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1 Gaston County family accuses Senator Chuck Schumer of politicizing loved one's death
2 Chuck Schumer hears from heckler during SCOTUS remarks: 'Stop lying!'
3 U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer Urges Federal Aid For Broadway At Times Square Rally
4 Schumer: "Nothing is off the table" if GOP moves to fill Ginsburg's seat
5 Chuck Schumer is a lefty now.
6 How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's political future is shaping Senate Democrats' SCOTUS strategy
7 Schumer cites daughter’s same-sex marriage fears after RBG
8 Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer clash on supreme court nomination – video
9 Chuck Schumer calls on GOP to pressure Trump for a peaceful transition of power
10 ‘No Right’: Schumer Claims It Would ‘Spell the End’ of the Senate If Republicans Fill Ginsburg Vacancy
11 Chuck Schumer Learned Nothing from Harry Reid’s Greatest Mistake
12 Chuck Schumer says Ginsburg vacancy should be filled by new president
13 Schumer calls for HHS Secretary Azar to resign immediately as Democrats probe coronavirus reporting
14 Elizabeth Warren And Chuck Schumer: The Next President Must Cancel Student Debt Without Congress
15 Chuck Schumer clanks as he tries stand-up alongside Jerry Seinfeld
16 Video: Schumer Assails Senate Republicans for Lacking 'Honor and Decency'
17 Supreme Court fight is about life and death
18 Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer: how can we expect to trust the other side again
19 Chuck Schumer heckled at press conference: 'You ain't doing s--t'
20 Schumer: Senate Must Not Fill Ginsburg Vacancy ‘Until We Have a New President'
21 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
22 Levin: Schumer uttered 'words of a fascist, of a Brownshirt, of a totalitarian' amid SCOTUS battle
23 'Vote Democrat to legalize it,' Sen. Chuck Schumer tells Leafly
24 'Nothing is off the table': Supreme Court fight could reshape the Senate
25 Schumer rips 'emaciated' Republican coronavirus relief plan
26 Jacobin editor: Primarying Schumer would force him to fight Trump's SCOTUS nominee | TheHill
27 Democrats aren’t ruling out aggressive responses to a Trump Supreme Court nomination
28 Schumer says Democrats won't fold to GOP's 'emaciated' stimulus bill
29 Sanders and Schumer call on McConnell to hold hearings to fight election conspiracy theories
30 Chuck Schumer calls GOP 'craven' for its intent to fill Supreme Court vacancy before the 2020 election
31 POLITICO Playbook: What Chuck Schumer wants vs. what Mitch McConnell wants
32 Sen. Chuck Schumer Says He Supports Reparations for Descendants of Slaves
33 Schumer says Trump is sinking ‘deeper into the cesspool of callous classlessness’ after claim about Ginsburg’s dying wish
34 Why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Are Demanding Tax Cuts for Their Rich Friends
35 COVID New York: Sen. Charles Schumer says GOP-proposed relief bill seeks to 'rot core of Big Apple'
36 Jerry Seinfeld Backs Chuck Schumer to Help Save NYC Music Scene
37 Sen. Schumer reacts to Rochester mass shooting
38 Levin's 'Note to Chuck Schumer': Here's What We'll Do if You Add SCOTUS Seats and States, Eliminate Filibuster
39 This Democratic senator is *already* hedging his stance on getting rid of the legislative filibuster
40 Chuck Schumer Rips McConnell For Ignoring ‘Principle and Consistency’ on SCOTUS Vacancy: ‘It’s Enough to Make Your Head Explode’
41 Chuck Schumer dines at newly liquor license-less 75 Main
42 Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY): Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer "Are So Obsessed With Defeating President Trump" They'll Block Any And All Bipartisan COVID-19 Aid
43 Virus bill blocked in Senate as prospects dim for new relief
44 Tuberville on SCOTUS vacancy: 'Doug Jones will vote the way that Chuck Schumer and the liberal Democrats instruct him'
45 Schumer Blocks Election Security Briefing
46 Mitch McConnell Says He Will Fill Ginsburg's Seat with Trump Nominee, Gets Pushback From Chuck Schumer
47 Schumer: 'My Daughter and Her Wife,' Hearing About Ginsburg's Death, Worry About Their Right to Marry
48 Meet the 2021 Smith College Medalists
49 Latimer Leads Coalition of County Execs Demanding Funding for the MTA
50 Democrats Target Political Interference in COVID Response With New Bill
51 Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden
52 The SALT tax deduction is a handout to the rich. It should be eliminated not expanded
53 Democrats unveil new agenda for economic recovery and climate action
54 Daily Inter Lake
55 Christopher Wray: FBI has not seen evidence of national voter fraud effort by mail
56 Judge's faith becomes early flashpoint in Supreme Court fight
57 Senate Democrats are pushing to undo the payroll tax deferral
58 Ted Cruz blocks resolution honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg, objects to mention of her dying wish
59 Supreme Court vacancy looms large in 2nd NC Senate debate
60 Enthused by G.O.P. Support, Trump Says He Will Announce Supreme Court Pick on Saturday
61 U.S. Prepares to Take Sudan Off List of States That Support Terrorism
62 Schumer's options in the battle to replace RBG
63 Trump's Shadow Stretches over the Battle of Two Toms
64 Trump doubts Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish, claiming Democrats wrote it
65 Senate GOP plans vote on Trump's court pick before election
66 Chuck Schumer isn't an 'angry centrist' anymore
67 Schumer says he used the wrong words following Supreme Court backlash
68 Why Tuesday should make the Senate's top Democrat very nervous
69 Chuck Schumer condemned after abortion comments
70 Schumer accuses McConnell of 'putting barriers in the way' of funding state and local governments
71 Schumer makes push for more small business help
72 Sen. Chuck Schumer celebrates gains in $2T stimulus deal, says Democrats 'improved it'
73 Chuck Schumer: Mitch McConnell is 'appalling'
74 Sen. Chuck Schumer On New York, The Response So Far And A Possible Fourth Relief Bill
75 Schumer, Eyeing Senate’s Top Job, Navigates Tricky Impeachment Terrain
76 Schumer calls on top Republicans to make a deal on coronavirus relief
77 Schumer calls out McConnell: I am just appalled
78 Schumer: 'The President seems to think if we don't test,' Covid will 'go away'
79 Twitter fight erupts between Alaska politicians and Sen. Chuck Schumer over coronavirus relief cash
80 Chuck Schumer: America will remember this day
81 Does Chuck Schumer Have an AOC Problem?
82 Chuck Schumer wants to put at least $750 billion into third coronavirus response plan
83 Chuck Schumer embraces an old friend: The media
84 Schumer says he is 'optimistic' Congress will strike a deal on more coronavirus relief
85 Schumer says it's unknown if stimulus deal is enough to offset the economic damage of coronavirus
86 Schumer tells America: 'Trump has quit on you'
87 ‘It’s my guilty pleasure’: Schumer admits to spending nearly $9,000 on cheesecake
88 Schumer Pushes for $175B from Federal Government to Reopen Schools Safely
89 Chuck Schumer’s Very Bad Week
90 Republican COVID-19 relief bill is "stingy," top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer says
91 Schumer denounces 'paltry' and 'unworkable' Trump coronavirus executive actions
92 Sen. Chuck Schumer says President Trump's 'got to go' in election, if not removed by the Senate
93 As nation grapples with crisis, McConnell and Schumer aren't negotiating -- with each other
94 On 'The View': Schumer slams Trump, McConnell for coronavirus response
95 Why you should care about the Chuck Schumer-John Roberts dust-up
96 What Is Chuck Schumer Doing?
97 Sen. Schumer on coronavirus stimulus: We have a deal
98 Sen. Chuck Schumer announced major COVID-19 relief legislation today in Big Flats
99 Schumer v. McConnell on SALT: Who’s gonna give?
100 Chuck Schumer backs $120 billion restaurant fund as aid talks sputter