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1 Spain’s new education law hampered by lack of consensus
2 Madrid will close its borders for 10 days in early December
3 Madrid considers closing regional borders ahead of long weekends
4 Spanish prime minister approves new state of alarm with plans to keep it in place until May
5 Spain planning tax hikes for highest earners as part of expansive budget
6 Spanish Congress approves six-month extension to state of alarm as coronavirus crisis grows
7 Spain: Minister called to resign over migrant crisis
8 Nearly all of Spain’s regions set to close their borders ahead of long weekend
9 The Madrid exception: Why not even a pandemic has killed the city’s nightlife
10 EU 'troublemakers' back Trump over Biden in US election
11 Spain's COVID-19 state of emergency faces backlash
12 Renew Europe calls for a peaceful and constitutional solution to the current political crisis in Peru
13 Culture : Carrizosa (Citizens) calls for "a great constitutional coalition" to put an end to the 'procés'
14 European Commission for the massive use of rapid corona tests
15 Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera quits after election debacle
16 Spain’s pro-market Ciudadanos pick Inés Arrimadas as leader
17 What’s really behind Madrid’s improved coronavirus figures?
18 Upyd Autopsy Is The First Crack Of Bipartisanship
19 Spain to avert political crisis, extend virus lockdown
20 Pitingo turns Twitter upside down after controversial comment on Bildu and jihadism
21 Spain’s Unidas Podemos party pushes for sweeping migrant regularization
22 3BL Media Announces 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2020
23 Government intervention of Madrid looms as region refuses to adopt stricter coronavirus measures
24 Who are Vox, and who are their voters?
25 Coronavirus: What is BBVA doing to help citizens?
26 Spain's Socialists again seek to rule without majority as Ciudadanos collapses
27 Madrid chief warned against refusing hospital aid to care home residents: ‘They’ll die in undignified conditions’
28 Ciudadanos: civil patriotism or nationalism?
29 U.S. charges 5 Chinese citizens in global hacking campaign
30 Prime Minister Sánchez seeks final extension to state of alarm in Congress
31 Naturalized Citizens Make Up Record One-in-Ten U.S. Eligible Voters in 2020
32 Spain passes decree aimed at combatting standstill in justice system due to coronavirus crisis
33 In gridlocked Spain, caretaker PM explores an unlikely Plan B
34 State Department says it's retrieved over 18,000 US citizens stranded abroad amid coronavirus pandemic
35 Economic spokesman of Spain's Ciudadanos quits party over far-right deals
36 Madrid asks central government for help amid chaotic handling of coronavirus crisis
37 A new political bandwagon? The rise of Ciudadanos in Spain
38 Ciudadanos, the 'Podemos of the right', emerges as political force in Spain
39 Opposition Popular Party backs stricter lockdown, but slams government “improvisation”
40 Trump Takes Night Off From Anti-Immigrant Talk to Swear In U.S. Citizens
41 Government faces fresh criticism in Congress, may lack support for new state of alarm
42 Spanish government considering nationwide state of alarm to implement a curfew
43 Madrid High Court strikes down Health Ministry’s coronavirus restrictions
44 Why Spain's Top Populist Is a Centrist
45 With state of alarm set to end in Madrid, government looks for new ways to control coronavirus spread
46 Spain seeks two-week lockdown extension even as deaths fall
47 Spain’s National Day celebrations marked by political tension and protests
48 Arrimadas Shifts Spain's Liberal Party Back to the Center
49 In Coronavirus Fight, China Gives Citizens a Color Code, With Red Flags
50 Barriers to US citizenship are un-AmericanLas barreras a la ciudadanía son antiestadounidenses
51 Coronavirus Shutdown May Keep Thousands of New Citizens from Voting
52 Spain’s Ciudadanos party faces internal crisis over shift to the right
53 Spain’s centrist party is struggling to stay that way
54 Is Peru Witnessing a Parliamentary Coup?
55 China rounds up Wuhan's citizen journalists for 'provoking quarrels'
56 Americans evacuated from virus-hit China arrive in California as death toll rises to 170
57 Spain’s political parties lock horns over far-right Vox’s ‘parental veto’
58 Spain’s Congress of Deputies approves fourth extension to state of alarm
59 Spanish health minister on pandemic: ‘The situation is worrying, unstable and fragile’
60 The latest trend among wealthy American travelers? Buying another country’s citizenship.
61 More than 300,000 immigrants may not become citizens in time to vote as COVID-19 stalls process
62 Andalusia’s regional government ignored reports warning of West Nile virus risks for years
63 Lawsuit filed against Trump over stimulus checks denied to those married to immigrants | TheHill
64 Several Spanish regions announce new measures to curb coronavirus spread
65 Protestors take to the streets to oppose new selective lockdowns in areas of Madrid, calling for regional premier to quit
66 Madrid announces new restrictions on social gatherings to curb coronavirus spread
67 Spain’s prime minister gears up for fight to extend state of alarm
68 As Madrid is offered 7,500 military personnel to combat coronavirus spread, experts consider what has gone wrong in the region
69 It’s long past time to let incarcerated citizens vote
70 More than 5.2 million Spaniards are now under coronavirus mobility restrictions
71 Spanish government declares state of alarm
72 Spain approves ‘new normality’ rules as Covid-19 cases rise
73 At Least 13,500 Americans Abroad Need Help Getting Home, State Dept. Says
74 Madrid, Health Ministry reach deal that could see the Spanish capital confined
75 Scandal over Covid-19 deaths at Madrid nursing homes sparks fierce political row
76 Stranded Abroad, Americans Ask: Why Weren’t We Warned Sooner?
77 Seoul's smart city platform based on 'citizens as mayors' philosophy
78 Coronavirus: US bars foreigners, quarantines citizens who visit China
79 U.S. citizen children with undocumented parents unfairly denied coronavirus relief, federal lawsuit asserts
80 China Threatens to Detain Americans if U.S. Prosecutes Chinese Scholars
81 Spain’s PM pledges millions of euros in relief for coronavirus emergency
82 Most of the 23 million immigrants eligible to vote in 2020 election live in just five states
83 Citizens shouldn't need Bloomberg's help to exercise their rights
84 New election, new strategy: Spain’s center-right parties change their message
85 Political parties divided over former king’s decision to leave Spain
86 4 more planes filled with US citizens fly back from Wuhan
87 Spanish government proposes new national pact for coronavirus recovery effort
88 Chile demands indigenous presence in the constitutional process
89 How Spain Shamed Itself by Leaving the Elderly to Die Under Coronavirus
90 Health Ministry voices doubts about improved coronavirus data from Madrid
91 Civil Guard dismissal sparks political row in Spain
92 Confusion but no chaos, as Madrid sees new coronavirus restrictions implemented in 10 cities
93 Its Economy Battered by COVID-19, Spain Tries a Guaranteed Minimum Income
94 Venezuela: 2 US 'mercenaries' among those nabbed after raid
95 These U.S. citizens won't get coronavirus stimulus checks
96 COVID-19: Council adopts measures to help the most deprived EU citizens
97 How the US government seized all citizens' gold in 1930s
98 Spanish Congress approves new proposals for coronavirus recovery effort
99 Cities Will See Citizens Flee, Fearing Continued Riots And The Reemergence Of Covid-19
100 America’s Poll Worker Shortage Is a Brewing Crisis