native screen recording in Chrome OS is now functional — see it in action
41 [Update: Live in Canary] Google working on clipboard manager for Chrome OS
42 We just used Nearby Sharing on a Chromebook
43 Google Is Now Adding A New Light Theme For Chrome OS
44 The rise and fall of NewBlue, Google's attempt to 'fix' Bluetooth on Chrome OS
45 Video look at the dark and light themes coming to Chromebooks
46 Enabling Dark Mode on a Chromebook (Do not try this at home)
47 Android’s AirDrop-style file sharing feature may be available for more than just mobile devices
48 Chrome OS to gain on-device Google Assistant for ‘the most common queries’
49 Chrome OS Capture Mode: Say hello to your Chromebook’s new snippet tool and screen recorder
50 Android and Chrome OS should soon sync Wi-Fi passwords with each other
51 Google Chrome update could divorce it from Chrome OS
52 Some Chromebooks getting Android Pie in Chrome OS Canary channel
53 Chrome OS tests a Phone Hub to manage notifications and control your Android phone
54 Chromebooks are getting a radical update to the setup process [VIDEO]
55 First Look: Live Captions on Chrome are mind-blowing
56 Google launches ‘What’s New’ web app detailing Chrome OS updates [Gallery]
57 Chrome OS will soon have a Trash folder to undelete files
58 Chrome OS update gives you a place to trash old files
59 Linux on Chrome OS: Disk resizing and custom username now working in Canary Channel
60 [Update: Now in Dev Channel] Virtual desktops (finally) arrive in Chrome OS via Canary Channel
61 Chrome OS 87 may move media playback controls to Quick Settings on Chromebooks
62 Chrome OS is finally getting a Trash folder to undelete files
63 Surprise! Chrome OS 85 brings “Print Jobs” management app
64 Android’s real-time captioning could be coming to Chrome
65 Google lays out revised Chrome and Chrome OS update schedule
66 Chrome OS Canary channel gains split-screen functionality for Android apps [Video]
67 Chrome OS Phone Hub gets onboarding UI for initial setup
68 Crostini keys expired on Chrome OS Dev and Canary? There’s a simple fix
69 Chrome OS to fix the Alt-Tab shortcut when using Virtual Desks
70 Find your Chrome OS version, recovery images and more with this handy website
71 Text dictation feature is now live in the Chrome OS Canary channel
72 Here is the new Chromebook clipboard history manager in action
73 Chrome OS Canary now offers native SMB file sharing support
74 [Update: Now in Canary] Chrome OS may gain ‘Quick Answers’ like Look Up on macOS
75 Chrome OS is getting a revamped photo viewer and editor app [Gallery]
76 Android Nearby Share shown fully operational on a Chromebook
77 Network file shares now enabled by default in Chrome OS Canary channel
78 Here's what Nearby Share, an Apple iOS AirDrop-like wireless file sharing feature, will look like on Chromebooks
79 Chrome adds native link-to-text functionality to Canary
80 Ambient Mode for Chromebooks to add Google Photos option
81 [Update: Microsoft Edge] Google pauses upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases
82 Google adds Android-like power menu to Chrome OS Canary
83 The standard Chromebook theme is getting darker in preparation for light theme
84 [Update: Video] Chrome OS to gain Android ‘Phone Hub’ w/ notifications and ‘task continuation’
85 Say hello to the Linux Terminal 2.0 for Chrome OS
86 [Update: Now in Stable] Chrome OS multiple account support is live on the Canary channel
87 PSA: Chrome OS is incorrectly sending ‘final update’ notifications to some Chromebooks
88 Chrome OS will soon show when your Chromebook will reach End of Life
89 It's Safe To Update Your Chromebook On Dev & Beta Channels Again
90 [Update 2: Weather Info] Ambient Mode will bring enhanced lockscreen functionality to Chrome OS
91 Bluetooth battery status being tested in Chrome OS Canary
92 Well, I went and installed Windows 10 on my Chromebook
93 Google Chrome 86 will get a LiteVideos mode that forces SD quality clips
94 Chrome OS Canary gets standalone dictation method for text entry
95 How to Enable Ambient Mode (Screen Saver) on Chrome OS
96 This new feature makes Chromebook Virtual Desks so much more efficient
97 Some Chromebooks mistakenly declared themselves end-of-life last week
98 Google Chrome Canary gains QR code sharing w/ dino cameo
99 Global Media Controls Are Getting Better Fast For Chromebooks
100 Android’s AirDrop, Nearby Sharing, shows signs of debuting on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS