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1 Why Biden’s Repeal Of The Anti-Bias Training Ban Was So Important For Federal Employees
2 Quick Hits
3 Biden Administration Revokes Diversity Training Restrictions
4 ALA Statement on Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
5 Trump Signs EO on Race and Sex Stereotyping
6 Combating Race/Sex Stereotyping: OFCCP Sets Up Hotline
7 OFCCP Issues FAQs Concerning Executive Order "Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping"
8 Executive Order Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping: OFCCP Issues Guidance, Some Professional and Trade Associations Issue Statements Opposing It
9 AAM Statement in Response to the Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
10 OFCCP Provides Additional Guidance On “Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping” Executive Order
11 President Biden Issues Executive Order Addressing Sexism and Structural Racism, and Rescinding the Trump Administration’s Diversity Training Restrictions
12 Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping: 5 Things Contractors Should Do Now
13 President Trump’s ‘Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping’ Significantly Impacts Permitted Federal Contractors’ Workplace Diversity Training
14 White House Issues Executive Order Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
15 OFCCP Issues FAQs on Executive Order Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
16 Top 10 Things to Know About the Executive Order on Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping
17 Federal Agencies Issue Contract Clauses Implementing ‘Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping' | The National Law Review
18 Trump Executive Order Barring Race and Sex “Stereotyping and Scapegoating” Poses Special Challenges for Universities and Colleges
19 BREAKING NEWS: President Biden Overturns Trump-Era Executive Order On Combatting Race And Sex Stereotyping
20 President Biden Revokes Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping Executive Order
21 Trump Issues Executive Order 13950 to Combat Race and Sex Stereotyping Imposing New Requirements on Government Contractors
22 OFCCP Publishes FAQs Addressing Combating Race And Gender Stereotyping Executive Order
23 UPDATE: Race And Sex Stereotyping Notice Provision Now Available For Inclusion In New Contracts
24 Race and Sex Stereotyping EO Affecting Federal Contractors
25 What Contractors Need to Know about E.O. 13950, Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
26 Civil Rights Organizations File Lawsuit Seeking to Halt President Trump’s Executive Order Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
27 Second Update: President Biden Revokes Executive Order 13950
28 Congressional, Executive, and Legal Developments for Government Contractors to Consider
29 District Court Partially Enjoins Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping Executive Order
30 Executive Order Combats Race and Sex Stereotyping
31 Court Enjoins Race and Sex Stereotyping Order Enforcement
32 Trump Executive Order on Diversity Training Enforcement Enjoined
33 Review of Select Biden Administration Actions Impacting Federal Contractors
34 Thawing The Chilling Effect: Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Trainings Following The President’s September 2020 Executive Order Titled “Combating Race And Sex Stereotyping”
35 DOL Issues Guidance on Controversial Executive Order on Combating Race and Sexual Stereotyping
36 Brown encourages federal court to block executive order on race and sex stereotyping
37 Executive Order 13950
38 Trump Attack on Diversity Training Has a Quick and Chilling Effect
39 Race and Sex Stereotyping EO Preliminary Injunction
40 The Beginning Of The Biden Administration – What Federal Contractors Need To Know
41 NH lawmakers debate banning schools from teaching about systemic racism and sexism
42 Trump order on 'race and sex stereotyping' disingenuously misrepresents history
43 DOL Set to Enforce President Trump’s Executive Order 13950 on Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping
44 Can Federal Contractors Provide D&I Training? Executive Order on Combating Race and Sexual Stereotyping Leaves Federal Contractors With No Clear Answer
45 Hospital groups send letter to Trump criticizing executive order on race and sex stereotyping in healthcare
46 Nessel opposes Trump's order on 'Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping'
47 OFCCP's Response to Trump Training EO
48 Executive Order Requires Federal Contractors to End Implicit Bias Training or Face Sanctions
49 Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government
50 9th Circ. Blocks EO Banning Certain Forms of Diversity Training
51 Court Order Enjoins Enforcement of Executive Order Limiting Diversity Training
52 Government Contracts Legal Round-Up | 2021 Issue 2
53 Trump's Diversity Executive Order Is Disruptive, But Not for Long
54 Trump's diversity training restrictions muddle compliance
55 Executive Order Prohibiting Divisive Workplace Trainings | WilmerHale
56 The Latest on Executive Order 13950’s Impact on Diversity Training
57 Trump executive order on diversity training roils corporate America
58 How the New Executive Order Affects Federal Contractor Workplace Diversity Training
59 Diversity, Equity, and Racial Sensitivity Training After Executive Order 13950
60 Federal Court Blocks Executive Order That Banned Certain Diversity Training Topics
61 Stanford Nixes Diversity Order Compliance Checklist
62 Weekly Update for Government Contractors and Commercial Businesses – February 2021 #2
63 The Latest on EO 13950: The Fate of Workplace Diversity Training May Rest on the Election
64 White House offers details on diversity training crackdown
65 New EO Focuses on Diversity & Inclusion Training
66 The Ogletree OFCCP Bulletin: January 2021 | Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC
67 9th Circuit Issues Temporary Ban on EO 13950
68 Executive Order Prohibits Inclusion of “Divisive” Concepts in Workplace Training
69 Unconscious bias training still allowed in the US under President Trump's diversity training Executive Order
70 President Biden Repeals Executive Order 13950
71 What a Biden-Harris win means for Trump's diversity training order
72 President Joe Biden rescinds Donald Trump ban on diversity training about systemic racism
73 How Nonprofits Can Stop Trump's Effort to Roll Back Diversity Training
74 The Biden Administration: What May Be Ahead and Already Is Happening
75 In Trump’s bizarro world of White resentment, calling out racism is itself racist
76 Exclusive: U.S. State Department suspends all diversity training after Trump's directive
77 Trump Administration Bans Contractors from Providing Certain Types of Diversity Training
78 Executive Order Prohibiting “Divisive” Training Is Put On Hold
79 Dan Utech Is EPA's Incoming Chief Of Staff
80 Trump’s executive order discourages discussion of race and gender | COMMENTARY
81 An Executive Order, an Outcry and an Opening
82 NAACP Legal Defense Fund challenges Trump's diversity training order in court
83 UofM suspends diversity training in response to presidential executive order
84 Trump’s crackdown on training about white privilege draws broad opposition
85 What Is Fetishization And How Does It Contribute To Racism?
86 DOL OFCCP FAQ on Trump's Executive Order on Race and Sex
87 A Systematic Approach: Biden Revokes Trump's EO 13950 and Calls for a "Whole-of-Government" Racial Equity Agenda
88 U of M says diversity training should be suspended to comply with Trump's executive order
89 New Executive Order Targets Federal Contractors' Diversity & Inclusion Training Programs
90 Trump says he moved to end racial sensitivity training in federal agencies ‘because it’s racist’
91 William Jackson Harper Says President Trump’s Executive Order Scared Cadets From Discussing ‘Malcolm X’
92 Update: USAID pauses all diversity and inclusion training
93 OFCCP Publishes Voluntary Request For Information In Connection With Combatting Race And Gender Stereotyping Executive Order
94 Reading the Executive Order | Confessions of a Community College Dean
95 Executive Order Prohibiting Bias Training? Ignore That. DoD Issues Class Deviation to Comply with Nationwide Ban on EO 13950 Provisions
96 Port Angeles council opposes Trump executive order
97 Conservatives aren’t alone in hating anti-racism workshops — or in needing them
98 Ongoing Executive Order 13950 Controversy Demonstrates Why Government Contractors May Want to Closely Monitor the Presidential Transition
99 Court Enjoins Federal Government from Enforcing Key Provisions of Executive Order 13950
100 Federal Court Blocks Trump’s Controversial Workplace Diversity Training Order Nationwide