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1 Brazil opens 'spectacular' Antarctic research base, but will it have the cash to fulfill its potential?
2 Second Brazilian Museum Fire in Two Years Sparks Calls for Reform
3 Brazil will reopen its Antarctica base Comandante Ferraz next January
4 Brazil to open new Antarctic research base replacing one that burned down
5 Brazilian Navy Seeking A New Antarctic Support Vessel
6 The Coolest Architecture on Earth Is in Antarctica
7 Brazil’s new US$100 million Antarctic base, built by China
8 Brazil inaugurates state-of-the-art Chinese built Antarctic base
9 Antarctica architecture hot stuff
10 Antarctic architecture is finally taking shape | News
11 Brazil to open new Antarctic research base
12 Brazil to reopen Antarctic research station
13 Chinese company builds Brazil's new Antarctic base – Macauhub
14 Brazil Finally Opens New Base in Antarctica
15 Brazil inaugurates new Antarctic research base(1/3)
16 Aesthetics and efficiency: The coolest architecture on Earth is in Antarctica
17 Vice President Mourão Reopens Brazilian Base in Antarctica on Tuesday
18 Brazilian Antarctica base reopened from its ashes after eight years
19 Brazil begins reconstruction of Antarctica base “Comandante Ferraz” lost to fire in 2012
20 How Antarctic bases went from wooden huts to sci-fi chic
21 Brazil to inaugurate new Antarctica research base. Funding worries persist
22 In Antarctica, Architecture is Heating Up
23 Plans revealed for Brazil’s Antarctic research station on King George Island
24 Brazil starts building snazzy new research station in Antarctica
25 Antarctica hits 69 degrees days after record-breaking heat
26 Brazil to open US$52 million research base in Antarctica
27 News at a glance
28 A new way of measuring ice melt in Antarctica, Greenland sounds alarm about global sea level rise
29 Brazil to begin rebuilding its burned Antarctic base
30 Two die in fire at Brazil's Antarctic research station
31 NOAA gives a 75 percent chance for 2020 to be warmest year on record
32 In Antarctica, isolation within isolation for a group of Brazilians
33 Washington Post: This is 'the safest place in the world' right now | KyivPost
34 Antarctic architecture is getting snazzier | News
35 Antarctica: The Ice-Covered Bottom of the World (Photos)
36 This Antarctic Research Base Actually Looks Pretty Cozy
37 Fire at Antarctica station kills 2 Brazilian sailors
38 The struggle to leave Antarctica and leave out the covid-19
39 How Antarctic bases went from rickety wooden huts 100 years ago to £80million sci-fi pads fit for 65 people
40 A Photo Trip to Antarctica
41 Oi activates 4G, upgrades telecoms at Brazil's Antarctic station
42 A Trip to Antarctica
43 Brazil begins next year work on new Antarctic base at a cost of 54m dollars
44 Antarctic Winters Trigger Psychological Hibernation So People Can Cope With Isolation and Darkness
45 Safety Check
46 NASA captures strikingly rectangular iceberg off antarctica
47 architecture in antarctica |
48 Brazilian yacht sinks crushed by Antarctic ice close to Chilean base
49 Polar scientists drill 2,000-year-old ice core
50 Developing nations seek a share of Antarctica's spoils
51 Antarctica ice melt is 'unstoppable'
52 Robot dolphins spy Antarctic melt
53 10,000-Year-Old Antarctic Ice Shelf Will Disappear by 2020, NASA Says
54 Discovery in Antarctica Changes Everything We Think We Know About Aliens
55 Antarctic Outpost To Use Wind, Solar Energy To Survive
56 Iceberg nearly erases penguin population
57 Antarctic sea ice could be thicker than thought, robot submarine finds
58 Harmonia 57 Triptyque Sao Paolo Brazil
59 Antarctic region to become the world's largest marine protected area
60 Antarctica penguins unable to return home due to iceberg grounding
61 Chile plans to build a new icebreaker and has earmarked an initial 150 million
62 Lewis Pugh to undertake 'world's most dangerous swim' in Antarctic for campaign to make Ross Sea a protected area
63 Scientists Record Penguins Making Sounds Underwater for the First Time
64 Claude Lorius interview: The glaciologist on proving global warming with whiskey, and playing footie in Antarctica
65 Not Your Granny's Chandelier: Bike Chain Lighting