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1 Another Big Winner: Citizens United
2 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Out of Control!
3 The Fossil Fuel Industry's Dark Money Is Getting Even Darker
4 Letter to the Editor: Hart hypocritical on Citizens United stand
5 The 2020 election was the most expensive in history, but campaign spending does not always lead to success.
6 David Bossie, who was named to lead Trump effort to challenge election results, tests positive for coronavirus
7 Pro-Trump voting advocacy group tied to Indiana lawyer is sued over election lawsuits
8 Justices Won't Consider Super PAC Contribution Limits
9 Trump Reportedly Taps Ex-Campaign Exec David Bossie To Lead Legal Challenges To Election Results
10 All noise, no substance
11 Citizens United Explained
12 Empowerment means listening to people, not money
13 COVID-19 news: Coronavirus tested flights to take off from John F. Kennedy, Newark Liberty airports next month
14 America's Captured Courts by Sheldon Whitehouse
15 Inglewood caps campaign contributions at $100,000 to avoid new state law
16 Opinion: Campaigns Are Rewarded For Winning, Not Being Cost-Effective
17 Congress Has the Power to Override Supreme Court Rulings. Here's How.
18 'Dark money' group raises fears in Illinois energy negotiations
19 Citizens United 10 years on
20 Trump advisor hints at lawsuit if vote doesn't go their way
21 Let Native Americans show the way | Editorials |
22 Greasy, slimy, gopher guts
23 SLO County's new $25,000 campaign donation limit among highest in state
24 China's leadership grab on climate change
25 Taking Stock Of The Supreme Court's Citizens United Decision, 10 Years Later
26 UAE halts new visas to citizens of 13 mostly Muslim states
27 Despite some big losses, top spenders won 88 percent of 2020 races
28 Citizens United repeal reaches democracy reform Final Four
29 UAE to Grant Citizens $2 Billion in Homes, Land, Mortgages
30 Citizens United changed U.S. politics, not in the way people expected
31 No quick or easy fixes for divided country
32 10 years after landmark Citizens United Supreme Court decision, record cash flooding US elections
33 ANOTHER VIEW: Citizens United 10 years on
34 Charles Koch Got the Free-Market Dystopia He Wanted. Now He'd Like Your Approval.
35 Chef leaves Commander's Palace | News, Sports, Jobs
36 The Landscape For Campaign Finance, 10 Years After Citizens United
37 Roaming Charges: Dumb All Over, Again
38 Biden-Harris Administration tasked with dismantling America's history of hate
39 How Citizens United Threatens Judicial Independence
40 Pandemic Exposes Citizens United Blunder
41 Citizens United Is Widely Misunderstood | News, Sports, Jobs
42 Citizens United shaped the decade in countless outrageous ways.
43 US Supreme Court Reversed Some Precedents in Citizens United But Not Those Involving Disclosure
44 Amendment to nullify Citizens United finally gets air time in the House
45 Former President Obama Tells His Story His Way — And Makes His Case For History
46 End Citizens United with US Constitution | Op-Ed
47 Campaign to Overturn Citizens United Keeps Racking Up Wins
48 Letters to the Editor | Opinion |
49 2 US citizens detained for speaking Spanish in Montana store settle border patrol lawsuit
50 Seattle Takes On Citizens United
51 A Realistic Strategy for Overturning Citizens United
52 Exclusive: White House considers lifting European travel restrictions
53 Carbajal holds virtual ceremony to recognize new U.S. citizens
54 Opinion: We must unite, work together for the future of America
55 Time to Reverse ‘Citizens United’ and Corporate Constitutional Rights
56 Election 2020: Rep. Katie Porter declares victory over Greg Raths in 45th congressional district
57 Common Ground
58 Sen. Reinbold apologizes for venting about masks aboard Alaska Airlines
59 Trump's Flynn Pardon: Will the Judge Accept It?
60 Who funds the Arizona Mirror? What this dustup teaches us about free speech and the press
61 Dark Money Attacks Judges for Being 'Soft on Crime'
62 Opinion | The Supreme Court’s “Breathtakingly Radical” New Approach to Election Law
63 Citizens United
64 The Capital Area United Way encourages locals to assist struggling charities with '225 Give' event
65 South Korea: Kim Jong Un has executed citizens, locked down capital to stop COVID-19 spread
66 Virginia woman worried about safety of sister detained in British Virgin Islands
67 Back off Citizens United, blame Mitch McConnell for big money in politics
68 'Dark money' in politics skyrocketed in the wake of Citizens United
69 Updated: Atlanta Police: Suicide attempt at Buckhead Theatre building averted
70 Labor Roundup | December 2020
71 Hypocrites United: In the spirit of Citizens United, documentarians release ‘Totally Under Control’; more power to them
72 To engage young Americans in politics, we must end Citizens United
73 JOEL FREEDMAN: Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision should be overturned
74 Peace Train: Is the United States a failure?
75 Emily Murphy works for the United States, not the president
76 Citizens United may soon be embraced by the Left
77 Citizens United calls on FEC to close 'loophole' after Bloomberg sends $18M to DNC
78 Citizens United, dark money square off in Democracy Madness
79 How Citizens United led directly to Trump's impeachment.
80 Montana organizations, Tester push to overturn Citizens United ruling
81 Citizens United was a triumph for free speech
82 Biden announces endorsements from End Citizens United, Let America Vote | TheHill
83 As Citizens United Turns 10, We Need Candidates Who Will Fight to Get Money Out of Politics
84 Ukraine ranks second in number of children adopted by US citizens in 2019
85 Highlights of Amy Coney Barrett's questioning at Supreme Court confirmation hearing
86 Citizens United, ten years later
87 Bernie Sanders says Citizens United has been ‘disastrous.’ Is he right?
88 Since Citizens United, a Decade of Super PACs
89 Congress (Finally) Considers Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
90 Trudeau: Canadians won't be among the first to get vaccine
91 End Citizens United files FEC complaint against Jim Hagedorn
92 G20 Summit: G20 leaders united to address major global pandemic and economic challenges
93 5 surprising consequences from a decade of Citizens United
94 'I love this country': 28 new citizens from 12 countries take oath in Lancaster ceremony
95 17 become U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony at the Erie Federal Courthouse
96 US can kill its own citizens without review when state secrets are involved, DOJ lawyer argues
97 NH Primary Source: End Citizens United PAC dropping direct mail for four Democratic state senators
98 10 years later, Americans stand opposed to Citizens United | TheHill
99 CBP Enhances Biometrics for Non-US Travelers Entering and Exiting the United States
100 Community Newsletter: Racine Literacy Council | Faith & Community