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1 Esper's end-around on Trump harmed civil-military relations
2 What Myanmar's Coup Reveals About the Country's Contested Civil-Military Dynamics
3 ‘A Day with Company Commander’ initiative boosts civil-military relations in Kashmir
4 Rebuilding National Security and Improving Civ-Mil Relations
5 Something’s happening in Armenia. But is it a coup?
6 Lloyd Austin takes first steps to repair a battered Pentagon
7 Generals gaining ground: Civil-military relations and democracy in Indonesia
8 Myanmar's military will struggle to hold on to power
9 Myanmar's Troubled History: Coups, Military Rule, and Ethnic Conflict
10 China's Military-Civil Fusion Strategy: What to Expect in the Next Five Years
11 Situational Ethics Drove the Military's Decision to Delay Female Officer Promotions
12 The US Military and the Capitol Mob by Charles C. Krulak
13 Civil-Military Relations from Trump to Biden
14 BtH: Civil-Military Relations | The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies
15 The Looming Crisis in Civil-Military Relations
16 Civilian Control of the Military Is a Partisan Issue
17 Biden Inherits a Challenging Civil-Military Legacy
18 How Trump Damaged US Civil-Military Relations—and How to Repair Them
19 The U.S. Military Must Be Nonpartisan, but Not Apolitical
20 The Re-shaping of Arab Civil-Military Relations
21 COVID-19's Impact on Civil-Military Relations
22 The Pentagon needs more civilian control over the military now, not less
23 “Beyond the Beltway” — What's the Civil-Military Crisis?
24 The Real Threat to Civilian Control of the Military
25 Opinion/Owens: Trump and civil-military relations
26 US civil-military relations and Donald Trump | Daily Sabah
27 First survey of West Point cadets' attitudes about civil-military relations raises concerns
28 How Trump broke civil-military relations
29 The Insurrection Act and the Future of Civil-Military Relations
30 Veering toward a civilian-military crisis | Hub
31 Why Did the Tatmadaw's 'War Fighters' Seize Power?
32 Breaking Ranks in a Civil-Military Crisis: Strategic Communication to Register Dissent
33 Lloyd Austin: challenges and oppurtunities await the new defense secretary
34 Elections and civil-military relations in Myanmar
35 Civil-Military Lessons from Latin America
36 The Return Of The Generals? Civil-Military Relations In Latin America At Times Of Pandemic
37 What Can Military and Civilian Leaders Do to Prevent the Military's Politicization?
38 Bureaucratizing to Fight Extremism in the Military
39 This is Not a Civil-Military Crisis
40 McConnell on Ret. Gen. Austin's Nomination and Civil-Military Relations
41 Shifting Norms About Secretary of Defense Has Long-Term Consequences: On the Austin Nomination
42 Now Is a Bad Time to Weaken Civilian Control Over the Military
43 ‘Civil military relations are as bad today as they’ve ever been’: Fmr. Army Major General
44 Trump allegedly disparaged America’s war dead. The backlash probably won’t decide the election.
45 The Precarious State of Civil-Military Relations in the Age of Trump
46 Army General Running Petrobras Will Learn About Oil on the Job
47 Protests rock Armenia as PM slams ‘coup’ attempt
48 Trump is demolishing our democracy's relationship with the military
49 Japan's Myanmar Dilemma: How Hard To Push Against Military Coup Leaders?
50 The Many Questions Trump’s Pardons Raise About Civil-Military Relations
51 It's Time to Crowd-Source Questions About Civil-Military Relationships
52 When duty goes AWOL: Military leaders must take a stand on civil-military relations | TheHill
53 Funding in Place for New Projects on Security and AI
54 OP-ED: Who are the Myanmar military?
55 How wars in Iraq and Afghanistan contributed to today’s deteriorating civil-military relations
56 Technology and Future War Will Test US Civil-Military Relations
57 Biden's Defense Secretary Pick Raises Concerns About Civil-Military Relations
58 We need a civilian, not a soldier, in charge of defense
59 Important Context Missing from the Austin Nomination Debate
60 What’s happening in Portland could hurt civilian control of the military. Here’s how.
61 White House Ties With Military Face Major Test
62 Top brass offer insight on the road ahead
63 What the military coup means for Myanmar's ethnic conflicts
64 Is There Trouble Brewing for Civil-Military Relations in the U.S.?
65 As Sudan Reemerges, US and Russia Eye a Strategic Seaport
66 Myanmar's Contested Civil-Military Relations in the Spotlight With New Spat
67 Anit Mukherjee on India's Chief of Defense Staff and Civil-Military Relations
68 A New Role for Joint Civil-Military Interaction
69 Post-CHAOS Homework on Civil-Military Relations
70 When Political Partisanship And The Military Collide
71 What is Happening in Myanmar? Coup, Protests and More News
72 In the Wake of CHAOS: Civil-Military Relations Under Secretary Jim Mattis
73 Pakistan's Civil-Military Relations | YaleGlobal Online
74 Let's Temper the Rhetoric About Civil-Military Relations
75 A recent book speaks to the absent dialogue in India’s civil and military relations
76 A “surreal nightmare” in the Czech Republic and the global armed response to Covid-19
77 “Not your grandfather's militaries:” Researching new models of civil-military relations in Africa: International Relations
78 55 Years After Execution in Syria, Israeli Spy Eli Cohen Still Makes Headlines
79 America’s Political Turmoil Is Threatening the Norms of Civil-Military Relations
80 Cyber Civil-Military Relations: Balancing Interests on the Digital Frontier
81 Relations Between The White House And Military Leadership
82 At Mattis's Side: Civil-Military Relations in the Age of Trump
83 Is Veterans' Preference Bad for the National Security Workforce?
84 The Real Problem With 'Politicizing the Military'
85 Towards a Concept of Good Civilian Guidance
86 Technological Prowess, Lethality, and the Civil-Military Divide
87 Regimental traditions retained at 88th Army Day parade despite Covid-19
88 WOTR Podcast: Civil-Military Relations Gone Wild?
89 PM Khan terms civil-military relationship 'excellent'
90 Notes On Turkısh Polıtıcs (I): Strong State Tradıtıon
91 Uncivil Military Relations?
92 Mac Owens on the forgotten dimensions of American civil-military relations
93 Congress: Don't Grant Austin a Waiver, but If You Do, Reform the Process
94 Generally speaking, military leaders should steer clear of politics
95 Lloyd Austin pledges 'competent civilian control' of the military as defense secretary
96 Civil-military relations in the time of COVID-19: GVS special interview with Dr. Ejaz Hussain
97 Civil-military relations in countering terrorism in Indonesia
98 How a new Amnesty report sheds light on Myanmar's civil-military relations
99 What Lt. Col. Vindman's Testimony Says About Civil-Military Relations and Military Justice
100 Keeping Up Civ-Mil Relations