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1 Zadara Expands Portfolio with Compute-as-a-Service, Hires New Channel Lead
2 Sometimes HPC Means Big Memory, Not Big Compute
3 LETTER: A Biden ‘victory’ does not compute
4 Final regs. govern computation of UBTI for separate businesses
5 Fastly Expands Capabilities for Compute@Edge
6 Trying (And Failing) To Use GPUs With The Compute Module 4
7 Cerebras Systems and NETL Set New Compute Milestone
8 Revolutionary computer chip could merge compute and storage in one
9 AI research finds a ‘compute divide’ concentrates power and accelerates inequality in the era of deep learning
10 CXL Consortium Releases Compute Express Link 2.0 Specification
11 EdgeQ raises $51 million to fuse AI compute and 5G within a single chip
12 Getting Over 4Gbps Out Of A Compute Module 4
13 ITR Filing: Here's how to compute your taxable income
14 Create your own VPN for pennies with the cheapest virtual compute instance around
15 Easy Carrier Board For The Compute Module 4 Shows You Can Do It, Too
16 Dartmouth center to look at computation, government, people
17 Multiparty computation: The Trojan Horse of crypto regulation
18 Does Not Compute
19 Apple's ML Compute Framework Accelerates TensorFlow Training
20 Aquila Capital spins up data center arm, AQ Compute, with Oslo data center in the works
21 What is Computation's Role in Neuroscience?
22 Intel’s First Discrete Xe Server GPU Aimed At Hyperscalers
23 DreamWorks Animation picks Lenovo to update its data center
24 System Design For Next-Generation Hyperscale Data Centers
25 Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Works With Intel Gigabit NIC Card
26 Radeon RX 6800 Series Has Excellent ROCm-Based OpenCL Performance On Linux
27 Colorectal Cancer Risk Calculators Don't Compute
28 BT preps its network cloud for global deployment next year
29 Leveraging ML Compute Framework For Accelerated TensorFlow Performance On Mac
30 How Compute Divide Leads To Discrimination In AI Research
31 Postdoctoral Fellow in Centre for Neural Computation job with NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
32 Senegal's UVS uses Atos' BullSequana Intel-based supercomputer to evaluate impact of COVID-19 containment measures
33 Will edge computing become the new cloud in 2021?
34 Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Review: Small Yet Mighty
35 AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Flagship 'Big Navi' Graphics Card Features 3.0 GHz Maximum GPU Clock Speed
36 insideHPC Guide to HPC/AI for Energy – Part 4
37 AI Accelerator Targets Video Analytics at the Edge
38 Deep learning helps robots grasp and move objects with ease: Combining neural networks with motion planning software gives robots the speed and skill to assist in warehouse environments
39 COM-HPC Scales Heterogeneous Embedded Hardware into High-Performance Edge Computing
40 COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium pivots to treatment research
41 All change in edge computing
42 Nvidia-Arm Deal: What Does It Mean for AI Compute?
43 Tech focus: cloud
44 Lenovo launches two new ThinkSystem computing solutions
45 Datacentres in 2030: What the future holds
46 Liberating Quantum Processors from Parasitic Interactions
47 How Cloud-Based Compute Power is Driving Innovation in Product Visualization
48 Fastly Ignites Developer Innovation on Compute@Edge with Extensive Tooling, Scalability, and Performance
49 FedEx plans to house technology hubs throughout its network. Here's what they'll do.
50 Pure Storage Expands Pure as-a-Service Offerings, Delivers Industry-First Transparency
51 IPO: What It Means For Enterprise AI
52 Trillion-transistor chip breaks speed record
53 Cerebras AI compute system 200x faster than supercomputer
54 Investors Should Ignore Valuation Concerns and Invest in Fastly
55 New 'genomic' method reveals atomic arrangements of battery material: Computation-enabled screening of all plausible structures zeros in on atomic-level details of promising sodium-ion battery material
56 Blazing The Trail For Exascale Storage
57 5 Reasons Ethereum Is Way More Powerful Than Bitcoin
58 2020 FMS CXL, DPUs And Computational Storage
59 Far Cry 6 Will Support Ray Tracing, FidelityFX CAS, Variable Rate Shading, And Asynchronous Compute
60 Analogue AI feels the power
61 Tax Talk: Taxability rules for capital gains of non-residents
62 Mythic launches industry-first AI analog matrix processor
63 Zalando Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider
64 AMD Unveils Instinct MI100 CDNA GPU Accelerator, The World’s Fastest HPC GPU With Highest Double-Precision Horsepower
65 Hardworking Election Bureau staff deserves praise
66 Eni Pitches Supercomputer Against Virus
67 Challenges For Compute-In-Memory Accelerators
68 Datacenter Is The New Unit Of Compute, Open Networking Is How To Automate It
69 HPC-Scale Data Management for the Enterprise That's Easier and More Cost-Efficient than NAS
70 Lookback: Wedgewood Partners 2019 NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) Thesis
71 AI Chip Startup SimpleMachines Wants You To Love Mozart
72 Mathematicians Apply 19th Century Ideas to Modern Computerized Algebra Systems
73 Researchers develop a computer model to optimize vaccinations
74 Aquila makes debut investment for new data centre unit
75 Troubleshooting Stragglers in Your Spark Application | by Ajay Gupta | The Startup | Nov, 2020
76 Protein storytelling through physics
77 Compute-In Memory Accelerators Up-End Network Design Tradeoffs
78 Meeting todays remote worker service management challenges
79 Compute to data: using blockchain to decentralize data science and AI with the Ocean Protocol
80 Karnataka High Court deletes Interest accrued on Non-Performing Assets from Computation of Taxable Income ...
81 Emerging Memories For IoT And Compute From TSMC, Intel & IBM
82 Scaling Up Compute-In-Memory Accelerators
83 The US Army wants to trade network for compute, but why?
84 SC20 Panel – OK, You Hate Storage Tiering. What's Next Then?
85 ASNB declares 3.32 sen income distribution for Imbang 1
86 Chicago Quantum Summit highlights new U.S. quantum centers, economic opportunities
87 Rapid Scale-Up of Commercial Ion-Trap Quantum Computers
88 Raspberry Pi 400, Pi 4 pass key Vulkan test: It's a 'major milestone' for better graphics
89 Zadara Expands Cloud Platform With NeoKarm Compute
90 Raspberry Pi Foundation launches Compute Module 4 for industrial users
91 AI Weekly: The state of machine learning in 2020
92 The New General And New Purpose In Computing
93 Persistent Volumes: Separating Compute and Storage – The New Stack
94 TrueNAS R-series hyperconverged appliances blend storage and compute
95 NetApp Expands Its New Spot Tech For Dynamic Cloud Compute Instances
96 AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Pricing: Compute Instances
97 Far Cry 6 will feature Ray Tracing, FidelityFX CAS and Variable Rate Shading
98 2CRSi, Linkoffice Ink €6.5M Deal for Compute and Storage Servers
99 Sizing Up SMART Global Holdings
100 Bring compute, storage, and intelligence to the edge with Azure Stack Edge | Azure Friday