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1 Trump administration imposes big hike in immigration fees
2 U.S. immigration and citizenship applications will be more costly. Here are the new fees
3 New USCIS Immigration Fees Hit Businesses, Citizens And Students
4 Apply for citizenship before USCIS increases filing fees
5 Oversight of US Citizenship and Immigration Services
6 It’s now easier for immigrants to get benefits and become citizens using the USCIS website
7 With improved financial outlook, USCIS buys more time to avoid employee furloughs
8 USCIS Announces Fee Increases
9 Citizenship application fees nearly double
10 USCIS postpones planned furloughs
11 USCIS accepting applications for Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Programs
12 USCIS updates website to include more multilingual resources, user-friendly features
13 Planned furloughs of USCIS workers delayed
14 With deadline looming, USCIS employees brace for furloughs
15 Lawmakers ask DHS leaders to postpone USCIS furloughs
16 USCIS Wastes Time and Money With Increased Vetting in Citizenship Processing
17 How USCIS budget shortfall is impacting local employers
18 advocates speak out as immigration document fees increase by 20 percent; US becoming one of four countries to charge for asylum
19 Coronavirus Created a Backlog of Thousands Waiting for U.S. Citizenship. Will They Get It In Time to Vote?
20 Immigration Updates
21 The Cost of Applying for US Citizenship is Increasing
22 Immigrants close to U.S. citizenship find delays and uncertainty
23 Now navigate USCIS in Hindi, Urdu,...
24 USCIS budget shortfall could mean a longer wait for immigrants
25 Federal Citizenship Agency Delays Furloughs for Two-Thirds of Its Staff
26 More than 300,000 immigrants may not become citizens in time to vote as COVID-19 stalls process
27 USCIS Discloses Delays In Issuance Of Permanent Resident Cards And Employment Authorization Documents; Trusted Traveler Program Resumes For New Yorkers
28 The Trump administration’s no-blanks policy is the latest Kafkaesque plan designed to curb immigration
29 Citizenship Renunciations Have Doubled from 2019 to 2020 Under Trump
30 Congress must bail out federal immigration agency
31 Welch vows to fight USCIS furloughs | News |
32 Naturalization backlog: Many immigrants awaiting citizenship won’t be able to vote in November
33 Dear Sophie: How can I speed up getting a green card?
34 The US Dept. of Labor and Immigration Authorities are Going to Examine Business Immigration Petitioners Much More Closely
35 USCIS Adjusts Fees to Help Meet Operational Needs WASHINGTON—Today, the Department of Homeland Security announced a final rule that adjusts fees for certain immigratio
36 USCIS balks on taking new DACA applications, despite court order
37 Welch to cosponsor bill to avert USCIS furloughs in Vermont
38 What Trump's New H-1B Order Means for Federal Subcontractors
39 Asylum officers say proposal weaponizes public health to advance hard-line Trump agenda
40 Dear Sophie: Can I bypass H-1B and sponsor a grad for a green card?
41 Public Comment Opposing Proposed Asylum Bars
42 Application Period Open for Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Programs
43 Thousands are becoming US citizens at drive-thru naturalization ceremonies
44 H-1B Visas And Trump’s Next ‘Merit-Based’ Immigration Plan
45 Trump Cuts Legal Immigrants By Half And He’s Not Done Yet
46 The U.S. hired me to protect refugees. Now it tells me to abandon them.
47 Trump Issues Election-Year Order On H-1B Visas And Federal Contracts
48 Attacks on immigrants must stop. We have to build a better future | Opinion
49 2nd Circuit limits injunction on 'public charge' rule to three states
50 U.S. Agencies Agree to Share Information in New Enforcement Initiative Targeting H-1B and Immigrant Workers
51 Appeals court blocks Trump 'public charge' immigration rule in 3 states
52 Weekly Update: DHS Response to COVID-19 – Homeland Security Today
53 Immigration Agency That Issues Visas, Green Cards Struggles to Stay Afloat
54 How Trump’s immigration orders affect visas and green cards
55 There’s some good news for immigrants looking for USCIS benefits, but they’ll have to wait
56 Hundreds Of Thousands Of Immigrants May Miss Out On Voting Amid Naturalization Delays
57 In search of opportunity and community: Internal migration of refugees in the United States
58 Furlough notices arrive for some 13,400 USCIS employees
59 Tech giants challenge Trump's work-visa ban
60 US immigration services to lift 30-day window to file employment documents for asylum applicants
61 Ilhan Omar wants to rewrite U.S. immigration policy—if she can win the DFL primary first.
62 US Citizenship and Immigration Services doesn't deserve a blank check | TheHill
63 USCIS has had to slow down during the pandemic. Some immigrants will benefit from this
64 USCIS is reopening amid coronavirus. Here are some changes U.S. immigrants will see
65 U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services District Offices To Open On June 4 And Relax Agency Rules In Light Of COVID-19 Pandemic
66 After Uighurs Escape China, They Face the U.S. Asylum System
67 The U.S. immigration agency needs a $1.2 billion bailout, and negotiations have put Democrats in a bind
68 Most USCIS services have been halted due to coronavirus. Here’s what immigrants can do
69 Critics: USCIS Policies Make Immigration Difficult And Dangerous
70 Federal immigration agency to furlough employees unless Congress provides funding
71 USCIS anticipates major furloughs
72 Standoff over emergency funding leaves 13,400 immigration workers facing furlough
73 U.S. just updated a key requirement that could delay an immigrant’s path to citizenship
74 US Citizenship and Immigration Services could have to furlough 13K workers
75 Citizenship Concerns Remain As Immigration Agency Reopens
76 Trump's contempt for advice and consent | TheHill
77 USCIS pushes potential furlough date for 13,400 employees back to August
78 US Citizenship and Immigration suspends in-person immigration services
79 USCIS Seeks Surcharge to Immigration Applications
80 $1 billion shortfall, furloughs could bring US immigration system to a halt
81 US Citizenship And Immigration Services Proposes Sharp Fee Hikes For Records : Shots
82 Coming USCIS Furloughs Expected to Further Delay Petition Processing
83 US immigration agency proposes job cuts that could halt system
84 CommonWealth Magazine
85 USCIS Offices Planning to Reopen on or After June 4
86 Federal Judge Rules Acting Immigration Services Director Was Unlawfully Appointed
87 What Do the USCIS Furloughs Mean For Green Card and Citizenship Applications?
88 USCIS: Coronavirus testing won't count under public charge rule
89 Here are five USCIS changes that will impact legal immigrants in the U.S. in 2020
90 USCIS Seattle office closes amid fears of coronavirus
91 Trump administration extends visa ban to non-immigrants
92 Critics Charge Slow Immigration Processing Nets USCIS Billions In Fees
93 Immigration budget crisis reflects change in policy
94 Immigration Updates
95 Immigration: Actions Needed to Strengthen USCIS's Oversight and Data Quality of Credible and Reasonable Fear Screenings
96 IRC comment opposing proposed USCIS fee schedule changes
97 USCIS resumes naturalizations, ushers in 2000 new citizens
98 USCIS Decides by Not Deciding
99 Immigration Officers Union Backs Court Challenge to Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Program
100 13,000 jobs in jeopardy at USCIS