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1 NOAA's "new normal" climate report is anything but normal
2 Emissions Cuts Could Drop the Impact of Melting Ice on Oceans by Half
3 Heather’s Weather Whys: Buffalo's winter low temperatures are rising
4 As Covid-19 restrictions end, C02 emissions spike back up after a brief drop
5 These seven Louisiana cities are hotter than they were just 20 years ago
6 NOAA: Minnesota warming faster than other states
7 For The Elderly In Nursing Homes, Climate Change Poses Graver Risks
8 This new beer tastes like climate change, and it’s not good
9 The Effect Of Climate Change On Seniors, Vaccine Hesitancy's Effect On Herd Immunity, And Stingrays Snacking
10 Newly released climate data shows Central Texas getting hotter and rainier
11 Affordable housing could be hit hard as sea levels rise
12 Colorado brewer makes an awful tasting beer on purpose
13 Too hot to handle? Experts weigh in on if Phoenix could become uninhabitable due to climate change
14 SMILab develops new low-cost strain sensor
15 Forecasting change: Did pandemic shutdowns help climate change?
16 Meeting Biden's New Climate Target Starts with Affordable, Sustainable Housing
17 Early human impacts and ecosystem reorganization in southern-central Africa
18 French banks told to speed up response to climate change
19 How central banks are tackling climate change risks
20 French Regulator Urges Insurers, Banks to Speed Climate Change Response
21 Goodbye to the 1980s — at least for how we define climate normals | TheHill
22 GOP pretends climate change can't possibly affect immigration from Central America
23 Kamala Harris blames a lack of 'climate adaptation' in Central American countries for migrant crisis
24 WATCH NOW: Northam speaks at Green Business Alliance launch
25 On Climate, Biden Takes On ‘Our Generation’s Moonshot’
26 Sea Levels Could Rise Even More Than Feared As Antarctic Ice Sheet Melts
27 U.S. hotter than it's ever been, NOAA says
28 Mexico's AMLO Says Oil Central to Climate Commitments as Pemex ESG Strategy Questioned
29 Data visualization reveals impacts of climate change on displacement
30 Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know
31 Central Coast Voices: Combating the climate crisis and pursuing environmental justice
32 Republicans ask why White House removed climate scientist
33 Are Europe's Climate Action Goals Realistic?
34 Corporate secrecy over climate change targeted by Washington and California
35 As Climate Change Fuels More Intense Hurricanes, Some Sharks May Be Better Suited To Ride Out The Waves
36 California Leads the Way on Conservation and Climate
37 Earlier Springs Driven By Climate Change Taking A Toll On Birds Migrating Through Florida
38 Frosty Start Thursday Will Give Way To Highs In The Low 60s
39 New climate normals released, summer temperatures slightly higher
40 Wineries taking glass-half-full approach to pandemic
41 Climate change impacts conservation sites across the Americas
42 Central Banks And Climate Change
43 Arctic biodiversity at risk as world overshoots climate planetary boundary
44 China’s Belt and Road projects face climate change challenges
45 This Is The Rainiest Start Denver Has Seen In 80 Years, But Most Of Colorado Is Still In Extreme Drought
46 Storms slam south-central Kentucky before cooler, drier air moves in
47 ADAPTATION: Whitest paint ever spotlights dark effects of city heat
48 Buresh Blog: April Rainfall... Safe Drinking Water... “New” Climate Averages... Hurricane Prep Week.... Night Skies
49 UC Davis Joins Statements on UN, US Sustainability Goals
50 2021's Climate Emergencies
51 Central PA warming since first Earth Day
52 The Climate Tipping Point We Want by Gernot Wagner
53 French central banker pushes back against warnings of bankruptcy wave
54 Charlottesville gas station chain makes unexpected bet on solar power
55 As utilities match CCAs on price, aggregators increase climate action, grow economies of scale to compete
56 How these 3 companies are getting an early read on emerging budget picture
57 Drought conditions have California farmers considering all options
58 AP Top Stories May 4 P
59 Union leader: 'With more social ambition, climate ambitions will also become higher'
60 Installing Solar Panels Over California's Canals Could Yield Water, Land, Air and Climate Payoff
61 15 Minutes: Erin Linn and Her Third-Grade Class at Durham's Central Park School for Children
62 Arizona's water supply could be impacted by continued drought conditions
63 Terrifying map shows parts of Liverpool could be 'underwater' by 2100
64 Tuesday's Daily Pulse
65 Sean Sublette of Climate Central Talks Influences a Warming Planet Has on the Jet Stream
66 Legendary Sargasso sea may be sea turtles' destination during mysterious 'lost years'
67 Nearly 50% of Pandemic Costs Will Fall on Advanced Economies, World Government Summit Report Finds
68 NWS Dought Briefing cautions dry conditions to persist through summer
69 Whitefish considers mandatory curbside recycling program
70 Climate Change Threatens Homes of Boston's Most Vulnerable
71 Opinion: Compound risks and complex emergencies require new approaches to preparedness
72 The Pulitzer Center 2021 Annual Conference
73 Biden: American Families Plan ensures four extra years of public education
74 Ocean at the Door: New Homes and the Rising Sea
75 More Hot Days Are Coming With Climate Change. Our Choices Will Decide How Many
76 Climate change research shows Columbus’ coldest days are getting warmer
77 Blistering Future Summers for 1,001 US Cities
78 Climate Central work with weather forecasters affirmed
79 U.S. Cities We Could Lose to the Sea
80 Take a Look at One of the First Climate Models In Action
81 White House: Climate Change Poses Urgent Health Risk
82 As Seas Rise, Americans Use Nature to Fight Worsening Erosion
83 The High Cost of Hot
84 These U.S. Cities Are Most Vulnerable to Major Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise
85 Deadly Texas blackout shows our vulnerability to coming climate extremes
86 Views diverge on energy projects
87 Images Show Impact of Sea Level Rise on Global Icons
88 Study Reveals Stunning Acceleration of Sea Level Rise
89 New Analysis Shows Global Exposure to Sea Level Rise
90 These Are the Crazy Climate Records from 2016 You Haven't Heard Much About
91 The Fingerprints of Global Warming on Extreme Weather
92 American Icons Threatened by Sea Level Rise: In Pictures
93 Rising Seas Spark Tobacco-Style Lawsuits in California
94 Atlantic Hurricane Season is Seeing More Major Storms
95 2016 Officially Declared Hottest Year on Record
96 February's Warmth, Brought to You by Climate Change
97 Climate Change is Tipping Scales Toward More Wildfires
98 The Coming Flood: A Data Error Is Corrected, and Our Future Is Rewritten
99 Meltdown: More Rain, Less Snow as the World Warms
100 Global Warming Tipped Scales in Europe's Heat Wave