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1 Climate change: Consumer pose 'growing threat' to tropical forests
2 Tropical forests in Brazil and elsewhere are being cut down, making it more difficult to attack climate change
3 How to save the Amazon rainforest | TheHill
4 To help the planet, help the forest protectors
5 As COP26 looms and tropical deforestation soars, REDD+ debate roars on
6 Mountain high: Andean forests have high potential to store carbon under climate change
7 Mountain high | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis
8 Carbon uptake in regrowing Amazon forest threatened by climate and human disturbance
9 No quick fix for climate change
10 Undisturbed forests could cease to exist in large tropical humid regions by 2050, study says
11 Indigenous peoples are being shortchanged as forest guardians: Report
12 South Africa’s potential to expand tree cover as a climate mitigation tool
13 Apple and partners launch first-ever $200 million Restore Fund
14 Promoting Climate Change Action in Latin America and the Caribbean
15 Empowering Indigenous peoples crucial to climate, biodiversity crises: Study
16 New York Deforestation-Free Procurement Act Introduced | NY State Senate
17 Shades of REDD+The Risk of Diverting Carbon Finance from Nature to Technological Carbon Removals
18 Tropical forests soak up huge amounts of greenhouse gas. Climate change could end that
19 Saving and restoring tropical forests has enormous value for the planet and the economy
20 Rivers can be climate change solutions, too (commentary)
21 How Does Coffee Pulp Help Costa Rica Reforestation?
22 Rainforest model offers glimpse into future of the Amazon
23 Apple And Partners Set Up Fund To Clean Up The Planet
24 Rivers Have the Potential To Act as Shock Absorbers to Climate Change
25 Methane emissions offset some blue carbon burial benefits
26 Ethiopia: The Need to Fight Forest Degradation in Ethiopia
27 Could 2021 be a turning point for forests and climate change?
28 Landslides Mar the “Pearl of Africa”
29 A bacteria found in a common tree could solve climate change
30 Tropical forests can handle the heat, up to a point
31 Biosphere 2 Study Shows Tropical Forests More Resilient To Climate Change Than Predicted
32 Forests in Brazil emitting more carbon than they absorb due to climate change: Study
33 Legume trees key to supporting tropical forest growth
34 Saving forests to fight climate change will cost $393 billion annually
35 Warming threat to tropical forests risks release of carbon from soil
36 Amazon rainforest is now contributing to climate change: study | Daily Sabah
37 Are fish migrations revealing a massive extinction event is on the way?
38 Impact of Effort to Reduce Amazon Deforestation Overestimated, Study Finds
39 Trees can help slow climate change, but at a cost
40 New study shows where we should grow more forest to fight climate change
41 Tropical forests can take the heat, study finds. Dryness? Not so much
42 Biosphere 2 study: Tropical forests may be more resilient to rising temps
43 Forests are a solution to climate change. They're also vulnerable to it
44 In Panama, nitrogen-fixing trees unlock phosphorus and other scarce nutrients
45 Study Reveals Types of Forests that Store Carbon Most Effectively
46 Can tropical forests protect us against climate change?
47 Some Amazon rainforest regions more resistant to climate change than previously thought
48 Reflections on Forestry When Confronted With the First Timber Harvest Plan of the Year in My Watershed – Redheaded Blackbelt
49 Environment: How much carbon do forests absorb?
50 Some guitar makers in pursuit of sustainable manufacturing
51 Methane-Munching Bacteria Could Be The Solution to 'Treethane' Emissions
52 Despite high hopes, carbon absorbed by Amazon forest recovery is dwarfed by deforestation emissions: Regrowing forests are absorbing just a small proportion of the carbon dioxide released from widespread deforestation in the Amazon, according to new evidence
53 Without planting more trees in the tropics, we can't fix the climate (commentary)
54 France's tropical forest conservation efforts: an interview with AFD's Gilles Kleitz
55 Targeted Ecosystem Restoration Can Protect Climate, Biodiversity
56 Ending tropical deforestation is vital to public health, scientists say
57 Scientists reduce uncertainty in forest carbon storage calculations
58 Global forest restoration and the importance of empowering local communities
59 California Bill Targets Boreal & Tropical Forest Loss
60 Some Amazon Regions May Resist Climate-Driven Drying Better Than Thought
61 NAU scientists contribute to critical global study showing 'best of the last' tropical forests urgently need protection to mitigate climate change, safeguard human well-being
62 Healthcare as climate solution | Stanford News
63 Less than half of world's humid tropical forests have high ecological integrity: Study
64 No time to waste: Tropical forests become source of global warming
65 Paris accord 'impossible to implement' if tropical forest loss not stopped
66 US Intelligence Community report projects physical impact of climate change will intensify over next 2 decades
67 These youth hold a secret weapon against climate change | Greenbiz
68 The push for standing forest protections in US climate policy
69 New data allows scientists to accurately measure the carbon flux of forests | Greenbiz
70 Loss of tropical forests makes climate change worse » Yale Climate Connections
71 Mitigation potential of Congo Basin remains largely unknown, but not for long
72 Alert system shows potential for reducing deforestation, mitigating climate change
73 Deforestation Drives Disease, Climate Change and It's Happening at a Rapid Rate
74 Climate change is driving widespread forest death and creating shorter, younger trees
75 New NICFI program supports disaster management efforts to combat devastating effects of climate change
76 What type of forest to choose for better CO2 storage?
77 REDD+ carbon and deforestation cuts in Amazon overestimated: Study
78 Climate Action
79 Professor Tracey Osborne Taking on Complex, Grand Challenges in Climate and Social Justice | Newsroom
80 Climate change solutions: forest restoration might be one of the best ways to fight climate change
81 How much greenhouse gas emission comes from tropical deforestation and peatland loss?
82 Billions of tons of CO2 could be released from tropical soils •
83 Restoring degraded tropical forests generates big carbon gains
84 Better health care can help prevent tropical deforestation
85 Tropical forests may soon hinder, not help, climate change effort
86 Legume trees support tropical forest growth by releasing nutrients from ancient soils
87 Climate change threatens European forests: Well over half of Europe's forests are potentially at risk from windthrow, forest fire and insect attacks
88 Active restoration accelerates the carbon recovery of human-modified tropical forests
89 Local Communities Can Restore Forests, Help In Climate Change Mitigation: Study
90 Rewilding key to averting mass extinctions and reducing carbon emissions
91 Using forests to fight global warming
92 Cyclone Amphan of 2020 resulted in USD 14 bn economic losses in India: UN report
93 Scientists Highlight Need to Restore Logged Rainforests in a Hotter and Drier Climate
94 Human Activities Obliterated Two-Third of Earth's Tropical Rainforests Between 2002-2019: Report | The Weather Channel
95 Mangroves Could Help Save Us From Climate Change. Climate Change Is Killing Mangroves.
96 Tropical Deforestation Is the Third-Biggest Carbon Emitter in the World
97 Are Forests Carbon Sinks or Carbon Sources?
98 As 2020 approaches, the climate action spotlight is on forests
99 Climate The Climate Emergency: 2020 in Review
100 Restoration of degraded grasslands can benefit climate change mitigation and key ecosystem services