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1 Trump officials and conservatives discuss 'woke tech' at summit
2 The Origins of Trump’s Slapdash, Last-Second ‘1776 Report’
3 America Is Paying the Price for Right-Wing Pandering
4 Commentary: The Claremont Institute and Trump's Politics of White Fear
5 Conservatives, Trump officials quietly meet in Las Vegas to discuss 'woke tech'
6 Claremont Lincoln University Launches Inaugural Advisory Council for MPA Program
7 COVID-19 spike hits Claremont restaurants with quarantines, scares off customers
8 Controversial law professor John Eastman retires from Chapman University
9 Why LA Weekly publisher Brian Calle bought the Village Voice
10 Village Voice purchased by right-wing focused owner that bought LA Weekly
11 A Reply to the Claremont Institute's claim that “America is Not Racist”
12 Leslie Arthur Brewer
13 Arnn receives Claremont Institute Statesmanship Award
15 The Ideas Behind Trump’s 1776 Commission Report
16 Trump Campaign Asks High Court to Toss Wisconsin Absentee Votes
17 Conservative Claremont Institute sells out for President Trump | Mona Charen
18 Orwell's '1984' and today
19 Thinking It Through: Claremont Institute panels cite COVID, election law as threats to Constitution
20 New Telfair Museums leader: Museums can be a 'safe haven for dark times'
21 COVID-19 cases climb in Claremont; schools shift to remote learning
22 Media & Democrats praise Biden’s ‘greatest since JFK’ inaugural speech, but defeated Republicans appear unconvinced
23 John Gingrich: University of La Verne Dean Emeritus
24 The Claremont Institute receives humanities medal from the White House
25 Meet the Spring 2021 Victory Congressional Interns
26 Claremont Institute Chairman Thomas Klingenstein: Trump 2020: A Man vs. A Movement
27 The White Supremacist “Scholars” Pushing the Kamala Harris Birther Lie
28 Republicans sponsor two bills to limit, criminalize late-term abortions in NH
29 CGU, CMC, KGI, Pomona, Scripps, Pitzer issue statements condemning Capitol riot
30 X-Men: What REALLY Happened in the Original Phoenix Saga? | CBR
31 Wolverine Is Secretly Marvel's BEST Mentor | CBR
32 Claremont Institute Awards Salvatori Prize to Benson Center Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought & Policy Colleen Sheehan
33 How Michael Anton’s ‘Flight 93 Election’ Essay Defined the Trump Era
34 Claremont’s New Class of Fellows Would Make Its Founders Weep
35 Our Brush With Google Censorship
36 Google’s Attack on the Claremont Institute Must Not Stand
37 The Return of Casey Luskin
38 Be Well: Leading with Purpose
39 The role of The Claremont Institute
40 Trump's Cloud of Gossip Has Poisoned America
41 Trump speechwriter’s ouster sparks racially charged debate
42 A top Interior official has controversial views on race. He used a white supremacist website to support them.
43 Secession, From Either Left or Right | Opinion
44 At Claremont Institute, Christine O’Donnell Was Taught ABCs of Homophobia
45 The Problem of Free Speech in an Age of Disinformation
46 NYC celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.
47 Republicans need to unite in defense of America's culture
48 Stephen Miller’s Second-Term Immigration Agenda Is Worse Than He Wants People to Know
49 Trump Vowed to Undo Law That Made Kamala Harris American
50 In New Books, Claremont Institute Scholars Tackle the Administrative State.
51 The Berkeley Activist's Calendar, Jan. 24-Feb.3. Category: Events from The
52 Trump-loving think tank wracked with white nationalist controversy.
53 California ballot proposal threatens to reverse Arnn political legacy
54 An Attack on Founding Principles at the Claremont Institute
55 Radio Free Trump
56 ‘Charge the Cockpit or You Die’: Behind an Incendiary Case for Trump
57 On White Flight and “Whataboutism”: 10 Blocks podcast
58 Google's Ban On Claremont Ad Is Another Black Eye For Big Tech
59 Trump's New US Media Chief Raises Concerns Of Politicization
60 FEDERAL WORKFORCE: Interior hires another vocal Black Lives Matter critic
61 The test for those who want to reopen the economy too soon: You go first
62 Was America Conceived in Racism? Joel L. Daniels Debates Ryan P. Williams | Opinion
63 Knowing Steve Bannon shouldn’t stop a qualified official from leading the VOA
64 Former Republican Herald publisher Uzal Martz dies
65 Trump can recover from this: Goodwin
66 The Academic Home of Trumpism
67 Selectively Defending the Constitution at the Claremont Institute
68 America Is Fast Becoming a Woke Theocracy | Opinion
69 Sen. Bob Menendez accuses Trump media agency nominee Michael Pack of possible self-dealing, illegal activity
70 How the coming of a conservative Midwestern college divided a small CT town
71 Page A1
72 Opinion | Republicans Have Another Option. It’s Not Trumpism.
73 For first time in years, California immigrants see hope, not fear, coming from White House proposals
74 ‘Birtherism 2.0′: Newsweek Accused Of Publishing Racist Op-Ed Questioning Kamala Harris’ VP Eligibility
75 Claremont Institute Announces Ryan Williams As New President
76 Michael Pack, the man making waves at America's broadcasting agency
77 Exclusive: Trump Interior Hire Cited White Supremacist, Called Black Lives Matter ‘Racist'
78 Researchers Balk at Trump's Last-Minute Picks for Ed. Science Board
79 Warhol Foundation Announces Fall 2020 Grant Recipients
80 Pitzer Announces All-Encompassing Racial Justice Initiative
81 Wait, Wasn't Peter Thiel a Libertarian?
82 LA Weekly owners buy Marina Times, Village Voice – The San Francisco Examiner
83 We're Booked: Join NPR At This Year's Virtual National Book Festival
84 The Plans For Post-Election Violence To Seize Victory From The Ballot Box
85 We Gamed Out The 2020 Election And Our Constitution Can Handle It
86 Pomona College non-faculty staff furloughed until 2021 | Claremont Courier
87 Column: Star Parker: Conservative answers for poverty (10/15/20)
88 Lawyer behind racist attack on Kamala Harris once billed NC $78K for anti-gay rights work | The Progressive Pulse
89 Donald Trump isn’t a conservative, he’s a big-spending nationalist
90 When conservatives become revolutionaries
91 Trump vs. Trojan Horse Biden: A Choice Between America and America Canceled | Opinion
92 100 colleges with the best ROI | Smart Change: Personal Finance |
93 Did Trump’s pick to lead the VOA misuse nonprofit funds? D.C.’s AG is on it.
94 No, Mr. Trump, VOA is not Chinese propaganda. Now don’t turn it into U.S. propaganda.
95 Trump’s embarrassing Four-Pinocchio claim about Florida and Ohio
96 $5 million grant goes to Keck Graduate Institute for new medical school
97 US Media Agency reform triggers fears for global internet freedom
98 Liberty and Justice for All: An Open Letter to Fellow Citizens in Defense of American Institutions
99 Claremont Graduate University
100 Toby Gardenhire to manage Saints