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1 CFTC US Commodity Futures Trading Commission : Supporting Statement of Commissioner Brian Quintenz Regarding Establishing Capital Requirements for Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants and Amending Existing FCM Capital Requirements
2 CFTC Announcements: Tech and Market Risk Advisory Meetings
3 CFTC Penalizes 2 Former NYMEX Staff for Insider Trading
4 CFTC Whistleblowers Awarded over $1 Million
5 CFTC finalizes new swap dealer rules under Dodd-Frank
6 CFTC's flexible capital requirements to benefit non-bank swap dealers
7 CFTC: Beware of Gold and Silver Schemes Designed to Drain Your Retirement Savings
8 Brown Presses CFTC For A Comprehensive Review of Possible Oil Market Manipulation; Says The Agency Must Do More To Protect Consumers From Market Abuses
9 Nymex, Two Ex-Employees Agree to $4M CFTC Settlement
10 CFTC Charges Georgia Company, Florida Residents With Precious Metals Fraud, Misappropriation of Nearly $900,000
11 Watch Out When Shifting Retirement Funds Into Gold, CFTC Warns
12 Final CFTC Rules Prohibit Post–Trade Name Give-Up for Swaps
13 CFTC Finalizes New Requirement Applying Statutory Disqualification Prohibitions to CPOs Exempt under CFTC Regulation 4.13 – Exempt CPOs Must Take Action in 2020
14 Market Participants Worry that CFTC Can't Safeguard Data
15 Commodity Futures Trading DIgest July 2020
16 US CFTC postpones prosecution of US Coin Bullion as a Coronavirus precaution.
17 CFTC encourages standardised approach to assessing cybersecurity preparedness
18 CFTC Announces Finalization of 2020-2024 Strategic Plan
19 Are US regulators finally warming to crypto and digital assets?
20 CFTC Hints at Future Digital Asset Regulatory Framework
21 US regulator investigates oil fund disclosures
22 CFTC orders commodity pool operator exemptions of 17 entities to be ineffective
23 Whistleblowers Receive More Than $1 Million in CFTC Whistleblower Awards
24 CFTC eyes market structure questions arising from WTI futures swings
25 CFTC awards $9M to whistleblower | Article
26 What the CFTC Interpretation of “Actual Delivery” Means for Crypto
27 Abra Pays $300000 to Settle With the SEC and the CFTC Blog Blockchain
28 US CFTC Promises 'Holistic Framework' for Digital Assets by 2024
29 CFTC Seeks Industry Advice on Blockchain Applications
30 CFTC trims oversight of cross-border swaps trading
31 CFTC Finalizes Post-Trade Name Give-Up Rule, Introduces New Electronic Trading Proposal
32 Traders Have Stacked Their Chips Ahead of 2 Risky Events
33 Whistleblower Receives $9 Million CFTC Whistleblower Award
34 CFTC Slaps FX ‘Master Trader’ with Fraud Charges
35 The US CFTC to develop a holistic framework for the crypto industry.
36 CFTC’s new strategic goals are good news for crypto… and bad
37 Tipster Earns $9 Million for Helping CFTC Launch Case
38 CFTC to develop regulatory framework for digital assets
39 CFTC Proposes Electronic Trading Principles in Lieu of Reg AT
40 Will the gold rally last?
41 U.S. dollar net shorts soar to highest in nine years: CFTC, Reuters
42 CFTC Actions on Automated Trading
43 CFTC Approves Final Swap Dealer Capital Rule at July 22 Open Meeting
44 CFTC Supports Industry-Developed Cybersecurity Profile | ABA Banking Journal
45 Abra Settles With SEC, CFTC For Illegal Crypto Swaps Trading App
46 3 Big Things Today, August 3, 2020
47 CME to pay $3.5m over leak of secret trade data
48 American Crypto Investment App Abra Gets Charged $150.000 by both SEC and the CFTC For Unregistered Security-Based Swap Transactions
49 Whistleblowers Key to Rooting Out Fraud in Struggling Fossil Fuel Industry
50 CFTC Acts Against $14M FX and Binary Options ‘Ponzi Scheme’
51 OCC July 2020 Volume Increases 52.5 Percent
52 Funds torn as corn outlooks diverge, soybean shorts boosted: CFTC
53 Commodities Buzz: Silver Speculative Longs Crash To One Year Low
54 US-EU trading venue deal could signal path to come for UK
55 Commodities Buzz: Sharp Drop Noted In Gold Net Speculative Long Positions
56 Top three items to monitor for grain futures in August
57 CORRECTING and REPLACING OCC July 2020 Total Volume Up 52.5 Percent from a Year Ago
58 Commodity Futures Trading Commission Issues New Guidance for Civil Monetary Penalties
59 London Traders Hit $500 Million Jackpot When Oil Went Negative
60 Penalty Guidance Gives Companies More Transparency, CFTC Official Says
61 Customer Advisory: Beware of Gold and Silver Schemes Designed to Drain Your Retirement Savings
62 Form S-1 Teucrium Commodity Trust
63 MAJOR Absence of Minority Representation in Financial Regulation
64 CFTC Announces Final Guidance on “Actual Delivery” for Digital Assets
65 Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Regulated?
66 Supreme Court won't hear challenge to CFTC authority
67 Commodity Futures Trading Commission Posts Coronavirus Info Page
68 A small London trader reportedly made almost R9 billion when oil plunged below zero
69 Deutsche Bank to pay over USD10m to settle two CFTC cases
70 CFTC New Guidance On Civil Penalties
71 Silvergate Exchange Network Expands to Include ErisX
72 Monex Deposit Company v. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
73 CFTC Issues Final Interpretive Guidance on ‘Actual Delivery’ of Digital Assets
74 CFTC Proposes Relief for Non-US Commodity Pool Operators
75 CFTC Letter Provides Little Clarity in Telegram’s Battle With SEC
76 CFTC Staff Issues Advisory Addressing Current Market Conditions
77 CFTC Proposes to Streamline Reporting Requirements for CPOs
78 URGENT: CFTC Warns Registrants of Cyber Threats and Requests Information by January 10 and/or January 20
79 CFTC stresses clarity in revised civil monetary penalty guidance
80 CFTC Approves Three Proposed Rules at Virtual Meeting
81 U.S. Commission begins investigation into record drop in oil price to minus $ 38
82 CFTC Enforcement and Regulatory Developments | WilmerHale
83 Forecasting the CFTC's 2020 Agenda
84 CFTC Approves Two Final Rules and Two Proposed Rules at June 25 Open Meeting
85 Commodity Futures Trading Commission—Antideficiency Act Violation
86 CFTC warns consumers about funds backed by commodities
87 United States CFTC Cements Parameters for Physical Delivery of Traded Crypto
88 Commodity Futures Trading Commission Issued Civil Monetary Penalty Guidance
89 Part 2: CFTC Finalizes Guidance on Digital Assets in the Context of Retail Commodity Transactions
90 CFTC Approves New Cryptocurrency Derivatives Platform — Bitnomial to Offer Regulated Bitcoin Futures | Regulation
91 CFTC Adopts Statutory Disqualification Requirement for Exempt CPOs
92 CFTC Seeks Public Comments on 2020-2024 Strategic Plan
93 CFTC Proposes New Risk Principles for Electronic Trading
94 U.S. commodities watchdog begins review of Monday's wild oil gyrations
95 CFTC Division of Enforcement Publishes Guidance on Civil Monetary Penalty Determinations
96 CFTC Develops Novel DoJ Drafting Technique Of Cut-Rate Regulation
97 COVID-19: CFTC Advances Regulatory Agenda Despite COVID-19 Pandemic
98 CFTC Charges $1.3 Billion in Regulatory Penalties in 2019
99 CFTC Approves Final Rule Regarding Registration Requirements for Commodity Pool Operators
100 CFTC official: Meat Plants Operating at 60% Capacity