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1 Trump’s Latino Support Was More Widespread Than Thought, Report Finds
2 Kyrsten Sinema emerges as pivotal vote on Democrats' agenda
3 GOP Governors Could Be Star Recruits to Win Back the Senate Majority. But How They Look on Paper Doesn't Tell the Whole Story
4 Think Tank discusses Arizona politics, COVID relief funding, more
5 Arizona political consultant talks about President Biden's news conference
6 Republicans Flee the GOP After Capitol Riots
7 Biden Must Fix Border Situation Fast or Risk Trump Saying His Policies Were Right, Democrats Say
8 Richard L. Burman Jr. | Zz-dnp |
9 The Republican Party's Irrational War on Voting Rights
10 Political Consultant: Trump-Brand Republicans Not Electable In Statewide Elections In Arizona
11 Ducey's Final 2 Years As Arizona Governor Shaped By Trump Absence, The Pandemic
12 Gov. Ducey operates under bright lights, criticism while leading state during pandemic
13 A historic meeting
14 Some Arizona lawmakers concerned over AZGOP Twitter posts appearing to incite violence
15 New polls show Kelly leading McSally heading into the final month of the election
16 Arizona G.O.P. Doubles Down on Trumpism
17 Danehy: Rush Limbaugh continues his radio show from beyond the grave
18 How Arizona's Political Party Chairs Shaped The 2020 Election
19 Ducey loses big with Trump, taxes, legal pot
20 Arizona GOP leaders' quarrel over election results could impact party's future
21 Once-dominant Republicans fret Arizona is slipping into blue column
22 Early voting shows record surge in first week, with Democrats outpacing Republicans in historic shift
23 Arizona voters have Covid-19 top of mind. That could spell trouble for Trump.
24 Think Tank rolls out political predictions for 2021
25 Arizona 2020 Election Results: AZ electoral college race, AZ presidential vote winner too close to call
26 Is Arizona turning blue? Maybe. But it's not 'Pelosi blue' or 'Schumer blue'
27 Sen. Martha McSally's Second Chance At U.S. Senate Seat Depends On A New Narrative
28 When 'Stop The Steal' Became A Mob, Arizona Stood Front And Center
29 Couples find love amid pandemic whirlwind |
30 Doug Ducey vs. Kelli Ward for the Senate in '22? That would be epic. But it won't happen
31 Trump jumps into a divisive battle over the Republican Party — with a threat to start a ‘MAGA Party’
32 The Truth About Trump, Republicans, and Vote-by-Mail
33 Democrats outpace Republicans in early voting in Arizona for first time with 1 week until Election Day
34 How mainstream Arizona Republicans can save themselves after Kelli Ward's reelection
35 Democrats win big in Arizona, a former GOP stronghold
36 Think Tank discusses pro-Trump mob storming US Capitol
37 Why Arizona Is Tilting Blue: ‘The State’s Clearly in Motion’
38 How did SB 1070 shape the 2020 election in Arizona? Two politicos weigh in
39 Supreme Court fight may energize Arizona conservatives, but how will independents respond?
40 Trump accelerates Arizona’s swing state evolution
41 More Than 10K Republican Voters In Maricopa County Have Left Party Since U.S. Capitol Insurrection
42 The Senate battle between Martha McSally and Mark Kelly shows just how much Arizona is changing
43 Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey spends big to help GOP candidates as Democrats seek control of Legislature
44 After Trump’s Loss in Arizona, State Republicans Hurl Insults at One Another
45 America must be more than great to fight COVID-19. We also must be good
46 How did Biden win Arizona? Map of Maricopa County's votes reveals one key path to victory
47 Biden's border bungle won't play well for Sen. Mark Kelly
48 Trump headed to Arizona to fire up the base ... and possibly torch his chances to win
49 In fight over GOP, state parties stand as firewall for Trump
50 Nearly 4000 Maricopa, Pima County Republicans Switched Parties Within 1 Week Of U.S. Capitol Insurrection
51 What you need to know about the 25th Amendment as calls mount for Trump's removal from office
52 Morning Scoop: 2020 Elections Preview – Arizona Capitol Times
53 Arizona Becomes A Battleground State Before 2020 Elections
54 Another double-digit disaster for Sen. Martha McSally
55 Trump, Biden battle for Latino vote in Arizona
56 Kimberly Yee is acting an awful lot like ... Doug Ducey. Is she setting herself up to replace him?
57 Think Tank looks at best, worst of 2020 political advertising
58 Biden makes gains as Trump loses grip on traditionally ‘red’ Arizona
59 A Brief History of Astronauts in Congress | Smart News
60 Trump's troubles in Arizona mount with coronavirus surge
61 In Arizona, Republicans worry about losing traction with independent voters
62 Kelly Loeffler and Martha McSally Have a Problem: The G.O.P. Base
63 Schweikert Re-election Hopes Hobbled by House Ethics Reprimand | Bloomberg Government
64 Amy Coney Barrett could be Democrats' secret weapon in the election
65 Poll shows Martha McSally's popularity has rarely been higher (but don't get too excited)
66 Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's State of the State challenge: Unite a divided Arizona
67 How Many Electoral College Votes Will Joe Biden Win?
68 Arizona likely to gain seat in Congress in 2020
69 Impeachment Could Impact Martha McSally's Chances In The Arizona U.S. Senate Race
70 Democrats in Arizona appealing to moderates as state’s demographics continue to change
71 Can Democrats take over the Arizona House and Senate? These 10 races will decide
72 Republican candidates in sheriff's race in primary election look to stand out from the pack
73 Joe Arpaio loses to former deputy chief Jerry Sheridan in sheriff's race
74 Primary results may create challenges for Republicans' hold on power in the Arizona Legislature
75 How much reform do voters want from the next Maricopa County attorney?
76 GOP Senators Facing Re-Election Have a Trump Problem. Here's How They're Dealing With It
77 Martha McSally's desperation is showing in her latest plea to debate Mark Kelly
78 Mark Kelly and the Allure of Astronaut Politicians
79 High jobless rates in Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania point to problem for Trump | TheHill
80 How Biden's AZ Campaign Events Compare To Trump's | KJZZ
81 Why Thousands of Republicans Are Leaving the Party
82 Why Biden Is Tackling Immigration Now
83 Robert Coughlin, head of MassBio trade group, stepping down after 13 years
84 COVID-19 cases are rising in Arizona and state officials say it was expected
85 PHOTOS: Magic Kingdom Opens East Main Street Bypass Due to Cavalcade Crowds
86 Key Takeaways from Trump’s Evolving Campaign Strategy
87 Trump Revives Culture Wars in Familiar Move to Deflect Pressure
88 Arpaio, Sheridan nearly deadlocked in GOP primary for Maricopa County sheriff
89 Imperiled Arizona U.S. Senator McSally's hopes seen riding on Trump train
90 Outlaw Dirty Money gets a big lift from a Republican governor (read: not Doug Ducey)
91 Divided States podcast: Will the last debate change anything?
92 Brewer Likely to Veto Anti-Gay Measure
93 John Kasich is speaking at the Democratic National Convention. Will it matter?
94 Arizona Dems hope Hiral Tipirneni can oust Rep. David Schweikert
95 The Plot Against America: The GOP’s Plan to Suppress the Vote and Sabotage the Election
96 AP, Fox call Arizona for Biden; Trump team insists it’s still in play
97 Sermon on the Mat: Collective showcase
98 US Campaign 2020: Trump Virus Visits Are His New Campaign Rallies
99 In Arizona, Democrats See Blue Trend, While Republicans See Blip
100 Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's Grand Canyon love is radioactive for Sen. Martha McSally