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Result Content Idea Research
1 Labour has to start telling a story about Britain's past, present and—more importantly— its future
2 Does 'October surprise' matter?
3 September 23: ON THIS DAY in 1949, Reds set off A-bomb blast
4 What Labour should really learn from its own history
5 Keir Starmer’s rather conservative message to Britain
6 Sir Keir Starmer speech: It's time to get serious about winning
7 Fire up your laptop. Let’s build the big ideas for Labour to win
8 Red herring: the real Clement Attlee
9 Culture Secretary: The National Trust should 'preserve' our heritage, not criticise Churchill
10 The ghost of Clement Attlee
11 The mouse that thundered: what we get wrong about Clement Attlee
12 How millions of veterans were returned to civilian work en masse after WWII
13 Look To Clement Attlee, And Not Churchill, For Britain's Post-Coronavirus Future
14 Nick Thomas-Symonds: "Who are usually the victims of crime? Women, poorer communities and minorities. That is a progressive issue"
15 Clement Attlee
16 Attlee and Churchill review – a deft account of a terrific double act
17 Attlee and Churchill: leaders united through war
18 WW3 horror: Nuclear experts 'feared easy destruction of UK' in recently unsealed documents
19 75 years since Clement Attlee as PM shows how far Labour have fallen
20 At Potsdam Conference palace, unprecedented exhibition focuses on China, Asia theater of war
21 “Be bold”: Trade union leaders issue challenge to Labour leadership
22 Jeremy Corbyn's staggering Brexit ignorance laid bare: 'What's this backstop, Keir?'
23 Boris Johnson is trashing Britain's reputation. Labour cannot stand by
24 Why Clement Attlee sets a fine example for Boris to follow, says LEO McKINSTRY
25 Never Mind Churchill, Clement Attlee Is a Model for These Times
26 Letters to the editor
27 Why the ideal of meritocracy only deepens inequality
28 Coronavirus: Ed Miliband launches Clement Attlee-style green rescue plan
29 Jeremy Corbyn is a pale imitation of Clement Attlee
30 Clement Attlee broke Labour's 1945 promise on home rule for Scotland
31 75 years on: What can Keir Starmer learn from Attlee's victory?
32 Clement Attlee on the campaign trail in Scotland, 1955
33 The revenge of the special relationship
34 Prophetic reason Clement Attlee REFUSED to take Britain into EU exposed
35 From Attlee to Blair: what Starmer can learn from four Labour leaders
36 Grim power still in symbols of past
37 Ministerial caricatures, presidential letters, and overseas stamps – FCDO lifts lid on 300 years of documents
38 Today's Labour Party is nothing like that of Clement Attlee. Soft-socialists should vote for Boris
39 Will our Prime Minister save as many lives as ‘boring’ Clement Attlee did? – Susan Morrison
40 Sunak has to put up taxes but the question is when
41 Clement Attlee: Cold War records reveal new side to popular prime minister
42 Letter: If only we had a leader with the same sense of justice as Clement Attlee
43 Clement Attlee at 80
44 It happened today
45 Revealed: the child Clement Attlee helped save from the Nazis
46 A Man for All Seasons – the Life and Times of Clement Attlee
47 How will the UK function with a sick prime minister?
48 Winning against Winnie
49 75th anniversary of the Attlee Labour government
50 The odd couple: Wartime allies and peacetime enemies Attlee and Churchill forged a unique bond
51 Churchill and socialist Attlee putting country before party is lesson for Boris and Corbyn
52 The ‘will of the people’ can change. Ask Clement Attlee
53 Clement Attlee: Labour's own Captain Mainwaring
54 The Steady but Unremarkable Clement Attlee
55 Revealed: British PM Clement Attlee took in Jewish child on eve of WWII
56 Is Corbyn as lacking in drive and personality as Attlee? Let’s hope so
57 To win again, Labour must embrace radical patriotism
58 Clement Attlee dead
59 The life and times of Clement Attlee, the man who created modern Britain [Timeline]
60 These are the lessons we must learn to save the economy
61 Citizen Clem: 'extraordinary biography' of Clement Attlee wins Orwell prize
62 REVEALED: The PROPHETIC reason Clement Attlee REFUSED to take Britain into Europe
63 How the coronavirus crisis has renewed the case for the welfare state
64 Labour leadership: A century of ups and downs in charts
65 Clement Attlee's progressive pilgrimage
66 The time is ripe for a coronavirus coalition government
67 In search of the new Attlee: Labour must abandon Corbynism and respect the opposition to stand any chance of future success
68 Clement Attlee: An unromantic hero
69 Letter: Britain has its own example of a ‘humble’ leader
70 Why we need a Clement Attlee 2.0
71 Clement Attlee, the original Ed Miliband
72 Books Attlee and Churchill by Leo McKinstry
73 Ernest Bevin, forgotten giant of British politics
74 Why Britain should embrace values of Clement Attlee and Margaret Thatcher – Bernard Ingham
75 In the age of coronavirus, we should look again at how Britain was rebuilt after 1945
76 Coronavirus: Unions demand Attlee postwar-style shakeup of UK economy
77 Dan O'Donoghue: 'Cheer for Boris, vote for Labour', a 2024 campaign in the making
78 The 1945 Rising: What Labour can learn about winning a majority after a crisis
79 VE Day: Politicians remember how Churchill won the war and lost the peace
80 Clement Attlee detested faddish radicalism – you couldn't say that Jeremy Corbyn is his heir
81 Ernest Bevin: working-class hero
82 Citizen Clem review – the unparalleled achievement of Labour under Attlee
83 This Clement Attlee quote on referendums is going viral
84 Churchill’s Socialist Foil
85 Chairman Mao letter to Clement Attlee fetches £605,000
86 COLUMN: I lived under socialism -- and not where you think
87 Citizen Clem by John Bew review – exemplary biography
88 In the spirit of Attlee, Labour should embrace aviation
89 1945-51: Labour and the creation of the welfare state
90 Winston Churchill's picture mysteriously vanishes from Google's list of British Prime Ministers
91 Sir Winston Churchill: Chauffeur's archive sells for £520
92 Court closed as news of war's end prompts street party
93 Was patriotic reformer Clement Attlee on the Labour Party's left or right?
94 Climate activists: Prepare to win the peace after the coronavirus war
95 Former UK PM Attlee believed Bengal may opt to be separate country in 1947: Declassified documents
96 Labour's unlikely leader | Arts & Leisure
97 Is Jeremy Corbyn a latter-day Attlee?
98 Lessons in leadership from Clement Attlee and George Lansbury
99 Today in history: Aug 2 | National News |
100 Labour’s class of ’45 remembered