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1 An ode to watermelon. Why it's the best summer fruit. And if you don't agree, you're wrong
2 When Bad Watermelons Explode on Good People
3 All Medical Students In Iran Must Now Take Courses In Islamic Medicine
4 New genomic analysis may lead to improved watermelon | Cornell Chronicle
5 Harvesting Genes to Improve Watermelons
6 The 5,000-Year Secret History of the Watermelon
7 Should watermelon be the Kansas state fruit? The question’s ripe for debate at Capitol
8 New genetic research effort aims to make watermelons tastier, more resilient
9 Novel watermelon rootstock knocks out disease and pests
10 Moon & Stars watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) / Seed-spittin' melons makin' a comeback
11 Gardening for the Record: Watermelon — incredible and edible
12 Watermelon crop could be an opportunity in Africa
13 Protecting the watermelon from climate change
14 Top 5 Beauty And Wellness Trends According To Whole Foods
15 Mummy DNA helped solve the mystery of watermelons
16 Tsamma Melon
17 Whole Foods Creates In-Store Excitement for Beauty
18 Suspension of fresh cucurbit trade from Queensland to New Zealand
19 5 Best Watermelon Skin Care Products You'll Want In Your Routine
20 RECIPES: Seven ways to savor every last bit of a watermelon
21 Enjoy the health benefits of egusi
22 JoAnne Skelly: The amazing watermelon
23 Nigeria's Egusi
24 Robo snack could be an opportunity for Nigerian watermelon industry
25 Eight hydrating products that do wonders with watermelon
26 Human impact on the activities and social behaviour of urban capuchin monkeys
27 Sephora Collection | After-Sun Mask Watermelon
28 Time for watermelons: Take your pick of size, shape or color
29 Unravelling the messy history of the watermelon
30 Ancient texts, paintings reveal the evolution of watermelon
31 Whole Foods' Beauty Week includes huge sale, $20 Beauty Bags
32 Exploring the gourd family of cucumbers, squashes and melons
33 Nigeria: Egusi
34 5 Popular American Foods that are actually from Africa American foods from Africa
35 Partial FICA Tax for Governmental 457(b) Plan Contributions
36 Scientists Discovered the Importance of Wax for Plants Survival in the Desert
37 Watermelon genome decoded: Scientists find clues to disease resistant watermelons
38 How to Choose the Best Watermelon
39 Market Access List
40 Holy horticulture: The powerful properties of Quranic plants
41 Desert plants use a secret weapon to endure the extreme heat
42 AQSIQ: China Allowable Imported Fruits (Updated 24 February 2017)
43 Bumble bee pollination trials in vine crops
44 Garden centres are go! The 3 things you should buy first, according to the experts
45 Watermelon Is The Official Vegetable Of Oklahoma (+10 More Fun Facts)
46 Gardening: Consider ‘The Melon.’ The time is ripe for a sweet reevaluation
47 Metformin influences nitrogen and urea metabolism
48 Argentine Blueberries Cleared for Import to China
49 Search for herbal cancer cures advances
50 UI lecturer writes paper on how to boost immunity against COVID-19
51 Register TODAY for the June 26 Food Systems Student Symposium
52 Here's What the Watermelon Was Up to Before It Tasted Good
53 LongHouse Reserve To Honor Amy Goldman On Heels Of Publication Of 'The Melon'
54 NIR spectroscopy to quantify carotenoid and sugar content in watermelons
55 15 Science-Backed Benefits of Watermelon
56 Cambodian Bananas Achieve Permission for Import into China
57 How to find locally grown, flavorful melons
58 Impact of vitamins, supplements, and diet on cancer treatment-related hair loss
59 Global $275 Billion Nutraceuticals 2017-2021: New Applications for Probiotics, Genetic Modification and Diet as Products Make Gains in Rx Territory
60 Toothpaste, Rum, Oreos, and 17 Other Things Flavored With Watermelon
61 Watermelon Oil
62 Bees Prefer Shortest Distance Between Two Flowers
63 Summer food: Watermelon tastes great in a variety of recipes
64 Watermelon: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
65 Watermelon, man!
66 50 plants mentioned in the Holy Quran at Islamic garden
67 Senate sours on lemonade as official state drink
68 Herbal medicine shows potential to treat cancer
69 Cantaloupe and Watermelon Nutrition
70 Watermelon shown to boost heart health, control weight gain in mice
71 Herbal combo reduces viral load, increases CD4 count in HIV/AIDS patients
72 In Season: Fresh ideas for summer melons
73 In vitro molecular study of wound healing using biosynthesized bacteri | IJN
74 Watermelon: Health benefits, nutrition, and risks
75 Why this Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask has a 5000 person waitlist
76 Kitchen Window: The Many Melons Of Summer
77 Even more great seed companies that gardeners should know
78 Watermelon Confidential: Dessert And So Much More
79 Herbal mix boosts sperm quality, pregnancy rate
80 9 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Watermelon Seeds