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1 Low system to bring a ‘tale of two seasons’ to Newfoundland and Labrador
2 There’s snow on the way for parts of Newfoundland, but Cindy Day says it won’t stick
3 Coldest day of the fall heading to Atlantic Canada
4 CINDY DAY: Lots of time – but we’re running out of names
5 WORLD METEOROLOGICAL DAY: Cindy Day helps people plan their days and keeps them safe
6 CINDY DAY: Rave reviews for this summer treat turned tradition.
7 VIDEO: Laura will fizzle, bring rain to Atlantic Canada, meteorologist Cindy Day says
8 CINDY DAY: Hurricane Hang-ups | Weather-By-Day | Weather
9 Cindy Day says it will be hazy, hot and humid for P.E.I. on Thursday and Friday
10 CINDY DAY: Super summer solstice statistics
11 Tropical storm Isaias to miss P.E.I., says SaltWire Network chief meteorologist Cindy Day
12 CINDY DAY: All set for a nightly spray of shooting stars
13 CINDY DAY: Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event to see Comet NEOWISE
14 Laura expected to bring rain, wind to P.E.I., but 'nothing to be concerned about,' says Cindy Day
15 CINDY DAY: Dog Days and Cat Nights?
16 CINDY DAY: A moth, by any other name
17 Maple recipes shared with Cindy Day | Food-And-Drink | Lifestyles
18 CINDY DAY: Marine monikers | Weather-By-Day | Weather
19 More hurricanes expected in Atlantic provinces this year, says Cindy Day
20 Cindy Day says it will be warmer than normal this summer on P.E.I.
21 CINDY DAY: To my fickle Facebook friends
22 WORLD METEOROLOGICAL DAY: For meteorologists like Cindy Day, the proof of climate change is in the forecast
23 CINDY DAY: Drawing a link to the past | The Guardian
24 CINDY DAY: Inspired by iridescence | Weather-By-Day | Weather
25 CINDY DAY: Those darn – but handy – dandelions
26 CINDY DAY: In a scramble over eggs
27 SaltWire Network meteorologist Cindy Day answers 20 questions
28 CINDY DAY: Recipes for satisfying your sweet tooth
29 CINDY DAY: Reaching out to a special lady
30 Looking to dodge what's left of Laura? Head to the Annapolis Valley
31 CINDY DAY: Honing in on the background buck
32 Incoming spring storm could turn into weather bomb for P.E.I., says Cindy Day
33 SaltWire meteorologist Cindy Day says powerful nor'easter will miss P.E.I. this weekend
34 CINDY DAY: From sap to syrup to your table
35 CINDY DAY: Overwhelming outpouring of love for senior’s milestone
36 CINDY DAY: Venus shows us the way
37 Teddy bears down on Cape Breton: wet, windy, wavy weather expected
38 In the wake of tragedy, Nova Scotians find solace in stunning sunset
39 CINDY DAY: Adieu, April | Weather-By-Day | Weather
40 CINDY DAY: A simple, heartfelt thank you
41 CINDY DAY: A blizzard of stories about the spring storm of ‘72
42 CINDY DAY: MMM...marvellous maple
43 P.E.I. weather, travel updates for Tuesday, Sept. 22
44 Weather bomb dropping on P.E.I. this weekend, says SaltWire Network meteorologist Cindy Day
45 CINDY DAY: What’s the first sign of spring?
46 CINDY DAY: The magic of Mel
47 Hurricane Teddy continues its path toward Atlantic Canada
48 Spring storm will be an overnight event for P.E.I., says Cindy Day
49 CINDY DAY: Groundhog Day is coming – but where did the legend begin?
50 One of the worst storms in a long time is on the way to Newfoundland and Labrador, says Cindy Day
51 GRANDMA SAYS: Haircuts by the light of the moon
52 Change in the air: SaltWire Network meteorologist Cindy Day calls 'climate awakening' biggest weather story of 2019
53 CINDY DAY: Old Man Winter will overstay his welcome
54 8 Times Cindy Crawford Went Totally Makeup Free
55 VIDEO: Lightning brightens Cape Breton skies overnight
56 CINDY DAY: From B.C. to Newfoundland – via Mexico
57 GRANDMA SAYS: I wonder where the yellow went
58 Cindy Cavallaro-Day
59 WEATHER U: How hot is it, really?
60 More than 40 millimetres of rain to wash away Thursday's snowfall in Halifax, Cindy Day says
61 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Sunset split | Cindys-Snapshot | Weather
62 CINDY DAY: Weather bomb brings blizzard
63 WEATHER U: Seadog on the Bay of Fundy
64 WEATHER U: Udder-ly cool clouds
65 Climate change evident in Cindy Day's year-end weather review
66 WEATHER U: A tale about the tail end of a storm
67 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Double rainbows in Petitcodiac, N.B.
68 GRANDMA SAYS: Moonlight guides us in the garden
69 WEATHER U: Seasonal flip causes a flap
70 WEATHER U: Waterspout spotted off Newfoundland
71 GRANDMA SAYS: Now more than ever, it’s important to believe
72 CINDY DAY: New moon – no moon | Weather-By-Day | Weather
73 WEATHER U: Facebook funnel
74 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Northport like never before
75 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Spectacular sunrise over Cape Breton
76 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Blossoming in the Annapolis Valley
77 P.E.I. weather, travel updates for Wednesday, Sept. 9
78 WEATHER U: Snowflake formation
79 Cindy Day predicts this winter could be a snowy one in Nova Scotia
80 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Fair night over Dartmouth
81 WEATHER UNIVERSITY: The blue hour beauty
82 GRANDMA SAYS: Three snows before winter goes
83 WEATHER U: A different kind of Corona
84 VIDEO: All about Cindy Day
85 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Homesick for haying
86 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Waterlilies in Grand Pre
87 Cynthia Day Obituary (1965
88 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Where the whales are
89 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: The clock is ticking on the Comet
90 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Spectacular sunset over Lower Sackville
92 Introducing Cindy Day: 5 things to know about our new meteorologist
93 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Samantha & Sophia – in step in the sunshine!
94 Victim of E. coli O157:H7 outbreak sues ALDI in federal court over poison romaine
95 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Scoping out a cedar waxwing in Berwick, N.S.
96 CINDY DAY: Tracking the first nor’easter of the season
97 CFO of the Year winner: Cindy Day, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
98 Latest Dorian forecast from meteorologist Cindy Day
99 Weather
100 CINDY'S SNAPSHOT: Sand and surf at Greenwich National Park in P.E.I.